Ten Years Since UK Chief Scientist Said We Would All Have To Move To Antarctica

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Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally – Environment – The Independent

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6 Responses to Ten Years Since UK Chief Scientist Said We Would All Have To Move To Antarctica

  1. JP says:

    Isn’t the Wayback Machine great? I’ve used it a few times to find “scrubbed” posts and stories.

  2. diogenese2 says:

    King did not say this – see the link to the Independent . His remarks were addressed to the House of Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee and were not framed from stupidity but deceit.
    He was referring to the start of the Eocene Period (56 -33 mya) . Note the phrases ” massive reduction of life” which there was not – this was the age of huge mammal diversification- and “human life could not be sustained”, which was about 55m years too early . I doubt that human life could be sustained during the Jurassic! He talks about the absence of ice. This had been “normal” for far longer than the 60m years he quotes and would be for another 35m years after – despite a later reduction in CO2.
    Geoffrey Lean, now displaying his gormlessness at the telegraph,naturally bought the BS but, worse, so did the committee – this was a step towards the catastrophic Climate Change Act.
    King never publically refuted Lean’s “misinterpretation” of his evidence – though it was debated on the web.

  3. nomoregore says:

    So if Antarctica is running -60C now, and it warms up 4 degrees…..?…. yeah, I guess I can see how that would be the best place to live….for Mr. Lean.

    We have thriving cities in places like Phoenix today. Most other places have a lot further to go than 4 degrees to arrive at a Phoenix-like environment.

  4. nomoregore says:

    Steve, remember this? ….some of the ways in which temps were fraudulently adjusted…

  5. Andy DC says:

    Since it is clogged in ice (even along its edges) and not inhabitable even during summer, it is going to be a VERY long time before Antarctica is suitable for year round habitation.

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