A Look At Scenario B

Hansen’s 1988 definition, which has been deleted from the GISS website and blocked from the web archive

Scenario A assumes continued exponential trace gas growth, scenario B assumes a reduced linear growth of trace gases, and scenario C assumes a rapid curtailment of trace gas emissions such that the net climate forcing ceases to increase after the year 2000.

ScreenHunter_1717 Jan. 13 18.16


So what has actually happened since 1988? Definitely not scenario C. Definitely not scenario B.

ScreenHunter_1718 Jan. 13 18.26

Hansen referred to Scenario A as the Business As Usual scenario.


Popular Science – Google Books

It astonishes me that people are still trying to play the scenario B shell game.

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27 Responses to A Look At Scenario B

  1. Scenario B is a reasonable selection because Hansen’s warming calculations also factored in other greenhouse gases besides CO2.

  2. gator69 says:

    Which scenario B? And which temperature data set? All of it has been Hansenized for your deception.

  3. phodges says:

    I would side with Steven’s “Business as Usual” argument in this case. Even granting scenario B on a technicality, the projections are still wrong.

    And Winston has sure been busy…stuff disappearing left and right all of sudden. Maybe a good idea to add a page with these documents?

  4. David A says:

    Hansen was wrong every which way. CO2 Emissions increased more then he projected, All the politics of disaster are based on CO2 emissions. The earth warmed less then his scenario C, reduce to zero all emission growth. That is the story, and it is not controversial. Politically CAGW should be dead.

    (All the rest is pedantic academic haggling, fit for a class room, unfit for policy

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