Hansen 2011 – “Many Meters Of Sea Level Rise Under “Business As Usual Scenarios”

sea level rise of many meters should be anticipated with the global warming of at least several degrees Celsius that is expected under business-as-usual (BAU) climate scenarios 


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4 Responses to Hansen 2011 – “Many Meters Of Sea Level Rise Under “Business As Usual Scenarios”

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Besides the links you provide we have some people who dug in the data and who performed an amazing job to proof AGW is a SCAM: Anthony Watts Surface Stations Project that shows that the entire temperature increase over the past decades is smaller than the error margin of the individual surface stations.

    We had ClimateGate a giant e-mail and data leak providing inside information that tells us AGW IS A SCAM and we have the work from E. M. Smith who performed an incredible job perfectly presented in an interview between Coleman and E. M. Smith:

    Anthony Watts Surface Statiion Project, The ClimateGate data links and interviews like the one with Smith should have a permanent presence at any skeptical web site because it is human nature to forget really bad things that happened very quickly. So we continue to invent the wheel for second, the third and the fourth time. And that brings us in a situation where we have an article from Dr. Ira Glickstein at WUWT telling is Global Warming is Real but not a big deal.

    I think an article like that is a smack in the face of those who already know AGW is the biggest pile of hog wash ever.

    For those skeptics who are aroun for some time now refresh your memory and for those who are relative new to the subject, watch these two video’s and tell me if AGW is real or not:


  2. Steve Case says:

    If you generate the numbers necessary to reproduce Hansen’s red curve found in
    Figure 7 Page 14 of
    Paleoclimate Implications for Human-Made Climate Change – Hansen/Sato (DATE?)
    that you linked to, you will find that those last numbers that represent December 2099 show sea level rise going up at the astonishing rate of 1 mm/day.

    How can anyone believe this stuff?

    The series I generated starts with:

    2000 ; 4.88
    2001 ; 5.23
    2002 ; 5.6
    2003 ; 6.01

    and ends with:

    2097 ; 4061
    2098 ; 4352
    2099 ; 4665
    2100 ; 5000

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