In Hansen’s Defense

The defense for Hansen’s 1988 failed predictions seems to be “global warming is much less than forecast

The same people also tell us that global warming is much worse than forecast.

A bunch of total nutcases.

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6 Responses to In Hansen’s Defense

  1. gator69 says:

    “Global Warming Is Rapidly Accelerating”
    Eric Zuesse12/24/13 02:58 PM ET

    “The many scientific links in this comprehensive article about global warming, by Dahr Jamail, on December 22nd, make clear that climate change is accelerating, and that our planet will probably be unlivable by 2100, if not by 2050…

    Jamail closes by saying, “I wonder how coming generations will survive.” He is an optimist: He doesn’t expect the survival of his own generation to be at risk in this. But, looking at the data to which he links, that assumption is starting to become questionable. He says that he is 45 years old. Although he might not end up being killed by this escalated heating, billions of today’s people probably will.”


  2. It’s worth reminding people that even activist groups such as RC gave up on defending the Hansen forecast years ago. It’s only a small group of true fanatics who still try to defend it. (And most of them seem to be published in the The Guardian.)

  3. Rosco says:

    I can actually see the logic in the statement that “global warming is much less than forecast“ resulting in the outcome of “global warming is much worse than forecast” but only in terms of the likelihood of continued funding for an obvious scam !

    I also love the statement “billions will die this century” !

    Of course they will – only a tiny percentage of the world’s current population will survive the remaining 87 years to 2100 without dying !

    And THEY call such nonsensical statements “scientific” ????

    • Predicting death rates is a tricky business and a claim may be both true and nonsensical at the same time. For example, ‘x’ may happen which may cause the average life span to decrease by, say, 1 week. Therefore billions of people who die at say, age, 90, will all be dead due to cause ‘x’ because they died 1 week earlier than otherwise would have been the case had the death been ‘natural’.

      • Rosco says:

        Only a tiny percentage of the current world’s current population of 7 billion will live to reach 87 years of age – even in the most affluent countries – that is a simple fact that means making claims like billions will die in this century due to whatever cause is just deceptive emotive nonsense.

  4. Andy DC says:

    People dying from global warming is based on a PREDICTION way into the future. The same people who have been making the same failed prediction for the last 25 years.

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