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In Hansen’s Defense

The defense for Hansen’s 1988 failed predictions seems to be “global warming is much less than forecast” The same people also tell us that global warming is much worse than forecast. A bunch of total nutcases.

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What Part Of This Graph Isn’t Clear?

The deluded minions of Hansen convince themselves that his forecasts were correct. Classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Methane Doesn’t Matter

Methane is unstable and breaks down quickly in the atmosphere, and even if it doubled would have essentially no impact on the greenhouse effect. In the tropics, the effect would be an increase in downwelling longwave radiation of about 0.04%. … Continue reading

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Hansen Off By Three Orders Of Magnitude – Close Enough For Government Work

Bill Illis posted a table from RealFakeClimate showing Hansen’s scenario A/B/C assumptions. What was inside was just about what I should have expected from Homer. He is off by three orders of magnitude in his CFC numbers http://www.realclimate.org/data/H88_scenarios.dat The table … Continue reading

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Consensus Reached : 3C Warming Probable In The Next 16 Years

09 Jul 1988 – SATURDAY MAGAZINE The big heat is on h/t to Andy Oz

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In 1999, GISS Showed Less Than 0.5C Warming From The 1870’s Through The 1990’s


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Hansen 2013 : “12C Warming Under Business As Usual” Scenarios

James Hansen’s research shows that a mini-runaway, pushing global temperatures to 10-12 degrees C above the Holocene, is all but certain under continuous, business as usual, fossil fuel burning through 2100. James Hansen and the Three Categories of the Runaway … Continue reading

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