1897 : 124 Degrees In NSW

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4 Responses to 1897 : 124 Degrees In NSW

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Apparently there was the Bruckner Cycle theory, where the Australian Heatwaves regularly repeat, possibly 30-40 year basis. -late 1890’s, 1930’s, 1980’s, 2010’s.
    A 17 day long Heatwave in 1897 would have sent a lot of people crazy, and killed a lot of the old and young. Lucky for fossil fuels and aircons.
    What was CO2 in 1897? About 290 ppm?

    • Andy Oz says:

      Shock news: Victoria completely destroyed by catastrophic bushfires in 1962
      Men, women and children fought the massive firestorm!
      In 1962, Australians were tough. These days, there are too many lace blouse chocolate soldiers who hand wave when summer arrives each year.
      A big Hat tip to the real firefighters doing the job in Perth, Victoria and Adelaide this week. Saving many many lives and homes.

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    bad enough now..so much worse back then, tough people our ancestors!

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