January 11, 1898 – Adelaide Was 113F


01 Jan 1932 – “The Bruckner Cycle Theory.”

h/t to Andy Oz

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5 Responses to January 11, 1898 – Adelaide Was 113F

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    if you want a laugh..read the guardian on this..the mount of lunatics swearing last year was the hottest EVER!! and calling anyone posting different is…sad..very sad. actually maybe pathetics a better descriptor?

  2. Andy Oz says:

    More lies from Moron Council.
    At least the government is not paying their salaries anymore.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Shock News: Unprecedented steady rain forecast for every day of the next fortnight in Bali. Tourists devastated. Connection to climate change is proven!!!!! More from the Climate Moron Council at 11.

    • Dave N says:

      There’s also hoohah in the media about Adelaide being the hottest city on the planet today.. well, duh.. we’re in the middle of summer in one of only a few cities in the southern hemisphere in temperate zones, whilst the northern hemisphere is in the freezer.

      Current observations aren’t going to plan anyway; looks like we might be beaten by Melbourne, and fall about 2-3 degrees short of the 46C forecast.

    • Andy Oz says:

      And the carbon tax was supposed to save us from unprecedented climate change!!! It was never supposed to be hot EVER again! That’s what Tim Tam Flannery promised!!!

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