NCDC Hiding The Decline For Yet Another Year

US temperatures have been declining for over 90 years. NCDC tampers with the data to create a non-existent warming trend.

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7 Responses to NCDC Hiding The Decline For Yet Another Year

  1. omanuel says:


    The sad fact is that man will destroy himself if this selfish deceit continues.

    See my response to the excellent video Joe Lalonde posted on propaganda, alias public relations on Professor Curry’s Climate, Etc.

    • omanuel says:

      My reply was deleted but Joe Lalonde posted an excellent video on propaganda, alias public relations.

      The successful promotion of cigarette sales among women by calling them “torches of freedom” to protest man’s inhumanity to women” is an excellent analogy to AGW.

      But psychological manipulation of the masses will ultimately destroy the masses and the manipulators if my research conclusions are correct:

      Click to access Chapter_2.pdf

      WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO USE “powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction” OR WE WILL DIE SEPARATELY.

      There will be no winners.

      We will all lose if humans continue to deceive about the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms, some planets, ordinary stars and galaxies.

      I regret to be the bearer of morbid news, but that is exactly where we are today as the result of several decades of selfish manipulation of the public.

      • Andyj says:

        A better analogy comes when tobacco, fluoride, oil wars, AGW, etc. are pushed from highly paid sources who control the elected Gov’t to convince the people.

  2. Bill in AZ says:

    It’s gonna be hard to unwind all of this data tampering when the Calamatists finally decide the meme is Anthropogenic Globull Cooling.

  3. SMS says:

    The only corrections the NCDC should be doing are to adjust for UHIE. Those are negative adjustments. When done, it would show we are cooler than in the 30’s/40’s.

  4. It does matter to me that temps are manipulated, and you’re right to call each group that does so on their _______.

    That said, although this is absolute temperature on the graph, it has in common with anomaly graphs a magnified y-axis. Looking at the same period, in Kelvins, for instance, with the y-axis unmagnified, would give most observers the correct sense that not much is happening in terms of temperature in the U.S. over the last several decades.

  5. Heh, we can model global average temperatures very accurately, showing how strongly CO2 functions as a control knob

    The Cause of the Pause is due to thermodynamic Laws.

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