Consensus Reached : 97% Of Climate Models Are Useless

97% of climate models are completely useless. The other 3% are as accurate as a stopped clock.

ScreenHunter_1886 Jan. 16 13.34

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10 Responses to Consensus Reached : 97% Of Climate Models Are Useless

  1. darrylb says:

    To repeat– anyone– check out Dr. Judith Curry’s Comments to Congress at Climate Depot.

  2. Bob Greene says:

    J. Currie did a nice job. I like averaging the estimates because, as we know, the more wrongs you have the righter the answer.

    • I’m pretty sure we can get to within ±1.0000m of the true length of the Emperor’s (may His glory live forever!) nose just by asking the commoners & averaging the results. If 97% of climate science-guys can’t get within ±10° over the next 20 years with the same methods, no-one can.

  3. Ben says:

    > 97% of climate scientist’s favorite color is $gr€€n$.
    > 97% of historical climate data adjustments are unjustified.
    > 97% of raw data is missing, locked away, or deleted.

  4. wwlee4411 says:

    Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    The truth comes out!

  5. Cheshirered says:

    If I was a climate alarmist that top graph would be just so, so embarrassing.

  6. Streetcred says:

    The only part of the model output that comes close to the observed data are the hindcasts, expertly fitted to the real temperature data.

    • mikegeo says:

      I agree with that comment – and I’d specifically like to see just what the real forecast for those models was in say 1985 or 1990 and not with the hindcasts fitted. I think the contrast between expectation and reality would have been even more dramatic.

    • gator69 says:

      I have accurately hind cast every Super Bowl and World Series. Check please!

  7. Andy Oz says:

    Climatologists are in trouble. The hits just keep on coming. Even though I’m loathe to trust anything published by these guys, because they write one thing and then say we are still doomed!!!-Old-growth-trees-are-star-players-in-gobbling-greenhouse-gas

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