One Statistic The Climate Scum Can’t Adjust Away

Record temperatures can’t be explained by TOBS, homogenization, or any of their other fake adjustments. The vast majority of all-time record maximum temperatures were set before 1960, and never matched again.

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15 Responses to One Statistic The Climate Scum Can’t Adjust Away

  1. Donna K. Becker says:

    I take it these are all-time HIGH temperatures?

  2. Scott Scarborough says:

    That was my first analysis when I considered Global Warming. I believe the US has the best temperature record, so I looked at each states all time high temperature record and each states all time low temperature record. The average of the dates of occurrence for the low records is about 3 years more recent than the same average for the high records. If Global Warming is true how can that be?

    • Eric Simpson says:

      It can’t be. If we had actually been suffering through runaway hockey stick style warming then, on average, the record maximums should be very recently, and the record minimums should have been way before, decades before.

      And the world record for the highest temperature ever is 1913. The record world minimum: 1983, or even 2010 if you accept the latest satellite measurement. Mann-made global warming is a crock. It’s wall to wall bs, starting with the century old so called “established physics” that supposedly underlies all this terrible out of control warming we’ve been experiencing. It’s bunk:

      And by the way Scott, do you have a link for your work, or at least to the source of data? That could come in handy.

    • Simon Jones says:

      Because the reason they call it “climate change” is because they acknowledge the difference between “climate” and “weather”. Rising average temperatures, which is implied by “global warming,” need not necessarily make any difference to either highs or lows; what one would expect would be a increase change in the mean of global temperatures, not the extremes. In the long run, obviously, there would be climactic fluctuations in a lot of areas, meaning more extreme weather, both highs and lows.

  3. Scott Scarborough says:

    I did it in 2009. As I remember, it took a little work to do. I did it on Excel and I had to look up the way Excel interprets dates to get the averages to turn out right. I should up date it for any new records.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Well, I’ve got a data source:

      And just going through the A states, you see a HUGE bias toward the record minimums being most recent. For starters, Alabama’s minimum was in 1966, its maximum was in 1925. Alaska’s minimum was 1971, it’s maximum was 1915. Etc. And so I’m sure your Excel work from ’09 is still good, with maybe minor updating. It would be nice to have a ready made blog post that people could link to. Maybe I’ll start going through the data myself just to see what I find (and if there is a tie for a record, I’d take the most recent one).

  4. Jason Calley says:

    The CAGW meme that was going around about loaded dice was (only in principle) correct. If we were experiencing large scale warming, we certainly WOULD be seeing old records fall and new high temperature records in abundance. But we are not — because we are not warming.

  5. nigelf says:

    They sure can adjust it away, look at what they did to Libya. Just claim that the old temps. aren’t valid then go to the next one that’s probably closer to the present.

  6. gator69 says:

    You underestimate the Ministry of Truth.

  7. edwardt says:

    I think they adjust the max readings down too. If I compare what the weather channel has for historic record highs in Folsom, Ca. the archived record highs were 1.5-3 degrees higher. I suspect TOB isn’t just for the min/max anomoly.

    • TOBS theory can not adjust the all-time record high downwards. TOBS error is based on double counting the previous day.

      • edwardt says:

        Would agree, max are max and min are min whether sliding to adjacent days or not, and you can see TOB in the record, albeit extremely rarely. Are there other adjustments then that would reduce the record max records that weather channel and others display? Station move? Technology change?

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