If The Present Refuse To Get Warmer, Then The Past Must Become Cooler

In USHCN V1, older temperatures were considered good, but recent temperatures were adjusted upwards by about 0.5F. After 1990, no further adjustments were considered necessary.


GHCN Global Gridded Data

That wasn’t getting the global warming marketing job done, so in USHCN V2 they did the exact opposite. Older temperatures are now cooled, with a hockey stick of adjustments after 1996. The total adjustment is now about 1.5 degrees F, 300% of  the V1 adjustments.


ScreenHunter_120 Jan. 20 11.28

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7 Responses to If The Present Refuse To Get Warmer, Then The Past Must Become Cooler

  1. Latitude says:

    this is pretty phenomenal….
    ..when you consider the planet is only supposed to have warmed a 1/2 degree

  2. darrylb says:

    Kinda hot at the Bronco football stadium yesterday.
    One of a kind – Payton M.

  3. David in Cal says:

    I would have thought that more recent years would be adjusted down, not up, due to the urban heat island effect.

  4. Rosco says:

    Isn’t 1.5 degrees F approximately 1 degree C which is more than the total warming over the period since the industrial record.

    You wouldn’t be claiming they have absolutely no evidence at all ?

    That would mean the whole idea of creating an organisation with the sole purpose of demonstrating mankind is changing the climate could be fraudulent.

    • phodges says:

      “That would mean the whole idea of creating an organisation with the sole purpose of demonstrating mankind is changing the climate could be fraudulent.”

      LOL. Welcome to big business and big government in collusion.

      There is no one with any power left outside that nexus to hold them in check.

  5. Chip Bennett says:

    So long, pesky 1930s; we hardly knew you!

  6. I looked at the GHCN page.

    I fell out of my chair.

    There was a MIDNIGHT adjustment? !!!

    I’ve got a major fight going on with astrological data collectors as to their reliance upon a “24 hour clock” where they presume the day starts at midnight.

    0 hours is not midnight.

    Never has been midnight.

    The legal day has always started at NOON and always will start at NOON. (See Julian Day.) This is because the law needs some sort of absolute criteria for determining when the day begins and ends. Since the introduction of mechanical clocks around 600 years ago, that’s been NOON. (It replaced sunrise.) It is determined by the shadow of a stick stuck in the ground. There are many, many concrete examples, the least of which can be found in the first act of the Pirates of Penzance, by Gilbert and Sullivan, where a particular contract is to end at noon. This from 1888-9. Astrologically, I have demonstrated the same with the British Royal family and births as late as Harry’s, from 1984. Harry’s birth time was set for a day starting at Noon. As was his father’s and mother’s and grandma’s, but notably not his elder brother’s, where the time was taken from news accounts. (Note in some cases this changes the day of birth itself. As with John Lennon, who was born at “18:00 hours during a German air raid.” The Germans did not bomb at sunset, but at sunrise. There was in fact a German air raid over Liverpool that morning. Fly slow and heavy in the dark of night, flee fast and light in the glare of day.)

    At some point in the 60’s popular imagination presumed the legal day, in fact, began and ended at midnight and then projected the idea backwards, but as hard as I have searched, I have not found a trace of enabling legislation to support the idea. In any event, Midnight cannot be used as a starting time before there is a reliable supply of electricity as well as consistent radio signals. Which means, not before the mid-1930’s, very likely not before the mid-1960’s (rural electrification in the US, recovery from the war in Europe), and limited to industrialized countries. Otherwise you use a stick in the ground. Which can be quite precise.

    What makes it worse is that while Americans have been fastidious in specifying “am” or “pm” in their documents (back to at least 1900), no other region of the world has done so. Other countries have used a 24 hour clock where “0” was presumed to be understood as NOON.

    Do you live outside the US? How to find out? Simple. Go to your local hospital, find the person in charge of birth records, and ask them how they record “6 am”. “6 pm”. Birth records are legal documents, they must comply with applicable laws. You will then understand the scale of this problem.

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