Request From The Climatologist In Chief

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Twitter / SteveSGoddard: Perhaps @BarackObama could …

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6 Responses to Request From The Climatologist In Chief

  1. omanuel says:

    Unfortunately, Steven, Climatologist in Chief knows more about climate than he knows about representing the citizens of this once great country.

    The truth is slipping past all the official “keepers of knowledge” for wanna-be world tyrants. In summary,

    We will go to the nucleus because that is where energy is stored as mass.

    We will first get honest about nuclear forces so engineers and technicians can safely harvest and use that energy to benefit society:

    1. Neutrons attract protons
    2. Protons attract neutrons
    3. Neutrons repel neutrons
    4. Protons repel protons
    5. Coulomb repulsion augments #4
    and makes #4 much greater than #3, especially in heavy elements.

    Nuclear structure and modes of decay reflect these five (1-5) forces.

    In light elements, the core of the nucleus is n-p pairs. Excess neutrons exist on the nuclear surface. Neutron emission is a mode of decay for these.

    Above about 150 amu, the nuclear structure changes because of high Coulomb repulsion. The n-p pairs move to the nuclear surface and the excess neutrons move to the core of the nucleus. Alpha-decay, emission of the He-4 nucleus (2 n-p pairs), is a common mode of decay for these.

    These forces cannot hold together any nucleus above Bi-209 (83 protons and 126 neutrons). All heavier atoms are unstable.

    Neutron-rich cores of even heavier atoms (Th, U, Np, Pu, etc) have high instabilities induced by neutron repulsion in the core. They may spontaneously fission. Or fission can be induced by adding one more neutron.

    I suspect, but do not yet know, that energy from neutron repulsion could be harvested from many atoms above 150 amu by neutron-induced fission.

    This information is also posted at

  2. gator69 says:

    Right next to his BC. 😉

  3. Eliza says:

    Has anybody noticed Climatedepot is down?

  4. nomoregore says:

    Steve, the CIA should arrive at your door any day now.

  5. nomoregore says:

    Bastardi says the Eastern Seaboard is gonna get smacked again.

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