January 1929, Deadly Tornadoes In Canada And The US

If this happened now, it would be cited as proof that we need immediate world communism.

ScreenHunter_175 Jan. 21 00.59

21 Jan 1929 – TORNADO. Heavy Death Roll. | AMERICA AND CANADA….


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2 Responses to January 1929, Deadly Tornadoes In Canada And The US

  1. Brian H says:

    Sounds twisted. er.

  2. gator69 says:

    Swedes report they have been unable to locate Trenberth’s missing heat…

    “The village of Karesuando, right at the very northern tip of Sweden, clocked the epic cold temperature during Sunday reports the Swedish weather agency SMHI.

    “It is also a seasonal record,” said SMHI meteorologist Lars Unnerstad to the TT news agency. The recorded temperature of -41.2 was a record for that region which is right on the Finnish border.

    Unnerstad added that he expected more cold records to break during the next 24 hours due to the high pressure, lack of wind and the continuing clear weather.”


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