Hansen Proves That Climate Sensitivity Is Zero

Hansen’s zero emissions scenario C assumed no emissions after the year 2000. Even bogus GISS data shows no temperature rise over the past decade, which means the climate is behaving identically to what Hansen expected in a zero emissions world.

ScreenHunter_250 Jan. 22 10.07


This tells us that Mr. Climate couldn’t care less about Mann-made CO2

ScreenHunter_251 Jan. 22 10.18


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11 Responses to Hansen Proves That Climate Sensitivity Is Zero

  1. Bob Greene says:

    Hansen claims to have backed off on his 1988 gloom and doom prediction. Maybe he modified this one too. Amazing that a man who has made as many wrong predictions is still given such great credibility.

  2. Kepler says:

    “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ”
    ― Nikola Tesla

  3. MrX says:

    Don’t worry, adjustments will take care of that pesky thing called “reality”.

  4. Scarface says:

    Since CO2 lags warming to begin with, the whole CAGW-theory is BS. Demonizing manmade CO2 however fits the anti-human agenda and unfortunately a whole lot of western people hate mankind, so the scam can continue. I’ve read so many comments on blogs and forums where people say they hope we will all go extinct asap to safe the world (named mother earth of course), wildlife and the environment, that it is no wonder CAGW is still a popular believe. Meanwhile they want to stay rich and healthy, but propose poverty as a solution. Green is the new red. And Hansen is just a useful idiot to achieve their goal. He will then be discarded of as one of the first. Which would mean they have succeeded, so in that sence I hope he will keep spreading BS for a very long time! He’s an indicator for the failure of the green movement.

  5. Brian H says:

    True, dat. Emissions, big or little. matter squat.

  6. QV says:

    The 5 year mean temperature is also below the IPCC AR4 scenario C Multi Model Mean and the majority of individual models, including GISS.

    I am surprised that more has not been made of this, i.e, that far from being higher than expected temperatures are actually lower than they would have been if CO2 emissions had not increased.

  7. Ever E. Mann says:

    I appreciate all this banter…I suddenly feel a lot more “enlightened” than my ELIGHTENED Green friends. As is said, “Fools rush in…”.

    Ever E. Mann

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