New York Times Reported That Australia Was Much Hotter In 1896

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HOTTEST OF HOT WAVES ON RECORD. – How It Struck Sweltering New South Wales in January Last. – View Article –


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5 Responses to New York Times Reported That Australia Was Much Hotter In 1896

  1. Rosco says:

    In Summer 1980 I attended my partner’s brother’s weather in Sydney. We lived in Brisbane at that time and Brisbane is considered hot – certainly by averages if not extremes.

    We drove back and there was a major traffic jam on the coastal highway so we decided to cut inland to the other highway.

    It was so damn hot we decided to stop when we came across a large fast flowing stream and decided to cool off. It was well over 40 + C and our car wasn’t air conditioned as most of that era weren’t.

    We needn’t have bothered wasting our time – the water in this large but shallow stream offered no cooling relief at all. It was like a very warm bath.

    Humidity is the norm for Brisbane but at least the proximity of the ocean keeps the temperatures dramatically lower than inland New South Wales some 500 km south.

    But that episode must have been imaginary – Karoly, Flannery and Steffen tell me so !

  2. Ripper says:

    The 1939 heatwave was a doozie as well.

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