Obama To Address Global Warming In Coldest SOU Address In History


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752 Responses to Obama To Address Global Warming In Coldest SOU Address In History

  1. crystal says:

    The real danger to America is not gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy gay muslim like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr.gay Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

      • Radioman says:

        Pls crystal stay off my side. Unless your a troll, trying to discredit common sense, and this site with crazy talk.

      • David Powell says:

        I agree – There are tons of policy things to hit the President on, but going to rant mode and calling him a “gay muslim” is nuts. Makes me wonder if some of the “Anti-Obama” folks are well paid to look anti-Obama citizens look bad with their posts.

    • jgdp says:

      So very sad…and so VERY true!

    • KJB says:

      I don’t even like Obama, but you’re truly ignorant.

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Crystal you are 100 percent right. right right right, He’s gay as a 3 dollar bill, the brain washed get mad, when they hear the truth, cause they cant handle it.

    • DanNeeley says:

      crystal – That is a phony post; in reality you are a Barack Obama supporter.

      You and you other do-nothing college professor, main stream media, career politician, corporate crony capitalist friends should get real jobs providing goods and services your fellow citizens need and desire, Stop leaching off of the system.

      Our country is in trouble because 1/3 of the people are leaching off the system “LEACHES”, with another 1/3 too lazy or distracted to pay attention, and easily manipulated to repeat whatever it is their college professors or main stream media headline writers tell them; I refer to this one-third is known as “PARROTS”.

      Why don’t you make your next phony post full of racial invective; and call yourself a Tea Party Republican. The media drum-beat of Tea Party = Racism is absolutely astounding. Most Tea Party people are well-informed, and merely seek to have our leaders “preserve, defend and uphold the Constitution” ; racist !??

      Liberals must lie; to you, truth is the enemy. So explain to me, what is it the anti-Tea Party folks are really afraid of ?

    • SPARKY says:


    • John Tee says:

      Perfect! The guy that said ‘hang the traitor’ had it right.

    • Willie says:

      I couldn`t have said it better myself.

  2. LibsSUUKKnutzzz says:

    One big Fing LIE. Pay taxes to Al Gore and Goldman Sachs and the earth will magically change its weather. 250 years ago, traitors would be hanging in a public square. You damammnn FOOLS.

    • misterrabbit says:

      Why Goldman ? Why not JP Morgan Chase or Citigroup or Bank of A , Wells etc etc

      • David Powell says:

        I hear that. By the way, anyone else notice the irony that jobs get sent overseas where there is more pollution from them anyway, due to less regulation, and the US citizen still gets to pay the cost by buying imported products? It’s almost like our politicians were intentionally doing that to working Americans.

        • john whitty says:

          David, check out the “fast tracking” they are trying to do with the TPP and what that will do to our economic freedom and other liberties.

    • Jan Thompson says:

      algore’s zinc mine in TN is living proof that he has no desire to live by any environmental mantra. A mountaintop was lopped off and the slag is an environmental hazard. This is right behind his mansion… It is quite literally all for the money and perceived power. Also, algore sr. and jr. have more business ties to big oil than you might think.


  3. Dylan Christensen says:

    I was reading a news article about the record cold we’ve been having all across the U.S., and I came across a comment that REALLY made me realize how stupid and ignorant global warming advocates really are. AND I QUOTE:

    “Global warming deniers need to understand the complexity of what is happening. The mere fact that it’s getting colder doesn’t mean that it isn’t getting warmer. The increased heat produced by the burning of fossil fuels has been momentarily diverted into the subterranean depths of the oceans and into the stratosphere, which has altered the subterranean and jet stream currents, thereby producing polar vortexes that tumble down into the southern reaches of the United States, pushing the warmer air even higher into the stratosphere and subterranean ocean currents, making it colder when, of course, it is really warmer, once your consider temperatures higher-up and lower-down in our pristine environment. Confirmation is readily apparent to scientists. For example, deep sea mollusks on the ocean floor are no longer producing their heavy winter covering but instead are developing bikini-like coverings. The MIT supercomputers made precisely this prediction.” – A zombie

    SO…after reading this incredibly stupid comment from somebody who claims to be an expert, here is what I have gathered: Apparently heat doesn’t like the cold and buries itself deep into the ocean (at the bottom of the ocean) and the rest of the excess heat goes up into the stratosphere (yet somehow weather satellites don’t detect the excess heat). This somehow makes a “hot/cold/hot sandwhich” (heat is the “bread” and the cold is the “meat”) And this causes the water to look like it’s freezing up on the poles, but it’s actually just a “bikini” on the surface. NOW if all that garbage were true, that would mean that HEAT DOES NOT RISE, and it would also mean that our space technology that gauges temperatures and weather phenomena is non functional, inadequate, junk. Global warming advocates have taken on a role of “heads I win, tails you lose” Please let me know if I’m missing something…

    • Dylan Christensen says:

      **correction: it isnt the water wearing bikini’s, it’s the mollusks…mollusks wear bikinis to stay warm….

    • Linz says:

      Here’s what I gathered Dylan. The author of this gibberish MUST have 35-40,000 parts from model airplanes lying around his house because every time he tries to put one together, the glue gets used up before he can start assembling anything.

    • Bill says:

      You are a RUBE! The same people that say HUMANS are changing the weather are the same liars that said ten years ago we were running out of oil! Now there is hundreds if not thousands of years worth of oil discovered in the last year or two.

    • wilbert says:

      He obviously those no know that oceans currents are controlled/made by the Earth’s rotation and winds.

    • al says:

      Yes, it is amusing. They’ll propose any nonsensical theory in order to raise taxes on carbon. Unfortunately the same fools who bought Obama’s Hope and Change and Yes, we can nonsense will buy the climate change/global warming crowd’s asinine theories.

    • MrCharles says:

      No you got it exactly right. The heat is hiding in the cold.

    • DirkH says:

      Oh come on. You fell for a quite amusing impostor.
      Is this a giveaway or what:
      “For example, deep sea mollusks on the ocean floor are no longer producing their heavy winter covering but instead are developing bikini-like coverings. ”
      Bikini Bottom.

    • squirefld says:

      The people that have been calling me and others “Global warming deniers”, I refer to as the “Mad Hatter Heaters”. Only someone from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” could say “The mere fact that it’s getting colder doesn’t mean that it isn’t getting warmer”.

  4. Obama addressing global warming–he must be after the biggest lie in 2014 award to win it 6 years in a row..

  5. EBurcham says:


  6. Cape Cod Paulie says:

    Obama is still dedicated to one of the largest propaganda campaigns in modern history … global warming. Despite all the new evidence of falsification and manipulation of the data, Obama is still pursuing this global redistribution of wealth campaign. So, this is not really about global warming. Wait till Obama finds the next ‘global warming’ scam. Wonder what it could be?

    If you believe your global warming, you can keep your global warming.

  7. psadie says:

    WOW the Progressive trolls led by our Faux-in-Chief is laughable. These clowns will continue pushing their stupid agenda of global warming no matter what! They are hoping no one notices the snow, ice, and the cold. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. JTson says:

    You people should realize by now that this is George Bus’s fault!!!

  9. Mike Haluska says:

    CO2 comprises less than 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere – it is called a “Trace Gas”. Of that less than 1%, less than 1% is attributable to human activity. EVEN IF this ridiculous they was correct, does anyone think we should live in the Dark Ages so that 1% of 1% of a Trace Gas can be eliminated? Einstein didn’t buy into Bohr’s Theory, but his fellow physicists didn’t ridicule him as a “Quantum DENIER”!

  10. LWJR says:

    Proves he drank the koolaid, courtesy of Al “jazeera’ Gore

  11. Mxkied says:

    Not very bright is he.

  12. steelyal says:

    Do you realize how many Billions of dollars Obama wastes daily ????? Stop Lying Progs.

  13. Jersey Mikw says:

    BHO is the biggest joke of the century – This SOU should include a laugh meter!

  14. stephen says:

    These previous comments are filled bigotry and hate. Humans are clearly destoying their ability to inhabit this planet. And climate change deniers should be held accountable as the seas rise and millions die.

    • Your comment is filled with bigotry and hate. Sea level hasn’t risen in the San Francisco Bay since before WWII. Get a clue.


    • blammmer says:

      you are an idiot

    • blammmer says:

      this is exactly the fear and paranoia the vile-liberal-filth wish to induce in people … this idiot is obviously willing to do just about anything to “save the planet”… short of offing himself, of course.

    • FRANK ADOLF says:

      humans are not destroying our planet and there is plenty of evidence that supports that.Opposing evidence from scientists (other than Al gore )have been denied their opportunity to offer up their theories.They will quickly be called “insane” and other names to discredit their evidence..its called peer review and and they wont be allowed to enter in their theories and data if it flies in the face of liberal scientific bullshit.Remember all the grants put aside for scientists to confirm what the government is trying to push.They will change their data to support global warming for the grant money.Richard lindzer is a scientist who has spoken out against this. Planet earth has been here for four billion years and does not need libs to save it.climate is cyclical and we will adapt or perish as a species..politicians and their bogus green energy companies (solyndra,)stand to make millions while the rest of us suffer the sky rocketing hi cost of energy.How much longer do you think radical lefts can fool us?

      • Kuta says:

        It’s Richard LindzeN , know your shill. Do you know you can still find scientests who belive the Earth is flat? What’s your opinion on the massive amounts of carbon dioxide man has introduced into his environment and the association between PPM/carbon and global warming.

    • MrCharles says:

      And your comment is filled with lies.

    • steelyal says:

      Steph don’t jump Obama is not worth it !!!! He has filled your head with pooopy. Obama is Poooopy !!!

    • al says:

      Unlike the nonsense about Polar Bears marooned on floating ice (they can swim), recently multiple photos of fox and other mammals frozen around Sweden have appeared.
      It seems cooling has killed the wildlife…..not warming. And if the oceans are rising so dramatically why aren’t all those Hollywood types selling their oceanfront homes near LA?

    • linrn says:

      How are the sea levels rising when the ice sheets are getting thicker? Oh, I know. It’s because ice expands, isn’t it?!

    • Jason says:

      Put down the pot and walk away. Dope has made you a brainless fool.

  15. blammmer says:

    Didn’t this idiot, Obama, just send air force one on a round trip 10,000 mile flight for one person?

  16. Abel Garcia says:

    He will probably say it is just a glitch in global warming!

  17. DanialShays says:

    Only progressive nitwits could possibly spend time listening to Barry Soetoro butcher the English language about global warming in the face of the obvious. Of course if they were bright, thy would not be progressive sheep,

    • Kuta says:

      Start your premise with a conclusion. Do you Conservatives ever realize how fundamentally wrong you are on basic elements of arguing? You ad hominem a person to death then you crow like you’ve actually made a point. Here’s your point “Obama sucks, and you’re an idiot if you like him regardless how irrelevant he is to the topic at hand”.

  18. Jerry summey says:

    Obama has got to be the biggest idiot in recent years. Did he not just tell us that ” if you like you health insurance, you can keep your insurance?” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”
    “Obama care will reduce your health insurance cost by as much as $2500 per household per year?
    So know we are suppose to believe him when he tells us about global warming?

  19. Aberdeenvet says:

    The President and his family are ensconced warm and toasty in the White Igloo, kept that way by the hot air of his merry band of yes men and women in his party, with the undying help of more hot air from his adoring fans in the main stream media. If we could get rid of all that unnecessary hot air, perhaps he would not have to spend so much of his valuable time on climate change and could spend it as a real Chief Executive solving the immediate problems of our failing economy.

  20. What planet are you people from? It is 80 degrees and hasn’t rained in a year. Put your crack pipes down.

  21. Ronald Green says:

    This is the petty, sniveling, little, small minded man that spent even more money walling off an open air monument during the government shutdown. So we’re supposed to be surprised by his America hating policies? We could get rid of him, but the Democrats and he are thick as thieves. Anybody had enough change?

  22. dougjmiller says:

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, they do. Here in America and all around the world hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of people and much of the animal kingdom are suffering through, and are endangered by, record cold. The recent widespread snow and ice storms dramatically demonstrate that the earth is profoundly threatened by a new weather phenomenon, “Global Cooling.” If left unchecked the earth will turn into a frozen, lifeless ice cube like Mars. This calamity is being caused by the atmospheric changes brought on by all the rich left wingers. By overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, they block sunlight from reaching the earth. Fortunately, there is a solution. By imposing a 100% tax on left wingers we can save both civilization and the earth. Al Gore, we’re gonna get our money back.

    • DirkH says:

      Hey they live in California. Jerry Brown is right on it.

    • Kuta says:

      This month was yet in another month of global temperature records being broken but don’t let that contradict what you can see from your window. The Conservative brain trust hard at work again I see.

      • Kuta, you are a complete idiot. Satellite temps showed 2013 10th warmest since 1979. You spout nonsense out of every orifice.

      • Andy Oz says:

        You really do have no idea what you are talking about, Kuta. I’m impressed and congratulations. You prove that there are people who are 5 standard deviations below the median IQ of society.

        • Andy Oz says:

          Here we go Kuta.
          In which country would you rather live? A high CO2 per capita emitter like the US or a low CO2 per capita emitter like Uganda? I know which one I’d prefer.

  23. Royce Porath says:

    How flipping stupid can they all be, this whole planet is about froze solid and these idiots are still screaming global warming. Its not even funny any more these people need to get a grip. I think they should stand all out front of the White House and sprat a fine spray of water on all of them until they are all frozen solid.

  24. misterrabbit says:

    I will believe your global warming if I can keep my health insurance

  25. Gary Simpson says:

    Global Warming is truly the “Hoax of the Century” – only fools and former communist believe in this crap!

  26. free doms says:

    they must think all the people are dum…this global warming is bull from the getgo, eversince, al gore..and all the corrupt made lots of money and government have confiscated alot of private land and made hundreds of laws and regulations, but this time they messed up…the weather maker = (haarp, chemtrails etc…) did not tell them that they are going to make things cooler….lol….the climate is fucked up becuz…the global elites delinquent kids played with their weather toys and accidently put a hole in da ozone layer….and they scrambling to cover it up….making all kinds of excuses and diversions….thats what happens when few people have way too much power and money…they start to believe they are gods.

  27. Thomas777 says:

    God is most certainly sending a message to Obama and his liberally insane party to stop with all the lies and Bullshít about global warming. They would love to achieve leverage to pressure companies they don’t like for creating make-believe carbon dioxide and to collect money for the imaginary infractions towards the planet. God is sticking their story right up their A-holes.

  28. heavy metal says:

    The whipping will continue until the morale improves

  29. Doug says:

    This “mantra” stuff is about crowd control…creates an ideology…allows them to demonize the “non-believers”…..pretty soon…..re-education camps…!

  30. Kuta says:

    God, you people are denser than kryptonite. There’s no article behind the headline, but that’s enough for the GWD crowd. You think a few cold days discredits centuries of data on global warming. You have no understanding of the polar vortex.

  31. Kuta says:

    After reading the comments from the Conservative global warming deniers it reminds me once again why science is understood by the few and not the average Hee-Haw viewer. Hey dolts., just because it’s cold for a few days in a small section of the Earth while the rest of it fries is no reason to discredit GW. These are the same people who aren’t sure about Evolution. They’re about as scientific as Jennifer McCarthy and her uterus.

    • You are a typical fact-free and brain-free bigoted progressive.

      • al says:

        A famous MIT climatologist is a denier. I have an advanced degree from an ivy league college at which I took many advanced science courses. Perhaps you should cease trying to denigrate the intelligence of those you don’t agree with and try to answer why all the predictions 20 years ago seem to be wrong as the global temperatures haven’t risen in 17 years.

    • Chewer says:

      So, this is the last inter-glacial you say?
      The climatologists (the 16 we hear from) fully understand the conditions and impetus needed to change the globe from it’s usual glaciated state to an inter-glacial and back again?
      The climatologists fully understand what changes the phases of the Indian Ocean Dipole. the PDO, the MEI, the NAO, the AO, the AMOC and the tides within the regions within our biosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, the 5 regions making up out ionosphere and of course the instabilities within the magnetosphere?
      They also fully understand the 700,000 to 850,000 collapse and reorientation of our planets core, now don’t they…
      You do understand Kuta ol boy, that climatology used to be a respectful field of science even in its infant state? Today’s religion of climatology goes against everything related to the fields of science and the “Working Hypothesis” of AGW has zero chance of making it to the pinnacle of science, AKA “Scientific Theory”!
      Good luck with your ” There can never be another ice age because of man” mode of incredulous stupidity…
      Maybe you should read a little more about the geophysical sciences before you make comments, or return to your medication, as your psychotic behavior really stands out!

    • Chewer says:

      Since you are quite aware that our planets surface encompasses 70+%, you also know that our weather and climate are predominately determined by the phase changes in the ocean currents?
      You also understand that our ideal makeup of the troposphere includes 710 PPM of C02, since the other determining factors in our planets history make for a not so ideal biosphere.
      Of the sixteen degreed climatologists the planet hears from weekly, all have one thing in common, and it isn’t looking for answers…
      When one of these low IQ scientists can explain how and why the AMOC, NAO, AO/NAM, Indian Ocean Dipole, the Multivariate ENSO Index, the PDO and the Antarctic Stream (3-Ocean Convergence) change phases and magnitudes, please let me know!

  32. BulSprig says:

    For the record we’re not having “Record” cold.
    Go back to the 60’s/70’s this was normal
    sure some daily records would fall, no big deal. You folks are right though, as far as the Looney Leftee’s go. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.
    There’s a gentleman by the name of Richard Lindzen from MIT, arguably the Father of modern Climatology.He drives the Looney Leftees crazy. Most if not all the Leftee Climate Change Zombies do their best to slander, and discredit him. You see these climate change folks make their money from the Feds. You always get more bucks when you do a Grant and use words like “Catastrophic, great loss of life, or Cities burued under water”, and Uncle opens the spigots, mony flows. Of course their research ha to be corroborated. That’s when Lindzen says they “Fudge” a bit, for example putting various temp. gauges next to steam outlets, or around heat outlets. (THIS IS CALLED FUDGING) . So now this data, along with lots of other fudging data is used to corroborate their position on GlobalTemperatures rising, and it’s all our fault.
    Did yoy know that these Zombies, ib ttheir computer models aren’t smart enough to factor in any Volcanism, or the Sun. These two items aline have been responsible for huge swings in temperatures, like ssnow in July in Boston.
    Did you know that Mount Pinatubo (Mexico City) when it bleew It’s cookies in 1990 injected into the Stratosphere more CFC’s;

    • BulSprig says:

      Than all of Human Kind has ever produced in al of history, not to mention Co2, Sulphur, Ammonia, and tons of particulate matter, at speeds exceeding 700mph.
      3 years later someone noticed a thinning of the Ozone, 5 or so yers later there was a hole in the Ozone. Golly, do ya think anby of the Lying Climate change SOB’s put prretty simple math together?

    • There are lots of cold records being set.

    • al says:

      You make excellent points. While in college during the laste 60s I recall freezing my gluteals every day from Dec1 until April. And of course, just as this cold period from the mid 50’s to the mid 70’s eased, the new ice age proponents surfaced. Of course, it began to moderate in the 80s. Now, as the global warming crowd is still working themselves into a frenzy we predictably will start to moderate again. It is entertaining to watch even though it requires work to keep the government from using the situation to raise taxes.

  33. Anon says:

    fucking idiot… it’s climate change!

  34. xfiler93 says:

    It is amazing such idiocy is believed by so many people. What a sad statement of the human race.

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