Obama To Address Global Warming In Coldest SOU Address In History


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752 Responses to Obama To Address Global Warming In Coldest SOU Address In History

  1. The puppet master asked the muppet master to raise the temperatures for him. It’s now 95 degrees according to GISS

    • Allen Clark says:

      I guess Obama is going to sign an executive order to make it illegal to disagree with anybody that believes we are in a global warming. He does have the power and there is no question that he is smarter than all the rest of us and we need his guidance.

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Looks like Gaia is sending Barry a very focused message.

    Buy long underwear.

  3. Kepler says:

    I’m sure he will still sneak in a couple of brow wipes to remind everyone that global warming is “worse than we thought”.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Climate Change we can Believe in!!!
    He’s just so inspirational!!
    10-1 the carbon tax is mentioned.

  5. omnologos says:

    positive anomaly up north and negative anomaly in the south means it’s bloody cold everywhere

  6. Shazaam says:

    Oh the irony…….

    If his heated undershorts make him sweat, it’ll freeze on his face.

  7. Ted says:

    Each of the following facts completely dispels the nonsense of global warming.

    -Ice ages have been coming and going for eons.
    -The last 15 years have shown zero warming.
    -Man produces less than 1/2 of 1 percent of C02 on the planet.
    -It was warmer in the 15 century than it is now.
    -The greatest warming in the 20th century was between 1935 and 1950.

    Liberals can’t handle facts.

    • HelloHello says:

      all correct

    • I am no Liberal, but your facts are false. You can read various scientific studies. I focus on fact. You are very misleading. Global temperatures are rising. That is FACT. The argument you political types make are if it is man made or not. That is up for debate. Check your facts against numerous scientific and meteorological documentation but some of the largest universities on the planet, then get back us. Thanks!

      • Declaring FACT with capital letters doesn’t change the fact that satellites show the Earth cooling since 1997


      • Latitude says:

        “. Global temperatures are rising. That is FACT”

        Date: 21/01/14
        NASA and NOAA Confirm Global Temperature Standstill Continues

        In a joint press conference NOAA and NASA have just released data for the global surface temperature for 2013. In summary they both show that the ‘pause’ in global surface temperature that began in 1997, according to some estimates, continues.


        • Awtrey says:

          Let us all accept that the earth’s climate is changing, and further, let’s accept that it is warming due to the amount of CO2 that is being put into the atmosphere by the use of fossil fuel. Present concentrations of CO2 are about 400 parts per million (PPM) and CO2 concentrations re increasing at a rate of about 2 PPM per year. Most climatologists agree that a concentration of 450 PPM is the point at which earth’s temperature will increase by 2 degrees Centigrade. Most climatologists also agree that a 2 degree rise in global temperatures is the point when bad things really start to happen… sea levels rise, coastal cities flooded , crops fail, etc. Let’s accept that too. So what to do? The key thing to know is that climate change is a global issue which cannot be resolved by the Western nations and the USA. The USA is putting much effort and a lot of money into alternative energy sources AKA, wind, solar and biomass for the primary reason of mitigating the effects of global warming. Sure. These alternative sources do lessen the production of CO2. The amount of CO2 not produced by this alternative energy is swamped by the CO2 produced by China, India and the developing world, and will be for the foreseeable future, because the USA cannot possibly ramp up enough alternative sources to make a difference.

          There are many who claim “someone has to lead the way”, “we must do something”. Faced with some facts should we waste time, effort and money to no avail?

        • steelyal says:

          Nasa in 2013 noted the growth of ice on both poles. Do they have a point of “view” ?

      • Jeff Wallace says:

        Heating and cooling of the earth is consistent with sun spot activity and it has more effect on earths temperatures than anything else including CO2 emissions and the ozone. Get a clue people, this global warming BS is a scheme to collect money from those who have and give it to the puppetmasters who then take for themselves and then give the remainder in the form of income redistribution to the non-productive lazy and dumb asses.

      • Awtrey says:

        Let us all accept that the earth’s climate is changing, and further, let’s accept that it is warming due to the amount of CO2 that is being put into the atmosphere by the use of fossil fuel. Present concentrations of CO2 are about 400 parts per million (PPM) and CO2 concentrations re increasing at a rate of about 2 PPM per year. Most climatologists agree that a concentration of 450 PPM is the point at which earth’s temperature will increase by 2 degrees Centigrade. Most climatologists also agree that a 2 degree rise in global temperatures is the point when bad things really start to happen… sea levels rise, coastal cities flooded , crops fail, etc. Let’s accept that too. So what to do? The key thing to know is that climate change is a global issue which cannot be resolved by the Western nations and the USA. The USA is putting much effort and a lot of money into alternative energy sources AKA, wind, solar and biomass for the primary reason of mitigating the effects of global warming. Sure. These alternative sources do lessen the production of CO2. The amount of CO2 not produced by this alternative energy is swamped by the CO2 produced by China, India and the developing world, and will be for the foreseeable future, because the USA cannot possibly ramp up enough alternative sources to make a difference.

        There are many who claim “someone has to lead the way”, “we must do something”. Faced with some facts should we waste time, effort and money to no avail?

        • Ernest Bush says:

          Posting the same comment twice does not make it any truer. Let’s not accept that CO2 is causing global warming since it hasn’t warmed in 17 years while CO2 continues to rise. Let’s not spend any more billions chasing the dark fantasies of the global warming cult. Most scientist do not believe a rise to 450 ppm of CO2 will result in a massive change in global temperature, whatever that is. In fact, observations do not support any of your fevered fantasies.

  8. Craig Taylor says:

    I guess our “Failure-In-Chief” will blame racism for the supposed global warming..All those racists farting at the sight of him..Like cows warming the climate..

  9. Dwayne Keith says:

    Can some lefty loser please explain to me how sticking American industry…an by extension the American consumer and the American worker…with taxes aimed at combating climate change impact the Chinese or the Indians? We are and have been on a trajectory cleaning up our act here in the USA. Slap tariffs on goods coming from the offending countries if you must but leave the USA alone until such time as everyone else is greener than we are. It is all a ruse to attack capitalism. The communists didn’t disappear. They changed their name to progressives or community organizers. Green is simply the new Red.

  10. John Warrener says:

    If you want to keep your Global Warming, you can keep it….period!

  11. You Can’t Even Spell Liberalism Without L – I – E – S

  12. c. s. says:

    t’s true…we are jealous that Al Gore is now on his way to be a billionaire by trading stocks based on air. This is the reason that we want the climate scare to cease. Truth hurts.
    I could just see Ron Hubbard, Peter Braubeck and Al Gore setting around thinking about how to make money. Ron says “I got it. I create a religion based on fussy psuedo science ideas. It seemed to work for Kellogg.” Then, Peter states ” no, I’ll privatize water and sell it in plastic bottles for the price of softdrinks. I create a water shortage scares. No one can live without water!” Then, Al states “you guys are lame. I’m going to privatize air.” Peter and Ron look at Al in amazement and say “what? You can’t do that.” Al said “you watch. And I’ll tell the public to their face that if I’m lying that it would be the greatest scam in history. Oh, I’ll let them breathe inward. I’ll use the government to fine them when they breathe out.”
    Peter and Ron think “you’re the man, Al.”

    If this isn’t about money, why did 134 countries walk out on the request of being distributed $0.5 trillion annually to keep their own citizens in the Stone Age?
    Scientists need to pay their debts and ex-wives too. Why should Justin Bieber live the good life? He didn’t study hard.

    • marg1 says:

      Type in “Jessie Ventura, Rothschild, Strong, global currency” to see quite a convincing take on what is actually happening with the global warming scam.

  13. What a joke this guy is. He will surely blame the cold weather on global warming.

  14. sea ray says:

    No one is going to watch this fool anyway

  15. Bill Doss says:

    Ya here we go. A theory or hypothesis that every event proves but nothing can disprove..ingenious. ..simply ingenious

  16. garyblee@charter.net says:

    …. Obama Zombies, the fools who believe THE FOOL IN CHIEF?

  17. Tom Paine says:

    If it requires belief then it isn’t science

  18. Fawnda Peters says:

    Obama fatigue syndrome is approaching critical mass.

  19. bob says:

    Of course it’s global warming when you have your head up your ASS!!

  20. Machismo says:

    Obama is becoming a laughing stock, but of jokes, and not taken seriously as a world leader. Not only by the World realm, but by his own people. No one believes a word he says anymore because of all of the broken promises and out right lies to the US Citizen. The Middle class is under economic attack while the President ,US Senators and Congress are lavish with their own customized health Care plans. Everything they do is not serving the General public, but destroying from with…Like Rome.

  21. Juan Ortega says:

    This cold weather is all Bush’s fault, but as we speak, Al Gore is working feverishly in his garage lab to remedy the situation.

  22. fortsteve says:

    Will anyone other than news pundits be watching this idiot talk? His presidency is on it’s way down the slippery slope of irrelevancy and total failure. The mid term elections cannot come soon enough.

  23. Hiram Hannah says:

    Truly, does nobody understand that 2013 was the fourth hottest year in recorded history?

    Nine of the 10th warmest years on record have happened in the 21st century. The hottest year was 2010, according to NOAA.

    It’s not a liberal or conservative thing. It’s reading a gauge.

    • More accurate satellites showed 2013 10th warmest since 1979, close to the median.

    • Steve Beckle says:

      That’s not the point. It’s never been proved to be man made, so attempts to control it through punitive treaties and taxes is stupid.

      • paul johnson says:

        true, like what is man going to do to corral Mother Nature? Hell, we’re one gamma ray burst from the sun from being totally toasted on this planet. It’s not to say that we can’t try to keep things in line, but it shouldn’t be done in a punitive measure such as taxes or over reaching regulations from the EPA Nazis.

    • jakester says:

      This is bogus bull. You and those with your leftist ideology make up statistics and put them out there hoping that no one will check them. This trick is old, tired and no longer effective. Al Gore is a fraud and so are you…..

    • Frozen says:

      The thing that is never brought up is that weather records go back about 150 years. 150 years of records vs billions of years of this planet’s existence means absolutely nothing. Did SUVs and farting cows end the ice age? 10,000 years ago the sahara desert was green and full of life. Those Egyptians with their polluting chariots and pyramids must have been the cause of that too.

    • 14.4% of ALL years are rated #1. 62.9% of ALL years are in the top 10. When you’re coming out of the coldest period in 10,000 years, and start recording temperatures at the bottom, you’re going to get records. Lots of them:


  24. Hill411 says:

    Obamaclimate, if you like it you can keep it. PERIOD! If you like your rainfall, you can keep it. If you like your sunshine you can keep it. If you do not like cold weather, it will be equally distributed among everyone. TOO HOT? Same thing! What! You haven’t read the legislation? No problem! We will find out what is in Obamaclimate after we pass it. Trust me.

  25. Hiram Hannah says:

    Here’s a chart.

      • Hiram Hannah says:

        But it’s warm at my house. Isn’t that all that matters? I’ve never met denser material in my entire life.

        • John (Omaha) says:

          Read: “If you disagree with me, I wont consider the value in what you’re saying. I only think under one condition — how to justify the preconceptions I’ve been given.”

          “In political jargon, useful idiot is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. The term has been used to refer to Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. …”

        • Ben says:

          RE: “I’ve never met denser material in my entire life.”

          Self-referential humor for the win…

      • Brian H says:

        Where? No linky.

    • LMAOATPROGS says:

      LMAO “think progress”

    • Jennifer says:

      Why is everything always compared to 1880? Why do we think that 1880 – as our planet is emerging from the Little Ice Age – is the ideal global temperature?

      • John (Omaha) says:

        Salient point. I would add that beyond ‘ideal’, perhaps a word to replace it could be ‘pertinent’. The left always does that. Like the last 17 years showing no warming, now they want to go back exactly 30 years. More or less and their point is shown for the farce that it is: They have no idea how the earth’s climate naturally changes, nor do they have any idea the potential impact or lack of an impact man has. But they know they trust the government. And the government knows it wants money and power.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Surely you don’t think anybody serious on this site is going to accept a chart from any site that has the word progress in it and is a dot org to boot. Can you say Soros money? In addition that chart is known to be a work of fiction by most of the people who comment on this site. What this means is that obviously you are a troll.

  26. Justa Joe says:

    It seems like what Teresa Heinz Kerry wants Teresa Heinz Kerry gets.

  27. art says:

    So, there will be some humor in the SCOTU address

  28. Jiskwa Agiya says:

    He has to give his supporters a new talking point to rebutt the COLDEST winter in a long time!!! Gotta keep the cronies happy. Trust me, they will be listenening with their ears cleaned out!!

  29. wallythedog says:

    The forecast is for a High of 9 and a Low of -3 in Louisville, KY (a southern state) on Tuesday Jan. 28th. Global Warming may prove to be a tough sell. Obama better hope his teleprompter freeze up.

  30. wallythedog says:

    The forecast is for a High of 9 and a Low of -3 in Louisville, KY (a southern state) on Tuesday Jan. 28th. Global Warming may prove to be a tough sell. Obama better hope his teleprompter does not freeze up.

  31. itsy_bitsy says:

    It’s time for Gore and Obama to stop the phony “global warming” mantra! It’s cr@p whose only purpose is to force the country into giving up the most efficient fuels for FAR less efficient ones! If your electric source uses coal, you can depend on it when you turn up your thermostat, same goes with other fossil fuels, but if you are depending on solar or wind to provide you with the same you are an idiot! So why is this so important to liberals? Because they and their friends get rich rapidly when we are forced into using their “green energy”! Give me natural gas, coal and oil any day! I have lived in a house that used wood burning stoves and solar heat and even though it was located in a temperate climate, I wouldn’t do it again! Solar is fine for hot water heaters and that’s about it as far as I’m concerned!

  32. Jack Cane says:

    The mere fact that Obama and Al Gore are big proponents of the anthropogenic
    global warming theory is near certain proof the theory is a total crock.

  33. David says:

    Time to unplug the HAARP machine and stop this nonsense

  34. johnny says:

    obama is a very accomplished liar

  35. William Ripskull says:

    So just what is the correct temperature, and where.

  36. “And if you like your climate change, you can keep it… Period!”

  37. jakester says:

    I no longer believe Global Warming is happening. Its a hoax and Al Gore is a con artist as are all the liberal kooks who go along with him. But today, I wish Gore were right and there really was Global warming. Its 3 degrees where I live and I’m freezing.

  38. Not important says:

    Have you checked the weather in Australia recently? Remeber, it’s global warming, not American warming.

  39. Homey D. Clown says:

    Half the idiots will nod their heads, stand up and cheer all his lies like the sheeple communists they are.

  40. Blandly Urbane says:

    I think the speech should have to be made outside like his inaugural

  41. JohnWolf says:

    Even the Obama supporters are not that stupid

  42. Here are some facts about the global climate:

    1.) At one time, the Arctic regions were tropical. Now they are not. It got colder.

    2.) At one time, the entire northern regions of the globe were covered in a mass sheet of ice known as glaciers. In some areas they were over two miles thick. Now they are not. It got warmer.

    In summary: over the course of time, the earth has heated up, and things have gotten warmer. Oh–and, over the course of time, the earth has frozen, and things have gotten colder.

    Have you ever noticed that there is a big yellow thingy in the sky? It is called the sun, or “Old Sol.” Old Sol goes through similar cycles: heating and cooling.

    Do you think that the sun’s activity and the earth’s temperature changes are related?

    Hmmmmm…..it’s something to think about.

    Has mankind impacted the earth?

    Certainly we have. Have we created the great bogeyman, ‘GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE?’

    In a word, “no.”

    Our scientific records are a tiny snapshot of our earth’s story. Catastrophic weather and climate changes have been occurring since the very first day of earth’s long and glorious path.

    We can be certain that, with our without our assistance, the earth’s climate will continuously change. Carbon tax or no carbon tax.

    There are many well-meaning people that wish to “save the planet.”

    We all should save the planet, but we also should not be duped by the Al Gore’s of the world who make VAST FORTUNES off of the cause-du-jour.

    There is a great autobiography that deals with this subject matter. Not global warming/cooling/climate change, but with the real subject matter at hand: ultimate governmental control, a la Mao’s Red Book.

    Make no mistake, the ruse of ‘man-made global warming’ is a plan to control every aspect of your life from a centralized and very powerful government. They know how you should live, and they will tell you how to do so!

    As someone said in an earlier post: “Green is the new Red.”

    Here is a link to information the book, “Feather in the Storm”– http://www.thesurvivalnut.com/2014/01/13/survival-media-highlight-feather-in-the-storm/

    • Awtrey says:

      Let us all accept that the earth’s climate is changing, and further, let’s accept that it is warming due to the amount of CO2 that is being put into the atmosphere by the use of fossil fuel. Present concentrations of CO2 are about 400 parts per million (PPM) and CO2 concentrations re increasing at a rate of about 2 PPM per year. Most climatologists agree that a concentration of 450 PPM is the point at which earth’s temperature will increase by 2 degrees Centigrade. Most climatologists also agree that a 2 degree rise in global temperatures is the point when bad things really start to happen… sea levels rise, coastal cities flooded , crops fail, etc. Let’s accept that too. So what to do? The key thing to know is that climate change is a global issue which cannot be resolved by the Western nations and the USA. The USA is putting much effort and a lot of money into alternative energy sources AKA, wind, solar and biomass for the primary reason of mitigating the effects of global warming. Sure. These alternative sources do lessen the production of CO2. The amount of CO2 not produced by this alternative energy is swamped by the CO2 produced by China, India and the developing world, and will be for the foreseeable future, because the USA cannot possibly ramp up enough alternative sources to make a difference.

      There are many who claim “someone has to lead the way”, “we must do something”. Faced with some facts should we waste time, effort and money to no avail?

      • Who gave you permission to lie about what “most climatologists” believe?

      • Ernest Bush says:

        Posting the same work of fiction on this topic twice wasn’t enough? Seriously, you think posting it a third time is going to somehow convince somebody there is a single truth in it. Give it up!

        • steelyal says:

          Rules for Radicals teaches tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. Obama is still a lyin snake oils salesman ! And so are his minnions

  43. rik says:

    Global Warming BS is just another govt power and money grab from the sucker taxpayers.

  44. jerry2286 says:

    I thought Dear Leader promised to take care of all this stuff in his grand speech after descending from Mount Olympus?

  45. Sir Charles Fredrickson says:

    The 17-year pause in global warming is likely to last into the 2030s and the Arctic sea ice has already started to recover, according to new research.
    A paper in the peer-reviewed journal Climate Dynamics – by Professor Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Dr Marcia Wyatt – amounts to a stunning challenge to climate science orthodoxy.
    Not only does it explain the unexpected pause, it suggests that the scientific majority – whose views are represented by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – have underestimated the role of natural cycles and exaggerated that of greenhouse gases.
    The pause means there has been no statistically significant increase in world average surface temperatures since the beginning of 1997, despite the models’ projection of a steeply rising trend.
    According to Dr Hawkins, the divergence is now so great that the world’s climate is cooler than what the models collectively predicted with ‘five to 95 per cent certainty’

  46. Dunning_Kruger_Effect says:

    Obama is the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect:

    “…when incompetent people not only perform a task poorly or incompetently, but lack the competence to realize their own incompetence at a task and thus consider themselves much more competent than everyone else.”

    Put more crudely, they’re too stupid to realize they’re stupid.

  47. Jim says:

    Obama is a moron

  48. Pete says:

    Can this guy EVER say something that is pertinent to what is happening in the country? Global “warming”? Yeah, it’s been below freezing for the past few weeks now and I have seen more snow this year than the past 3! How about saying this, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have been lying to you since the day I was elected. I am a useless community organizer with no political skills whatsoever. I became president so that I could cheat each and every American citizen out of hard earned money so that my family and i could go on vacation 23 times a year. I really have no business being president. I can barely balance my checkbook and I use Quicken. Basically i am a racist fraud who could care less about you people who put me in office. SO thank you for believing my lies and trusting a con artist like myself. Goodnight” APPLAUSE

  49. KARL KORDECKI says:

    Why is it every time these idiots are talking about global warming they end up freezing their balls off. Don’t you just love it!

  50. Craig G says:

    I can picture him sitting around a circle passing a joint with friends, and his freinds saying, “dude, you gotta try talking about global warming on the coldest winter. People would totally stand behind you…It would be soo funny! you gotta do it!”

  51. Pat Megroin says:

    This is one stupid trigger

  52. ImaHippyBurning says:

    They meant to say oBUMa is to present to the American Morons the new redistribution scheme called Climate Change as he is the Head Pimp for the UN! Buck oFama, close the UN building and give it to the homeless!

    • Aluminum says:

      “Give it to the homeless.” I like that. Only we’re going to need about 140 more that size to house them all by the end of this drake’s sorry term. A little over a thousand more days, unless he decides to circumvent the constitution, of course. But how likely is that, eh?

      • werdone says:

        But how likely is that, eh?

        VERY. Obama will do his best to stay there forever.

        “I would put [my administration] up against any prior administration since FDR,” Obama said. “We didn’t ask for the challenges that we face, but we don’t shrink from them either.” He continued, “And the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. It will require common effort, shared responsibility, and the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that Franklin Roosevelt pursued during the only crisis worse than this one.”

    • Joel Goodman says:

      that is the most astute suggestion i have seen.. do it.

  53. Gunny G says:

    If I was a Congressman, I’d walk out when the idiot began to blather. Obumbles is a clown and doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect.

  54. marg1 says:

    At the end of his speech ask yourself whether he wants more control, more money or both. Then remember his disastrous waste of billions of taxpayer dollar when he ‘invested’ in companies like Solyndra.

    The incompetent boo b will use any opportunity to steal our money and our freedoms.

  55. Bob White says:

    Maybe a snowy owl will light on his shoulder while he is reading his teleprompter.

  56. of course he will…. that’s what progressives do! they never, ever admit they were wrong. there is way too much money involved in this hoax to back off now…. never mind that not A SINGLE PREDICTION OF DISASTER by these “warmer” nut-jobs has come true. NOTHING..
    Gore has made over 200 million fear mongering with his Chicken Little predictions and the progressives like Obliar see the carbon off set scheme as a way to re-distribute world wealth….

    If the globe is warming, its been warming ever since the last ICE AGE without any help from man.

    • yellowjacket says:

      absolutely. People seem to think that they are only living in the only volatile times. Through out earths history man has incurred good and weather. It is what it is.

    • Tony Catania says:

      It’s hard to believe so many people actually believe this ridiculous farce

  57. mowowie says:

    I hope infomercials get higher ratings.

  58. welldoneson says:

    I urge people who think this weather pattern is unusual to do two things:
    1) look up “Polar Vortex” on the ‘net, it’s not a new thing, it’s always been there
    2) look at a map or look on Google Earth. see how air from Hawaii has a straight shot all up and down the North East Pacific from the Bering Strait to California. It’s not unusual for warm air to move up past Alaska, through the Yukon, well into the Northwest Territories.
    Neither phenomenon has anything to do with “climate change”. Man’s CO2 has nothing to do with climate change, either.

  59. freedomfan says:

    This is all anyone needs to know about Global Warming:

    Warmists want to confiscate your money but they won’t tell you how much.

    They say it will keep the planet from melting, but they won’t tell you how much it will actually lower global temperature.

    They say it is critical for the environment, but they won’t tell you who will get to spend your money.

    Everything else is just a clever story. Follow the money.

    • yellowjacket says:

      You know what they say about a fool and his money………. they are soon parted.

    • Brenda says:

      It’s a scheme…Deposition: EPA plotted to alter ‘the DNA of of the capitalist system’

      The Environmental Protection Agency is out to change the very foundations of capitalism, according to sworn testimony from a former agency official.

      The EPA had been working on a project to make capitalism more conducive to environmentalism.

      Former EPA official John Beale told House investigators in his sworn deposition that while at the agency he worked on a project meant to find ways the government could “kind of modify the DNA of the capitalist system.”

      You can find this story on daily caller. You sure won’t hear it from the Journo List.

  60. CO2mmon Sense Guy! says:

    There is CO2 in your blood!! Enought said!

  61. George O. says:


  62. The liberal Climate Change cult will never back off this fraud. There is entirely too much money that they can steal from society to back down.

    • Shazaam says:

      It’s not just the money. It’s the attitude. They believe they are helping to save the planet and thus anything goes. Tampering with the data to reinforce their beliefs? Well and good according to their “standards”. Exposing their theories to the real facts and honest analysis? Not gonna happen if they can avoid it. Thus the plethora of fact-free arguments and name calling supporting CAGW.

      Thus those who question their “settled science” (and thus their beliefs) and the need for more grant money are labeled “Deniers”.

      Works the same with the gun control advocates (who humorously enough always seem to have armed security personnel). Though they don’t get the joke. Here’s the latest bit of gun control research they will be denouncing at full volume soon: http://stupend.us/2014/01/23/study-finds-firearms-may-be-inanimate-objects/


  63. steelyal says:

    This Lying President is leaving everyone cold.

  64. alvinjh says:


  65. Sashweight P. Ladipus says:

    All Obama knows about “weather” is what his Progressive Fabian Socialist pals tell him. And they are all committed to stealing as much money from citizens as possible, and using junk science to push their agenda.

  66. NoneYa Biz says:

    The Dopey Liberal Democrat’s “Climate Change” Dictionary:

    ► CLIMATE CHANGE: What has been happening for billions of years, but should now be flogged to produce panic for profit. “Climate Change” is the new “Global Warming”…. the name may have changed, but the hoax is still the same.

    ► PEER REVIEW: The act of banding together a group of like-minded academics with a funding conflict of interest, for the purpose of squeezing out any research voices that threaten the multi-million dollar government grant gravy train.

    ► SETTLED SCIENCE: Betrayal of the scientific method for politics, money or both.

    ► DENIER: Anyone who suspects the truth.

    ► NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Leftist Nutcase Prize, unrelated to “Peace” in any meaningful way.

    ► DATA, EVIDENCE: Unnecessary details. If anyone asks for this, see “DENIER,” above.

    ► CLIMATE SCIENTIST: A person skilled in spouting obscure, scientific-sounding jargon that has the effect of deflecting requests for “DATA” by “DENIERS.” Also skilled at affecting an aura of “Smartest Person in the Room” to buffalo gullible legislators and journalists.

    ► JUNK SCIENCE: The use of invalid scientific evidence resulting in findings of causation which simply cannot be justified or understood from the standpoint of the current state of credible scientific or medical knowledge.

  67. fibsernum says:

    The fact that we have extreme cold is evidence of global warming, not a refutation of it. Only a simpleton does not understand that the atmospheric pollution created by excess carbon emissions traps heat and causes melting of the polar ice with resultant redirection of the jet stream, which can send the northern U.S. into an ice age, while causing extreme heat and drought in the south. Unfortunately simpletons, such as those writers on this site, are out there in far too many numbers. They sit around arguing politics, rather than looking for solutions. Do you nuts actually think that if a Conservative is elected president, environmental problems will cease to exist?

    • You probably make ice cubes in your microwave

    • Andrew says:

      Well said, sir or madam. Well said.

    • Dick Sicario says:

      Fat Al a good friend of yours ?

    • ken says:

      The fact that we have etreme cold is only evidence that the climate is constantly changing, and has been since the dawn of time..and there is no definitive evidence that we as a country should commit economic suicide in the belief that we can overcome the effects of the sun…what is happening now has happened before the industrial revolution…you can look it up you simpleton

    • matinva says:

      There is not one piece of empirical evidence linking human activities to the climate – not one. The only support for the global warming theory comes from meaningless, untraceable anecdotal evidence; computer projections which never pan out; and FrankenGraphs cobbled together from questionable proxy data sets – a juvenile fabrication that would get an “F“ in any High School Chemistry Lab.

    • Arlen Cooper says:

      Yada, yada, yada, if I thought you knew what you were talking about, I would still say, “shut-the-fluk-up.”

    • blammmer says:

      nit wit … it’s funny all these “historic” records … when was the first time temperatures could be measured within a reasonable margin of error?

    • You’re a plucky guy fib, I’ll give you that! I can see you spouting the line “cold = global warming” until heIl freezes over. And then when heIl DOES freeze over, you’ll claim THAT is due to global warming as well. Mantas like that are perfect for simpletons like you 🙂

    • justin says:

      The southern ice cap is at a 35 years high in thickness. It not only is not melting, it is increasing. If people like you believe that if it’s breaking records in cold winters, it is global warming. If hurricanes become less frequent, it is global warming. It the temp of the planet does not follow the predictions, it is global weirding. Is there anything, anything that would make you question your assumptions ? This is the definition of a religious belief.

    • George O. says:

      Oh, I see now. Global warming means “freezing in the north and boiling in the south.”
      One might wonder why the global warming nut jobs keep changing their goal post. Was it not enough that the tinfoil hats at the University of East Anglia were exposed as grant-shysters and tosspots for people to see that the whole thing is a fraud?
      The famous “hockey stick” chart has apparently been stuck where the sun don’t shine. And, recall that Al Gore stated there’d be no ice on the North Pole by 2013.

      • steelyal says:

        LOL Rofl What a sad man you are. A 6 billiony/o planet and you think ypu have it figured out. Give 1-800 -Al -Gore a call to see if he is still counting that 500 millin.

      • texasinfidel says:

        It all started with the Scripps Institute in San Diego after WWII. They got some government cheese to do environmental studies of the Bikini Atoll after we test nuked. In order to keep the money going they and others have been making data fit their story ever since. Now the libtards have figured a way to use it for wealth redistribution. No thanks! Not interested!

        Do no just believe me look it up!

    • Oakster says:

      Global Warming
      The religion of the stupid

    • yellowjacket says:

      A very conflicted tirade. You’ve got to read more real science, not Gore’s book on alchemy.

    • Matman says:

      Well, maybe not the evironmental problems in China, but atleast we won’t be constantly nagged by a president that spouts lies…….how is that kool-aid?….did you notice the turd in the punchbowl?…maybe that’s why is doesn’t tastes too good….

    • Samuel Clemens says:

      Wow, except for the fact that the Arctic Ice cap is well within normal levels and the Antarctic is the largest it’s been in 30 years…but please don’t let facts get in the way of your nonsensical diatribe…..

    • I would like to see data to support this theory. Please include information that would exclude the Sun (a G-type variable star) from having any effect on climate change. I would also like to see all of the relevant data collected in the last 40,000 years or so showing a linear rise in temperature relative to the planets steady warming. Please show proof that said warming is caused by human activity. Not holding my breath.

      Emotion is not Scientific Method. Politics is irrelevant to scientific fact. Just because the truth doesn’t fit the agenda it doesn’t make the truth false. Even a teething 2 year old is more rational than this bunch of Global Warming mental disease vectors……

    • Southron Sanders says:

      Dear Fib-sernum

      “The fact that we have extreme cold is evidence of global warming, not a refutation of it…” YEAH, RIGHT!! ONLY STUPID PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE THAT LIE.

      I really enjoy watching Progressive “Chicken Little Types” make Fools of themselves. The BIG HOAX of “Global Warming” is unraveling before our eyes.

    • UnCommonSense says:

      Hey fibsernum, So the heat because of carbon emissions is trapped and causes the polar ice to melt, redirecting the jet stream to the Northern U.S. Then where does the air which is about -25 degrees F. in N. Dakota come from? They call it a “Polar Vortex” but that can’t possibly contain -25 degree air, as the air at the pole has warmed enough to melt the ice! Now do you see why you guys make no sense??

    • John Dooley says:

      Only a simpleton like you ignores pure facts and spews opinion masquerading as knowledge:

      – The average temperature hasn’t risen in 15 years – it’s been stable since 1998. Darn those pesky FACTS!

      – The earth has been heating and cooling in cycles for millions of years… a mere 10,000 years ago the polar ice cap reached as far south as New York City.

      – We have more to worry about cow farts polluting our atmosphere with methane.

      – And my favorite FACT… all you left-wingnut liberal ‘tards spend your time raising alarms, yet you all still drive cars, use electricity, heat your homes – rampantly burning the very fossil fuels which you claim are killing the planet. Such hypocrites… FOOLS!

    • Snake says:

      Your statement of melting of polar ice, please explain why there is MORE Ice at the south pole then last year?
      I want your FACT DATA from a factual source (Third Party) to be presented on this board to my reply.

      If I pollute and you tax me, and another does not pollute and he buys my “credits” how does that stop global warming

      During the time of the big lizards and small mammals , the amount of CO2 in the air was 2200 ppm NOT 400 ppm like today. How come the earth did not die nor the animals perish then and they had LARGER Forests during that time.

      Explain how one MAJOR eruptions of a large volcanoes produces MORE CO2 in one eruption then humans can produce in five years. How can your plan stop that?

      The three major earthquakes, Indonesia, Chile, and New Zealand brought the earth from 25.5 degrees to 23 degrees thus allowing the earth to rotate faster and absorb more heat. How do you purpose to over come the faster rotation and the realignment of previous degree? Would you suggest a large chain with a hook on it and everyone pulls in the opposite direction to reset the earth?

      How come MARs, Pluto are ALSO experiencing global warming. Is it because their beings have disregarded algores dire warnings and continue to drive their suvs?

      Please in your divine wisdom, we are waiting for you to address these problems which are FACTS with CERTIFIABLE Facts from a non partisan source

    • Bradley says:

      If what you are saying is true then why was it called global warming before climate change? And why did they have to falsify data to back up the very statement you just made? Funny I see the polls that say more then half of Americans believe in global warming but I dont know anyone who buys this crap. Um its called weather, been with us for quite some time. I personally think it beyond arrogant to think we have the power to change the weather. Do I want us to pollute our air, of course not, but why not just focus on that instead of making up a chicken little story? Oh thats right no money in the truth. But hey thanks for playing.

  68. William Torbeck says:

    Sadly, this is not a joke!

  69. Andrew says:

    All Hail El Presidente of Ustados Unitas! Finally, a president who acknowledges the facts that human industrial activity is affecting the climate!

  70. Dirty John says:

    wow, 97% of actual scientists agree that man has sped up the warming of the planet exponentially, but you champions look out your window and label it a liberal money-making scheme based on nothing. What a bunch of d-bags

    • Who gave you permission to lie about other people’s viewpoints?

    • yellowjacket says:


    • George O. says:

      The only scientists agreeing about the global warming myth are those who get grants based upon their expressing affirmation of global warming. Money and political correctness have taken over scientific endeavor, so it is no longer science. One can seriously doubt that 97% of scientist have sold out their souls for grant money, but what the heck, the global warming nut-jobs lie about everything else.

    • Snake says:

      Name your sources and whom they work for. Then post them on this web site with a proper link so we can verify your statement as true and correct

    • Bradley says:

      You mean climate scientist right? Um if they didnt believe or claim to they would be out of a job, lmao!!! Also, could you please provide data( that is not falsified) to back up their claim of man made global warming. You know so far everyone of their theories and charts and simulations have all proven to be false or manipulated. If they are so sure of it why do they have to falsify data? Didnt Al Gore claim there that by last year the North Pole would be out of ice? LOL, record amount last year hahahahahahahah! But hey thanks for playing.

  71. constant vigil says:

    The fraud Obama addressing the Global warming fraud – no news here…

  72. BoilerVette says:

    Five years ago Al Gore predicted that in 5 years the Polar Ice Caps would be all melted with disastrous consequences. A couple of weeks ago a shipload of environmental morons “documenting the shrinking ice cap” got trapped in the Antarctic Ice and had to be rescued. Why anyone with half a brain believes this pseudo-science is beyond me.

  73. constant vigil says:

    The earth’s temperature is better correlated to sun activity than to CO2 levels from 400 years of observations – currently the sun is in a period of low activity similar to the period before the little ice age in the 1700’s.

  74. How long are we going to put up with all this bull #hit?

  75. George O. says:

    Sorry about that first attempted comment.
    Here’s what’s happened. TV weather reporters have switched from being meteorologists to foxy looking chicks with spectacular physiques. Women see these weather reports more than men do and they’ve taken from it something like this: Gosh, that woman delivers the weather report and I’m a woman, therefore I must know a lot about weather, too. So, women talk about weather quite a bit these days and express their opinions about global warming. “I think”, “I believe”, “I feel” are usual phrases they use. They’re never talking science and few have ever been educated in meteorology or even algebra 1. The female psyche desires security and safety above all else, and notions promoted by Al Gore about global warming really get them upset, and they want something to be done to make them safe. This is a fear motivation and with it they are assisted by the vocabulary acquired from watching the weather “babes” on TV, which helps them prattle on about weather. Make no mistake, because of their huge numbers they are a mighty political force and will surely vote carbon credit taxation or anything related, so that they can feel safe and secure.

  76. Atexan says:

    I guess Obama didn’t get the memo that the energy industry through private initiative, not government intervention, converting coal fired plants to natural gas, has accomplished all of his environmental goals by reducing CO2 to 1992 levels with much more to come

  77. Steve Kim says:

    AH, AH, AH, good evening. AH, AH, AH, I would like to address the American People concerning AH, AH, AH, Global Warming and how it has and is effecting our Climate. AH, AH, AH, all this talk by the Far Right about Global Cooling is just AH, AH, AH, a process of Hypnosis that they have instigated on the FOX NEWS, DRUDGE REPORT, LIMBAUGH, HANNITY, you AH, AH , AH know who all these Radical Right Wingers are. I can assure you that AH,AH, AH, IT IS GETTING HOTTER. I just spent 2 weeks in Hawaii and it was AH, AH, AH HOT. In December 84 degrees, this is Winter time Folks!!!!!!!!! AH, AH, AH, I’m going to Florida in February to Play 90 Rounds of Golf and AH, AH, AH, I can assure you that it isn’t going to freezing.
    Now, AH, AH, AH, the Debate is over the Hypnosis and Power of Suggestion is not reality so AH, AH, AH, snap out of it.
    Good Night.

  78. spock says:

    Here is th question you goto ask is it Obama that is dumb when he tries t say he is for the Average American and not the elite Rich? Is Obama dumb when he talks about Global Warming/Climate Change/global Ice age (whatever the term is for the day) or is it the Dummies that belive him. His last 4 SOTU addresses were all identical except words swapped around !!

    When they can explain where the sun is in all their calculation and the solar flares then maybe I will listen but these flat earthers that believe man is responsible for global warming due to CO2 which makes up less then 0.5% of the atmosphere and we need to survive. Remember there was a concensus the Earth was Flat, the earth was the center of the universe!!

    What are they hiding!!!

  79. matinva says:

    92 Million Americans out of the work force and Barry’s going to lecture us on something we can do nothing about.

    As for Hillary; she was beaten last time by an inexperienced nobody from Illinois. She’s in tougher shape now and he’s still an inexperienced nobody from Illinois.

  80. blammmer says:

    if Obama owned a funeral parlor, no one would die …
    they guy makes inspector clouseau look competent

  81. Robin says:

    The truth means less than nothing to the idiot… and the idiots whom voted for him.

  82. labillyboy says:

    Global Climate Science is all about easy money for unemployed holders of useless science degrees and population control for socialist minded politicians. The two camps have created the myth to achieve their consistent goals. The politicians shovel money to the “scientists” who take it and cruise around exotic locales reading thermometers carefully placed to pick up the hottest spots on earth. In turn the scientists create bogus doomsday scenarios for the politicians to use to extract more taxes and to exert control over the crucial energy sector. Many people buy it, since we have been trained to believe “science” and after all who doesn’t want cleaner air and water?

    We could enter an ice age and the Demokrats will still be screaming about global warming…

  83. CHALKY says:


  84. Lance says:

    perhaps its my webpage, but it states 153 responses to this posting…? counter must be buggered up…

  85. Consultofactus says:

    Liberals like to avoid dealing with real problems by obsessing on contrived topics like “global warming” or a “war on women”. Here’s an example: A couple of years ago I attended a reception held at the Silicon Valley Marriott. The topic of global warming came up and as you can imagine being on the “left coast” there were some pretty strong opinions about it. One lady, whom I was told was a former candidate for a state-wide office was particularly outspoken about the stupidity of “tea-baggers” and their “denial” of science “facts”. After listening to her drivel for a while I posed this question to her…”OK, so you claim that global warming is going to kill us off unless we listen to “science” – but even you’d have to admit the chance of us dying in the next 5 minutes from global warming is zero – correct?” She replied “well, probably yes, but what’s that got to do with anything?” I responded “There’s a peer-reviewed field of study where the scientific consensus is nearly unanimous that the entire Bay area is due for a devastating earthquake – in fact, if you look out the window (we were in a suite on the 5th floor) you can ACTUALLY SEE the San Andreas fault – a proven killer. Yet you and ~5M people deny this scientific fact every day putting your lives and the lives of your children at great risk – not to mentioned causing a financial calamity! And yes, there is a small, but non-zero possibility that a lethal quake could destroy this entire hotel in the next 5 minutes – Now who are the backwards, stupid anti-science deniers?” She mumbled something about statistics being misleading and changed the topic of conversation…..

  86. Teddy Novak says:

    Global warming (aka climate change) is the religion of the stupid.


  87. steelyal says:

    1997 Scientists were 100 % in unison predicitng the next ice age. It dosn’t work that way Obama fatalists do not understand Mother Earth will take care of herself. Every week we find a new species, an extinct animal, new trees etc. The real “non Al Gore” truth is science is split on warming and a majority feel we have been in a cooling trend. Liberals/Progs/Atheist stop the lies.

  88. John Hanley says:

    I absolutely believe in Climate Change, otherwise known as Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

  89. xsnake says:

    World class global whiner…..pissing away hundreds of billions that won’t change the earth’s temp one iota.

  90. bankroller says:

    I wasn’t aware that Dinglebarry is such a climate expert. . . Kinda like he’s a constitutional scholar as well; they just never specified what constitution, Kenyan or Indonesian.

  91. Bill says:

    We all know how Comrade Fidelosamaobama lies.

  92. D. says:

    I agree much of this mother Earth has continually done. At the same time I’m not foolish or arrogant enough to deny mankind has had an effect on their environment. We do effect the environment. But again, I’m not saying global warming or climate change. What I am saying though is things like fracking leading to folks with combustible tap water is terrible. Trust but verify, I agree.

  93. Bill says:

    I wonder if the big shiny thing,which appears every morning, has anything to do with the temperatures on earth.

    • Al G. Funguy says:

      “I wonder if the big shiny thing, which appears every morning, has anything to do with the temperatures on earth.”

      It’s generally ignored as the TSI (total solar irradiance) varies very little, 0.4%. However, the temperature changes claimed in global warming are likewise very small relative to 273 Kelvin. So I don’t see how it can be so easily ignored. Probably it’s being ignored because the sun’s behavior is too hard to predict.

      Also, my understanding is that the irradiance at specific frequencies (e.g. ultraviolet) changes much more wildly.

      Changes in the solar wind can also affect weather directly: “A 2009 peer reviewed article[2] found that low clouds contain less liquid water following Forbush decreases, and for the most influential events the liquid water in the oceanic atmosphere can diminish by as much as 7%” – from Wikipedia.

  94. This is just perfect, the Liar-In- Chief out to spread more lies over the already debunked global warming crud. Al Gore already admitted he lied, the global warming scientists already admitted they skewed the data in favor of global warming, for heavens sake-Al Gore and his wife, who say the oceans will rise and we will lose the shoreline, bought a house on the beach…. even they don’t believe their own lies.

  95. eatme says:

    So let’s sum this up… you pay Al Gore and Goldman Sachs a Carbon Tax and they will magically fix the climate of the earth. YOU DANG FOOLS !!! ARE YOU MORONS !!!

  96. Max H says:

    I grew within a mile of one of the largest glaciers of all time. Global warming melted it. It is now called Lake Michigan. Heard there wasn’t too many people around to cause it to melt.

  97. HelloHello says:

    We were supposed to have run-away heating by now.

    IT’s freezing out there – someone should sue the liberals for fraud.

  98. rose anderson says:

    Drill baby Drill
    we need bigger carbon feet to warm US up

  99. Too cold = Global warming
    Too warm = Global warming
    Too much snow = Global warming
    Too little snow = Global warming
    Too much rain = Global warming
    Too little rain = Global warming

    That’s pretty much how the scam works. EVERYTHING points to phony climate change. ALL of the answers are about making someone $$$$$$.

  100. Dave says:

    Fuque Obama

    • spiritus says:

      Consider this posit:Obama is a holographic avatar; a composite of all the hopes and dreams of the globalist elite who want a perfect target to distract you from their prestidigitation, i.e. luring you into a continuously stirred up vitriolic hatred toward a totally invented entity who can not help what it is he does as he is merely a creature of their invention. He is a like a blow up doll who, without the “hot airs ” of his inventors, would deflate and become the nothing that he was in the beginning of his totally fabricated life.

  101. HelloHello says:

    Obama hates white people – it is that simple

    • Ben Jabo says:

      Obama hates everyone that is not black

    • Mike Hurly says:

      You just have to love all the stupid comments below about how the weather here in this country is so cold, that global warming can’t be real…

      Newsflash …. How can people be so ignorant! Global Warming has nothing to do with how cold it is this winter or how much snow we get. It is related to the melting of the polar ice caps on the poles, as well as the shifting weather patterns. How can people make such ridiculous arguments and be so uninformed?? I am embarrassed to be an American when idiots(read below) relate scientific facts to politics. As if the rest of the world could give a sh… about Al Gore ….. really!

      How long does it take for plastic to breakdown? What about nuclear waste? How many species are we directly responsible for eliminating? How long does it take for the countless varieties of chemicals we’ve thrown out there to breakdown and become benign? Explain to me how both poles have all sorts of man-made chemicals there?

      It’s a completely ignorant, head in the sand statement to say that we humans have not effected the environment nor have a lasting impact. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ we have, it is a matter of what the full ramifications of that impact are.

      You’re right, nothing is permanent. In cosmic terms, why worry about it, right? The Sun will burn out eventually. So, hell, let’s just throw caution to the wind.

      I was just taking issue with your ‘puny’ humans having no impact on the planet. It’s so painfully obvious that we do have an impact, it’s shocking that you’d convince yourself otherwise. Hell, you can’t eat too much fish because of the Mercury content. At what point will Mother Nature ‘reverse’ that for us if we bury our heads in the sand as you seem to be telling us is the best course of action?
      I can only hope that you don’t work too hard on denying the obvious or that at least you’ll be in the small minority. I’d prefer to not have to worry about things like, “Gee, my kids already had fish this week, is it safe to let them eat it again?”

      Like I said, it’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of what that impact means now and for the future.

      But, then again, if I keep my head in the sand with you, maybe that 800 pound gorilla in the room will go away too.

      We all know you deny global warming cause you think it’s a Dem thing… And I don’t care what Al Gore says or does. He is not a scientist. He didn’t make up the global warming issue. When I want to actually learn something scientific, the only thing to do is go to the scientists themselves. The AGW hypothesis was first proposed in 1896, but it took the advent of supercomputers and a lot of increased understanding of how the atmosphere works for scientists to get to this level of confidence that AGW is likely. I hardly think a few flippant comments by internet amateurs are going to counter that very strongly.

      • Your comment is just about the stupidest so far.

      • Andy Oz says:

        I think he is neck and neck with Reggie, Matayaya and David Appell. Who knew that extreme cold brought out so many climate trolls? Heatwaves seem to put them back in their box.

      • darwin says:

        It hasn’t warmed for about 15 years. It’s cooling. The people who make a living off of global warming are just “adjusting” the temperatures to make it look like it’s still warming.

      • Jeffro says:

        You’re right, humans have a profound impact, especially long winded know nothings like you trying to tell the rest of us that we know nothing. Blow it out your butt. Perhaps your long winded retort above has vastly increased your “carbon footprint”. Do the planet a favor, reduce your carbon footprint by taking a long walk off of a short pier.

      • bluepersuasion says:

        Mike, the earth has a NATURAL ebb and flow in ALL things. By the way, your melting polar ice caps crap has been debunked. Recent photos have shown the polar ice caps have GROWN. Seriously, dude, quit believing in unicorns and pixie dust and get real.

        • Jeffro says:

          If only the libs intent were this innocent and benign. Every thing they say and do is driven by their GREED, MALICE, and urge to REPRESS. THAT is why I say to all of them, go to he11. I believe there is some warming happening there.

        • rangerrebew says:

          Do you mean the polar ice caps like the one the global warming proofers got their ship stuck in because the ice was so think? The one that the rescue ice breaker got stuck in, the one that came to rescue to proofer’s ship?

        • Harold Katz says:

          Have you ever noticed that during periods when the polar ice caps are shrinking that Al Gore actually grows fatter? Coincidence?

      • morningmael says:

        Except the global ice caps are NOT MELTING! You swallowed the hoax hook, line, and sinker, and can only call people stupid that weren’t dull enough to bite the hook that makes such a fool out of YOU!

      • I stopped reading your reply when you said you were embarassed to be an American! !! There are many soldiers who will show you how to leave this fine country. BE NICE.

      • Mr. Jim says:

        You are the ignorant one. Supercomputers —- garbage in garbage out. There are a lot of assumptions made when putting the data needed to attempt a conclusion in this area. The problem is that grants and other money only support one point of view in this argument so it promote the unscientific method of starting with a conclusion and working backwards to make it work. If they don’t they lose their funding and or careers. If you want to come to a reasonable conclusion you allow dissenting views.

        It is not proven science that the earth is warming or cooling. For instance what is the mean temperature of the earth? No one knows so how can they tell which way from mean we are going in. CO2 another unproven theory.

        Yet many are ready to spend untold $ trillions of dollars to solve a problem they don’t know for sure exist. At the same time they would sentence undeveloped countries to forever poverty. I think that something that has these kinds of consequences would be open the all scientist without political interference.

      • Tom Seim says:

        Ask the Vikings that settled Greenland if it is warming; they will tell you to get a grip! Ask the ancient Romans if it is warming; they will tell you we are entering a new ice age! This warming – hold the phone, the Earth hasn’t warmed for 16 years! – is a blip in a much larger cooling trend.

      • Joe Diamos says:

        OMG!!! There is a book out called, “hitler’s willing executioners” That is you buddy… communist willing executioners….. Al Gore can’t do this all a lone !!

      • Try goggling CCX. Learn about the founders of the Climate Change Exchange. Obama, Soros, Clinton’s Goldman sachs etc, were all investors.with top Dems standing to make personal Billions if Cap and trade became law. Meanwhile the Dem lies continue using the EPA instead of the CLIMATE EXCHANGE..
        Did you know satellite images show the polar ice is expanding? See the pix yourself.

      • Mike Hurley says:

        Phuck ewe dooschbag enviromentalcase nutjob.

      • ED says:

        I hope you liked the Kool-Aid because you sure drank a lot of it. You are a jerk

      • Jeffro says:

        I love how libs post words like ‘Fact’ or ‘Newsflash’ and, suddenly, their argument is substantive. And, we don’t think it’s a Dem thing, we KNOW it. Argue your point all day, we’ll still call you and your ilk liars… because that’s what you do.

      • timmio says:

        Are you keeping up with the news or just rewinding al Gore? Geez! :))))))

      • Art7 says:

        Mike Hurly, I’ve read your momments here. You are simply a sad foolish person.

      • mikehurlysanidiot says:

        the polar ice caps are freezing over at record speeds. where do you get your facts from?

      • msamen2 says:

        Man-made global warming is a brilliant scam…if only the climate would cooperate.

      • Guillermo Villas says:

        I’m embarassed to say that i wasted my time reading your ignorant post.

      • TSZodiac says:

        Arctic ice 50% above last year (http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/16/global-warming-satellite-data-shows-arctic-sea-ice-coverage-up-50-percent/), Antarctic ice at historic levels (since record keeping began WAY back in the 1970’s (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/10/121013-antarctica-sea-ice-record-high-science-global-warming/)….comments? The devices that measure these things say that the polar icecaps are NOT melting…..so you can come in off the ledge and be proud to be an American again. Now get ready for the next shock…in the year that the “scientists” say was one of the “warmest on record” there were more LOW temperature records broken than high temperature records (http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2013/12/31/record-cold-temperatures/4264237/), we had record lows for hurricanes/typhoons, record lows for wildfires in the US, record lows for tornados, snowfall in Australia (in the Summer), snowfall for the first time in 100 years in parts of the Middle East….basically the exact OPPOSITE of what the Global Warming Alarmists (aka “Gore-ites”) predicted. Even the IPCC was forced to admit in a Sept 2013 report that there hasn’t been any warming for at least the last 17 years (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24173504)…both NASA and NOAA confirm that what they call a “pause” in the warming is continuing (http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/environment/item/17470-nasa-data-global-warming-still-on-pause-sea-ice-hit-record)….AND now they are predicting that this “pause” in warming could last into the 2050’s ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2485772/Global-warming-pause-20-years-Arctic-sea-ice-started-recover.html).
        Its not a DEM thing – its not a REP thing….its a MONEY thing.

        • billy smith says:

          TSZodiac — Great post but I doubt it will change the minds of the idiots that believe in the hocus pocus of man made global warming. The fact that someone can use the argument that ‘just because it’s cold right now doesn’t mean it’s not warming’ and then simultaneously say that 1 year, 10 years or even 100 years of melting polar ice caps (which aren’t actually melting right now but increasing) is a way to show that MAN has changed the environment is one of the most pathetic arguments that can be made and is contradictory to it’s own assertion towards what is a ‘useful’ data set.

          Even if we had 100 straight years of melting ice caps that would be just a BLIP in time to be measuring these cycles which take tens of thousands of years. A 100 years of data is as useful as one days temperature when looked at in comparison to the long freeze/thaw cycles that accompany any gradual shift from an ice age to an interglacial medium, at which point temps would slowly, cyclically warble until reaching a new ice age.

          Any rational,reasoning human being could see and understand this, but then, no one ever accused global warming alarmists of being rational or reasoning, and they are barely human as well.

        • TSZodiac says:

          What I find HILARIOUS is that the Old Farmers Almanac, which relies on things like solar cycles and historical data, has been and continues to be FAR more accurate in their predictions than does ANY prediction made by so called “climate scientists” pushing the AGW scam….maybe we need to remember that these “scientists” are basically the same group of people who can’t tell you with any reliability whether it will rain tomorrow…

        • Prince mongo says:

          Have you ever actually eaten shit? How do you know you will die if you eat it? Conservatives take pride in throwing around insults like this and then go to their “church” on Sunday and pretend to their family and friends that they are sooo Pius. Liberals would never use an insult…. They have facts.

        • Daniel Petry says:

          Hmmm. The only people I see biting peoples fingers off, shooting high school kids, murdering elementary children, killing theatre goers are liberals. You’re in good company.

      • steiner says:

        Brainwashed tv world schlub….antarctica has “manmade” records of ice ..so why do you think its melting? Rite lib media, huh idiot….

      • Heftyjo says:

        Actually there are a number of climate scientists that disagree on the extent to which humans are influencing the climate. It’s readily accepted that the global climate temps have been rising since the 1800’s; however the level warming is not significant. Certainly not significant enough to warrant what some UN reports advocate spending the equivalent of a Apollo Moon programs amount of money every year for the next 50 years to mitigate a .6-1 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures. But these dissenting opinions are often conveniently left out of the finalized reports when they pass through the bureaucratically politicized final report. Imagine that, the politicians find another way of generating revenue through taxation and cronyism and they do everything possible to paint an unanimous consensus that something, anything, must be done! Say it ain’t so….

        It’s also not in question that humans can and do affect the environment around them. But to the degree of which human caused green house gases influence the global mean temperature is in question. The evidence suggests that the climate isn’t as sensitive to the human green house gas contribution to the atmosphere that early adopters to the green house theory suggest. The facts show that there has been no significant warming in the past 16 years. This has lead the global warmists to proclaim that the heat is hiding down in the deep oceans. And one day it’ll rise up and BAM! We’re all toast. This is boogey man logic at best. There isn’t enough data recording on deep water temperatures to even being to describe in any detail that the heat is hiding down there. Not to mention that the laws of thermodynamics prohibit such an explosive warming of the atmosphere that the latest round of fear-mongering from the warmists propose.

        The Earth’s climate has dealt with asteroid impacts, supervolcanoes, and continental drift; and yet seems to variate in her own time, and pulse up and down irregardless. This would suggest that the Earth’s climate would not be susceptible to a positive feedback loop that would develop into a runaway global warming scenario. In fact, the Earth’s climate over the billions of years that it has been around has shown that it is more of a neutral feedback system. It takes 100’s of millions of years for things to change on the large scale as is evident that Earth atmosphere was originally a methane rich environment and gradually developed into a nitrogen/oxygen rich environment. We are truly blessed with the right mix of water versus land and more importantly a large Moon that not only torques our axis enough to keep it stable but also flexes the Earth core enough to keep it hot and producing a magnetic shield against solar radiation. Thus the reason that we are possible to even exist is because we’ve the good fortune of a dynamic planetary environment that on the large scale remains stable enough to produce life; irregardless of external pressures and forcing by outside events. I reject the view that we humans are a cancer on this Earth. That we are somehow reducing its opulence in its place in the Universe. No, we are here to observe the Universe in all it’s glory. We exist so that the Universe can know itself. We consume the latent entropic energy in the Universe through our endeavors to know, learn, and understand why we are even here. Therefore, we should grow, we should expand, we should enrich ourselves; not only in money but in mind. The warmist want to take that all away. They want to draw down the population, they want to move us back to the pre-industrial society when we didn’t know these things, when we didn’t understand. And yet they say this must be done to be good to the Earth, to the Universe that put us here so that it could know itself. To be “environmentally conscience” is to deny everything that that term even implies.

        • Peterk Sour says:

          steelyal, you are an embarrassment.
          Hether, American are with you!
          Heftyjo -thanks you for bringing sanity to this doscussion

        • Joe Botz says:

          Ah a sensible educated Human, there is hope. Thanks! I’ve lived directly on the “water” for fifty years. And guess what? The tidal levels etc. have not changed! Fact!

      • daehpoh says:

        It’s easy Mike. Do not use anything made from petrochemicals. Nothing made from plastic, fuel for you vehicle or anything produced using petrochemicals. Electricity is produced from those sources you hate, so turn off your lights and heat. Put your ideology where your mouth is, or just shut up.

        • juan767 says:

          actually if all americans were gone today at noon it would lower carbon production on earth by less than 1%. DUH! and if all humans on the planet were not here it would lower carbon production by 4.5%. the greenhouse effect of the computer model theory states that man produces xs carbon causing a greenhouse effect warming the planet. we are in the 16th year of no warming therefore the theory is false, a swindle.

      • Hmmm, curious how this ‘know everything’ is totally absent for the examination of his statement……

      • Mike Hurly says: “This content is currently unavailable”
        IOW Folks: “Mike Hurly” doesn’t actually exist. Who could have guessed? Its another Obamabot.

      • dknezacek says:

        You’re right Al Gore didn’t invent global warming; The Club of Rome did in their 1974 book “Mankind at the Turning Point – The second report to the Club of Rome”. They said at that time that they would use it to push for a global government.

        Looks like they are following the plan, along with help from a bunch of useful idiots, like Al Gore!

      • NeoPatriot says:

        The point is not if there is global warming which NOAA has estimated to be between 1 and 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 100 years.
        The real points are;
        Is this small increase in average global temperatures is being caused by increased levels of Carbon Dioxide? The answer from science is inconclusive at best.
        Do coal fired power plants produces significantly higher levels of CO2 emissions compared to Natural Gas fired plants? 20 to 40% more according to most studies but Obama has taken it upon himself to shut down coal plants across our country bringing our power grid to dangerously low levels.
        Will an international Carbon tax paid to the global bankers led by such firms as Rothschild Ltd and Blood & Gore Co. (real name) solve the problem? No it is another banker rip off.

        We do have real environmental problems in the world; Fukushima, leaking and outdated nuclear power plants, GMO, oil spills, strip mining, acid rain, pharmaceuticals in our water supplies etc. but there is no real evidence that CO2 levels of 0.4% of our atmosphere is one of them.

        • ddn123 says:

          You know why we have mountain topping and strip mining? There is a thing called the Byrd Rule, named after Sen. Byrd of WV. The Byrd rule requires that over half of coal burned east of the Mississippi be mined east of the Mississippi. Why? Because, coal mined in Wyoming (quite easy and safe to do with little impact on the environment) is cheaper than mining cola 1000 of feet under the ground in the Appalachia. This are the rules that environmentalists will not attack because they are in bed with politicians that have to take their pound of flesh to do any work. If you got rid of the Byrd rule, the Appalachia would enjoy less impact from mining operations that require moving a lot of dirt to get the coal.

      • Oakie Wilson says:

        Ah, you make the usual mistake, a flawed premise.

        When you start off by saying, ” It (global warming) is related to the melting of the polar ice caps on the poles”.

        The total global ice cover is GROWING, not diminishing.

        Even my cat can look that up.

        When you either lie, or are too stupid to look up the data, you can see why we laugh at you.

        (Even funnier is your left wing, elitist, know it all, attitude on something you obviously know so little about. 🙂

      • BlueSkyScientist says:

        Errr…. like the Global Warming Alarmists that frozen solid in all that melting ice cap?

      • john says:

        Maybe you should go back and read your statement about the polar ice caps melting. they aren’t. Have another glass of kool aid and go watch star trek.

      • No, humans have not AFFECTED the planet. We are a puny bug on the face of the enormous mass of planet earth. You attribute power to the human race that does not exist because you think you are the center of the universe. You are not.

        • billy smith says:

          Precisely!! I dare any one of these global warming alarmist loons to get into a dinghy in the middle of the pacific ocean. After an hour they will understand how miniscule they really are in this world and understand the true power of the ocean. Now, add the rest of the mass of the earth, the mass of the moon and the mass and power of the sun and anyone who isn’t mentally deranged will understand that they have NO power to control any of these systems.

          You are a fleck of dust on the foot of an ant at the base of a redwood in a forest of trees. That is how much power man has when compared to the unrelenting powers involved between the earth, moon, sun & tides and the climates created by the four.

      • realestateplanet says:

        You HAVE had your screed. Now listen. Everything you’ve said is a total fabrication. Man made global warming had been debunked and you and a handful of others are the only ignoramuses left on the planet. What a moron.

      • Mikes A. Douchebag says:

        LOL. Yawn. Another angry liberal calling people names because his make believe world is a lie and he doesn’t want to admit it. What is the average dollar amount the “scientists” were paid to support the global fascist lie that global warming is real? Mike, there is good and evil, right and wrong, right and left, freedom and slavery. You’re on the wrong side of everything…like Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers, you want to control or kill everyone…and, well, we don’t like it…

      • Paul Griggs says:

        But the arctic and antarctic ice is rapidly expanding, global temperatures have been flat since the late 1990’s, the ICCC computer models haven’t predicted past climate, the input on the ICCCC models keeps getting corrected and the expected sea level rise keeps going down the more they find, the global alarmists can’t explain why there is a pause in their predicted disaster, we were all supposed to be dead due to the irreversible hole in the ozone layer that is somehow reversing itself despite increased worldwide usage of CFCs (less in western countries, more in developing nations), that pesky pole shift hasn’t happened yet, the big earthquake hasn’t destroyed the world, we managed to survive without being hit by a devastating meteorite, the sun isn’t expected to supernova for a few billion years, we managed not to nuke the world, we still haven’t died from living next to those power transmission lines and omg, how will we ever survive without the latest scare tactic. Why don’t you listen and actually understand the significance of all this before going all loony on the world!

      • Oakie Wilson says:

        You say, “It’s a completely ignorant, head in the sand statement to say that we humans have not effected the environment nor have a lasting impact. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ we have, it is a matter of what the full ramifications of that impact are.”

        Truth is humans have had an impact on their environment for some 300,000 years.

        The most recent major impact is that of the fossil fueled Industrial Revolution, which has given mankind more prosperity, longevity, better health, air and water, than any other single event in human history. (not even counting the technology which allows you to complain about it)

      • Peterk Sour says:

        AGW is the issue, truly.
        1.And it’s not America -that’s if it’s real.
        Unless China, India etc. do something why should I.
        2. There’s been no ‘warming for more than 12 years.
        So all your words mean little against the facts.

      • James says:

        The last great Ice Age melted because of global warming when man’s was hardly present on the planet. So how do you know the same natural cycling of climate isn’t happening now regardless of man’s environmental impact or presence on the planet? But if the present global warming (“climate change” just to be safe) IS related to man, then aren’t you actually saying man’s population growth? And if that’s the case, what do you think we should do to control it?

      • TJP says:

        The polar ice caps are at the highest level they’ve been for years. The world has not warmed for close to two decades. Even if Global Warming were continuing unabated, however, we are still at least a few degrees below optimum for life on Earth (more plants and animals die from cold each year than heat), and at current scientifically-supported trends, we aren’t likely to see that for centuries. Never mind move into danger areas. You do know there were warming periods thousands of years in the past that were comparable to what we’re seeing now?

        But let’s assume for the sake if argument you are correct. It’s irrelevant. The solutions proposed by environmentalists – Cap and Trade, carbon taxes, regulatory restrictions, alternative energy subsidies, etc. are all worthless, since they’re either ineffective or significantly increase our energy and production costs. What happens when our production costs go up? That’s right, production shifts to countries that pollute far MORE – China, for instance, which pollutes 4x as much per unit of production. As long as we pollute less than developing countries, and we do, any attempt at regulation or restriction will tend to both destroy our economy and increase, not decrease, global pollution.

        Assuming you are a true believer, therefore, the only workable solution is to subsidize research alone, and leave it up to the market to implement. Tech that both saves money and produces less greenhouse gases will be implemented voluntarily, and only then will China, India, etc. be forced to implement as well if they want to compete. Subsidizing bad technology, on the other hand, actually delays implementation of the good stuff. How much money has been thrown into corn ethanol or car batteries filled with toxic pollutants, that should have been saved for basic research in biomass or solid-state batteries? How about implementing solar panel power plants, vs research into compressed-air energy storage and solar collection? Subsidies for wind farms in areas with little wind and/or no connection to the energy grid? Etc. The “green” industry is corrupt up to its eyeballs.

        • Evangeline Brabant says:

          You are completely right. But the left sees all this deception as their path to take over the world – all for our own good, of course. They have tried repeatedly to create one world government through regulation and tyrannical controls.

        • Keith says:

          Wow, best post ever on this topic. Thank you for your well written excellent assessment on this worn out topic!

      • William says:

        Did anyone inform you the South has Record Ice level 3 straight yeas Here one article below

      • THEMIGHTYQ says:

        It is agreed that people can affect the environment adversely, like when they industrialize and level mountain tops to put up “windmills farms” with flashing red lights all night or use 2.5 square miles in a rural area to place 7500 back to back 3 story solar panels.

        • billy smith says:

          Don’t forget the mountains (in Peru and elsewhere) reduced to nothing in order to mine the granite to extract the materials to make solar panels. One particular element used in the production of solar panels is less common in granite than uranium (which requires 4000lbs. raw granite to produce 1 lb. of uranium)!!!!

      • ditchdigger says:

        We grew crops on Greenland in 1200 AD. What is normal?

      • JD says:

        Yet the polar ice caps actually expanded this year. How does that happen if its getting colder. Can humans harm the environment? Sure they can but Global warming is based on faulty science by scientist who are paid to come up with a specific answer. That’s not real science.

      • Did you take your Kool-Aid cold or was it heated up by the “Global Warming?”

        I know it’s hard to believe that they enormous thermonuclear explosion that is in close proximity to our planet seems like an unlikely source of heat to you, and certainly could never be as powerful as the damned humans on this planet with all of their cars, cows, and farts, but perhaps you should pay attention to the correlation between solar activity and global temperatures. Or is it just easier to accept as fact the garbage spoon fed to you mouth breathing, paste eating, unscientific dotards called liberals?

        News Flash: The climate is changed by solar activity.


      • ginger says:

        I believe some scientists just recently got their @$$es frozen to one of our melting polar icecaps.

      • tom says:

        Oh I am sorry about all those internet amateurs. I just missed the PHD or the DR. and research scientist and the end of your expert opinion and name. I take it you are an expert then?

        • “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”
          – Richard Feynman

        • Andy Oz says:

          Mengele was a Doctor too! As were Walter Jackson Freedman and Harold Shipman.

          “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”- Harry S Truman, 1950

        • After all, only a tenured professor at an Ivy League school can notice that all of the AGW advocates’ predictions (completely melted ice caps, run-away temp increases, etc) along with their modeling have been completely wrong to date, right? (sarc).

          Furthermore, having a bunch of letters behind your name proves nothing if you are unable to back-up your claims with either hard data and/or a working, verifiable model.

          Yes, I have a Ph.D in the biological sciences. If you have an advanced degree or thinking about getting one, I kindly suggest learning a bit of humility before using the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy to lamely mock those you do not agree with.

        • SirGareth says:

          Science and scientists are self affirming by evidence that they know what they are talking about. Applying this simple standard to “climatology” illustrates that all of their “experts” are wrong and that climatogy is not science but only a religious cult masquerading as science

      • grendel007 says:

        No one says humans don’t impact the environment, just not the climate. And no one says “because its cold there is no climate change” We say that the global warming YOU said was going to make the children not know what snow is hasn’t been happening FOR OVER 15 YEARS. The polar ice caps are as thick or thicker than ever before.
        Every lie told us by the global warming alarmist has been proven false

      • Kevin says:

        That’s fine. Just don’t tell me the globe is warming and I have to pay extra taxes to keep it from doing so without any scientific evidence whatsoever.

      • Evangeline Brabant says:

        and, it’s “affected” not “effected.”

        And there is a million miles CUBIC more ice in the Arctic this year than in decades. The bears at Churchill left early because the Hudson Bay froze early.

        And, speaking of the Poles: The Antarctic was colder this summer (December) than ever recorded.

        And I am not an amateur, and the lies around the Global Warming group, and the distortions and falsifications have cost those of you who want to cling to your wealth creating Global Warming con jobs. We are entering another ice age, and the last one has not completely ended.

      • scotto says:

        Calm down hero.

      • rangermania says:

        The imagined global warming scrae is a carbon credit trade scam of magnificent proportions orchestrated by the same players that caused the housing meltdown with credit swaps. The imposition of restraints on the imagined global warming threat will cause the world severe economic damage and results will be hopelessly unenforcable in those countries causing greatest environmental harm. But it will make an astronomical amount of money for Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Barack Obama and George Soros.

      • SHEEP. http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html Read this to really understand. So clear even a liberal can understand it. But immediately after reading, the liberals will forget it completely.

      • Between global warming suckers getting entombed in ice while trying to prove the Antarctic ice cap has melted to most of America doing a Frigidaire impression, the entire facade of this bogus leftist power grab is crumbling.

        Understand that the climate change meme is simply the latest attempt by leftists to trick society into remaking itself in their image. It was never about science. It was always about power and money. Dan McGrath

      • MJ says:

        Have the global warming scientist been freed from being stuck in the rapidly melting Antarctica ice yet?

      • Eric says:

        For science sake. Please tell me one prediction that the Global Warmists have made years ago that came true.

      • peter smith says:


      • peterj says:

        I feel for you. You’ve been brainwashed beyond repair.

      • Pete Dosado says:

        Who the hell kicked you when you were a baby?

      • larry hendrix says:

        It`s not Global Warming

      • Tom says:

        News flash -the melting polar ice caps is old news. They are growing now.
        News flash – the warming trend has been on pause for the past 15 years.
        News flash – I’m embarrassed that you are an American to.

      • RM says:

        Please learn when to use effect and when to use affect before commenting on the stupidity of other people. Otherwise…Ahem…


      • Chad Burke says:

        All of the ‘science’ you point to is nothing but manipulated or cherry picked data. Do the research yourself. Overall polar ice caps are freezing earlier and over larger areas than ever. There has been no warming over the past 17 years. There is no increase in catastrophic weather events. The next time you read an article about a glacier melting try to remember they’ve been melting for 10,000 years because we’re coming out of a nice age. If you see a study about ice caps melting, ask yourself why the author is focused on a small area rather than overall ice mass. AGW is about money and nothing else, maybe when another twenty years pass without any of their threats coming to fruition you’ll finally get it.

      • glc says:

        how cold it is has nothing to do with but how warm it is dose , interesting by the way the polar ice is NOT melting just ask the people who were trapped in the quickly expanding ice at the south pole at the peak of SUMMER down there. liberals never let the facts get in the way of an argument

      • adambreel says:

        Just keep calling people stupid and maybe everyone will believe you. I guess mocking and ridiculing has replaced scientific method. Another graduate of Jon Stewart University. The fact is the models that predicted global warming have not been verified by empirical data. They predicted substantial temperature increases by now and that has just not occurred. If the models are not predictive then they are not correct, that is how scientific method works. So just keep calling people names I’m sure that will substantially help your cause.

      • Mikey, you seem like a nice enough guy that is passionate about the planet. Your mistake is mixing arguments. You are correct that we are not being good stewards of the home that God has provided us and put us in charge of. We’re using unsafe chemicals in our environment, polluting it, and wasting materials by discarding used products in landfills instead of recycling. However, no truly intelligent person believes in (man made) global warming aka (man made) climate change aka Anthropogenic Global Warming or whatever the next misleading term for “human-caused” climate change is. I don’t “deny global warming cause I think it’s a Dem thing”. I do deny (man-made) global warming cause I think it’s a Dumb thing. I do believe in true climate change that has taken place on our living planet over time. Oceans have turned to plains, and plains to oceans. Forests have turned to deserts, and deserts have turned to forests. I can’t make an argument, with a straight face, that those planet hating Egyptians would still have grass and trees around the pyramids if they would’ve just quit driving those big SUVs after building them. Oh, on that “melting of the polar ice caps on the poles” thing,,, two words… Akademik Shokalskiy. It and its 52 passengers just got back home after being trapped in pack ice for over two months.
        Hey Chris Turney, let me get this straight… you got stuck in Antarctic pack ice that froze around you on your way to study the effect of “global warming” on melting Antarctic pack ice? PRICELESS.
        Oh… that’s right… this just proves that anthropogenic climate warming global change exists because it’s an offset caused by the affects of abnormal warming at {insert random location here}.
        No dude … It’s called WEATHER!

      • First, before posting Obamabot rubbish about a nonexistent global warming, have someone with basic English check your spelling and grammar. As an example, one does not “effect” the environment, the AGW hypothesis is that humans AFFECT it. So-called experts have been warning alternately of global warming and a New Ice Age for over 140 years, during which time the global temperature (all scientists, pro-AGW and anti-AGW agree on this) has risen … wait for it, 0.8 degrees. And, again generally agreed to, there her been ZERO warming for 17 years and counting.
        The idea that man-made CO2 put into the atmosphere (Algore’s favorite hypothesis) was knocked on the head in the early 1970s. The fastest buildup of man-made atmospheric CO2 was during the 30 years after 1941, when industrialized nations worldwide went into a frenzy of armaments and – in the post WWII boom – rebuilding and producing consumer goods like cars and refrigerators. And the temperature went down steadily for those 30 years.
        Earth’s temperature has gone up and down steadily for as long as this planet has existed in solid form. A thousand years ago (The Medieval Warming Period) it was much warmer than today, warm enough for the Vikings to establish a community of cattle grazing and sheep farming in Greenland, and grow wine grapes in what is now Newfoundland (which they named Vinland, or “wine land.”) Then, a few hundred years later, there was the Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age, when it was so cold that the Thames in London froze to a depth of two feet and more, and became a highway for wagons, and shops set up business, parties and ox roasts took place etc.
        The sun (tilt, sunspots) has more influence on global temperatures than anything man has ever done or can do. Going back to the 1970s (and earlier); here are some predictions:
        “The question is again being discussed whether recent and long-continued observations do not point to the advent of a second glacial period, when the countries now basking in the fostering warmth of a tropical sun will ultimately give way to the perennial frost and snow of the polar regions.” – New York Times, Feb. 24, 1895
        Professor Gregory of Yale University stated that “another world ice-epoch is due.” He was the American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress and warned that North America would disappear as far south as the Great Lakes, and huge parts of Asia and Europe would be “wiped out.” – Chicago Tribune, Aug. 9, 1923
        “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to the conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age – Time Magazine, Sept. 10, 1923
        “America is believed by Weather Bureau scientists to be on the verge of a change of climate, with a return to increasing rains and deeper snows and the colder winters of grandfather’s day.” – Associated Press, Dec. 15, 1934 .

        “After a week of discussions on the causes of climate change, an assembly of specialists from several continents seems to have reached unanimous agreement on only one point: it is getting colder.” – New York Times, Jan. 30, 1961
        “Like an outrigger canoe riding before a huge comber, the earth with its inhabitants is caught on the downslope of an immense climatic wave that is plunging us toward another Ice Age.” – Los Angeles Times, Dec. 23, 1962
        “By 1985, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half . . . .” – Life magazine, January 1970
        Because of increased dust, cloud cover and water vapor, “the planet will cool, the water vapor will fall and freeze, and a new Ice Age will be born.” – Newsweek magazine, Jan. 26, 1970
        “The United States and the Soviet Union are mounting large-scale investigations to determine why the Arctic climate is becoming more frigid, why parts of the Arctic sea ice have recently become ominously thicker and whether the extent of that ice cover contributes to the onset of ice ages.” – New York Times, July 18, 1970
        “In the next 50 years, fine dust that humans discharge into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuel will screen out so much of the sun’s rays that the Earth’s average temperature could fall by six degrees. Sustained emissions over five to 10 years could be sufficient to trigger an ice age.” – Washington Post, July 9, 1971
        “It’s already getting colder. Some midsummer day, perhaps not too far in the future, a hard, killing frost will sweep down on the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, the Dakotas and the Russian steppes. . . .” – Los Angles Times, Oct. 24, 1971
        “An international team of specialists has concluded from eight indexes of climate that there is no end in sight to the cooling trend of the last 30 years, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.” – New York Times, Jan. 5, 1978
        Some of these “experts” even suggested INCREASING power station and other particulate emission to increase the greenhouse effect, even spreading soot at the poles to trap more sunlight heat. The whole global warming industry is a hoax, a typical socialist wealth redistribution scheme to send billions (MORE BILLIONS, Obozo has already sent $100B) of out taxes to Third-World crap heaps, ostensibly to help them reduce their CO2 emissions (from wood and camel dung fires?), when in reality it will go straight into their dictators’ Swiss bank accounts.
        Enjoy the Algore/Obozo KoolAid.

      • yuwei says:

        When it’s warm, it’s global warming. When it’s cold, it’s global warming. When the weather is stable, it’s global warming. When the weather changes, it’s global. You’ve it all. Just remember, the Earth has been warming up for more than 10,000 years since the last Ice age, and the climate keeps changing for thousands of years.

      • SojournerTruth says:

        The weather patterns today are no different than what they have been for the last one hundred years. There have always been years of drought and years of flooding, years of hurricanes and tornadoes and years of relative calm. Scientist trying to push a political agenda is nothing knew. The global warming hoax of the ’60’s was the Population Bomb. By the year 2000, we were all going to be starving to death and homeless because of over-population. The whole hoax was ginned up in order to support abortion and to scare people into having fewer children and using contraceptives. Global warming was created in order to scare people into buying more expensive energy and forcing people to accept tax hikes that will “reduce our carbon footprint,” all B.S. to support the growth of government and the loss of individual liberty. You need to a reality check. You’re being duped by crafty people who are trying fleece you of your hard earned cash. Wake up before it’s too late.

      • Michael Kelly says:

        With your great insight, Are you sure that we are the first species/habitants of this planet? Can you actually believe that our current course of action will relieve this palnetary orb of our existence? if so , how are we to know that we were the first iteration?

      • molon labe says:

        NEWS FLASH! Record ice in the polar ice caps.
        So much so an expedition of scientists ran in to too much ice to repeat a historic voyage and study the effects of (drum roll) you guessed it global warming. 😀
        But all major news outlets just ignored that 1.
        Explain that one idiot?

      • David H. Cheresh says:

        What charm school did you attend, Mr. Hurly, for your diatribe is so off-putting, it strains credulity. Worse, how many people actually read this tripe, let alone comment on it? Call me a fool, but I couldn’t resist. One question, mi amigo: Is the “Big Bang” a “scientific fact?”

      • Mike Genest says:

        No one serious suggests that one cold day or even an entire Winter disproves the AGW hypothesis. In fact, I don’t think anyone of substance asserts that the 17-year pause in warming disproves it. But, the point is : it’s an hypothesis and that means it needs to be tested against data. It has grossly failed the tests so far. The various models are way off. Now, might there be some refinement or new hypothesis to fix the models so that they produce better results in future? There might, but that is speculation, not even rising to the level of hypothesis. So, what you have is that AGW has failed to present a hypothesis that passes the test of the last 17 years. Against that what you have is AGW advocates wanting to make massive changes in our global economy, the cooling impact of which they have no validated model to predict. We can hypothesize pretty well what those changes would mean for our economy (people, especially the poor will suffer dramatically). The only reasonable explanation for this seems to be that these people want to empower themselves and their one-world agenda. Of course, if that’s not true please show proof.

        BTW, the advent of supercomputers produced those failed models.

      • Ktbeezmom says:

        Obama doesn’t weigh 800 lbs.

      • OldManMtn says:

        ugh… some people are slow learners. in your case, REALLY slow.
        not so many of you alGore groupies left…. just the slow ones.

        more CO2 is good for the atmosphere and good for plants. thats why its added to greenhouses (i realize this may be confusing to you). Its actually a cooling gas. have you ever done any experiments on your own using CO2? didnt think so.

        stop buying the AlGore brand fake science.
        He’s a conman, and you’ve been conned. get over it.
        “As reported by Principia Scientific International (PSI), Martin Mlynczak and his colleagues over at NASA tracked infrared emissions from the earth’s upper atmosphere during and following a recent solar storm that took place between March 8-10. What they found was that the vast majority of energy released from the sun during this immense coronal mass ejection (CME) was reflected back up into space rather than deposited into earth’s lower atmosphere.

        The result was an overall cooling effect that completely contradicts claims made by NASA’s own climatology division that greenhouse gases are a cause of global warming. As illustrated by data collected using Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry (SABER), both carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), which are abundant in the earth’s upper atmosphere, greenhouse gases reflect heating energy rather than absorb it.

        “Carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats,” says James Russell from Hampton University, who was one of the lead investigators for the groundbreaking SABER study. “When the upper atmosphere (or ‘thermosphere’) heats up, these molecules try as hard as they can to shed that heat back into space.”

      • Spotty says:

        I am embarrassed YOU are an American.

      • ddn123 says:

        As an aerospace engineer, I do understand facts. Half your comment has nothing to do with the average global temperature (which has not risen over the last 15 years) and more to do with quality of life. You list the following

        How long does it take for plastic to breakdown?
        What about nuclear waste?
        How many species are we directly responsible for eliminating?
        How long does it take for the countless varieties of chemicals we’ve thrown out there to breakdown and become benign?
        Explain to me how both poles have all sorts of man-made chemicals there?

        None of these effect global climate. They do effect your quality of life and in some cases–nations with extreme proverty or ignorance–can impact your life expectancy. So plastic does not break down and there is a bunch of trash floating around the oceans. That is just an example of people not knowing how to throw out trash. Nuclear Waste? Again, Governments are lazy and do not know how to manage their own laziness. But nuclear waste is for the most part confined to small (relatively) small areas. How many people die from radiation poising a year? Species elimination has more to do with suburbanization, alien species invasions, etc… Beside about half the endangered species in the US are in the Hawaiian islands because the islands were the most susceptible to alien species displacement and competition.

        I could go on and on and refute most of your argument. Most of your concerns are most prevalently felt in countries with more government control of resources (the industrial waste in the former USSR, the poverty resulting from the caste/socialist system of India and the corruption in the third world are good examples) and not a result of burning fossil fuels.

        The principle problem is the intervention of government into the free market system that distorts the more efficient allocation of resources. For instance, the idiotic endless study of the keystone KL pipeline and NY State banning hydro fracking lead the US to rely on more costly and inefficient uses of energy (solar, wind, coal). Wind and solar are driving up the cost of electricity which only hurts the average consumer for no clear improvement in environmental measures (don’t go talking about CO2 because it is clear the climate models don’t understand the global temperature/climate impact of rising CO2–none of the models have/had predicted the flat temperature measurements over the last 15 years). Wind/solar takes up a bunch of space, kills birds and raises electricity costs. The subsidies prevent the market from using the price function to reward winners and losers. Explain how one windmill farm can kill tens of Golden Eagles every year and be given a pass while the EPA jumps down the throat of one oil producer that had one duck end up dead in a facility?

        Free markets, properly administer allow individuals to most efficiently pursue their life. This does not mean we do not need a clean water/clean air act. But it does not mean we need a government that uses hyperbole to pursue political goals that have nothing to do with science and more to do about social justice.

        Should I go on about the destructive results of ethanol because the climate change/global warmists got all bent out of shape over MTBE?

        • 1anddone356 says:

          You’re off the mark on KXL – Diluted bitumen is NOT crude oil and must be diluted with seriously nasty chemicals in order for it to be viscious enought to travel down a pipeline. Known cancer-causing agents, There have been numerous reported spills and neighborhoods destroyed by diluted bitumen spills (Mayflower, AR to name but one). The industry is spending a lot of money to convince people that this stuff is safe and intended for domestic use – it’s not either,

      • Joan says:

        The global warming scientists have based their “science” on computer models. The temperatures for the last few years have gone down and these scientists admit they don’t know why their computer models did not account for it. In a nutshell—-the whole thing is based on computer models that have turned out to be wrong.

      • John Strong says:

        You go shhh now.

      • jlbusm says:

        Your about as nuts as al gore and the rest ot his believers

      • JS says:

        You’re the one leaving a “stupid” comment. Look up at the sun then go read up on it. It is the primary driver of earth’s climate.

      • Par4Course says:

        Climate change (a cycle of warming and cooling) has been a constant on earth forever. There is no proof of the AGW hypothesis. To the extent the globe has warmed in the last 100 years (perhaps 1°), it’s impossible to say why. This is especially true when there has been no warming in the past 15 years despite the increase in atmospheric CO2.

        The AGW hypothesis is just another excuse to expand the size and scope of government.

      • Phil Dennis says:

        OK, go to the Bikini Atoll where numerous H Bombs were exploded. In 2009 they found NO radiation above background., just the earth cleansing itself, created by GOD, could not be permanently damaged by man.
        Go to church, you may find out how science really works.

      • Bob says:

        “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” and incorrect.

      • H.S. says:

        Cold(no pun) fact. If man is causing the destruction of Earth with global warming the Earth will cleanse itself. Man will die off thereby eliminating the problem. Not all but many and the Earth will go on and man will rebound and the cycle goes on until the sun implodes a few billion years from now. That is unless other ways bring about a balance like thermonuclear war, global pandemic, asteroid strike. So let’s all go hide wringing our hands and ignore the known verifiable and tangible threats we face while Al goes on making his billions by preaching his hypocrisy from his private jet or from the comfort of his 9 million dollar mansion.

      • Tom says:

        Not believing in Global Warming does not make people pro-pollution.

      • catswold says:

        Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a “true-believer;” an individual who has completely consumed the CAGW kool-aid.

        He knows almost nothing of the actual science, but he knows all of the propaganda lines and buzz words. He gets so exercised over any skepticism that he virtually hyperventilates as he spews all of his collect wisdom and knowledge onto the page . . . none of it containing any real FACTUAL information, but filled with assumptions and assertions streaming from his absolute faith in what these pseudo-scientists have told him as they go to the bank to cash their latest grant checks.

        Hey, Mike, for all your ranting and raving, you have missed one very small factor . . . there is no physical, scientific proof of a causal relation between the increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 and increased global temperatures–lots of assumptions have been made, lots of assertions based on theories, but no actual proof, no experimental data, nothing that any real scientist would consider capable of elevating AGW from being nothing more than a theory.

        Correlation is not causation. You can’t, as climate scientists have tried to do, simply assume that because two things appear to correlate, there is a direct relationship between them.

        The models have never fit the data. Each level of new data they get forces them to “tweak” their models to explain why the data deviate from predictions made by their precious models. The first thing anyone should know about computer models is that THEY ONLY REFLECT THE BIASES OF THE PROGRAMMERS WHO WROTE THEM. If the scientists who wrote the program expect to see predictions of AGW, then that’s what they will find, unless they are exceptionally careful in their efforts to avoid any assumptions. Of course, we all know from their emails at the CRU that they weren’t interested in facts, only in preserving their academic domains and careers.

        Real scientist don’t try to prove their theories right, they try to DISPROVE THEM. Real scientist don’t look to “consensus,” SCIENCE ISN’T A DEMOCRACY IN WHICH YOU VOTE TO DECIDE WHICH SOLUTION IS THE CORRECT ONE.

        If you can’t debate it, it’s not science, it’s religion. If you won’t allow dissent, it’s not science, it’s religion. If you attempt to suppress those who disagree with you, it’s not science, it’s religion. AGW is a religion with very little actual science to support it’s claims.

        Educate yourself, fool:



      • Chris Sexton says:

        Remember you not the Time Magazine cover from 1974 depicting the Earth in an ice cube because there was no doubt an ice age was coming? I sure do. You may also want to investigate Time’s positions in 1974 and in 2014 for their thoughts on the Polar Vortex. Seems over 40 years they flipped their opinion of the exact same weather event. In other words, blowing with the breezes of the “time”. Have you not read, or perhaps have you intentionally ignored, the data coming out of the champion of control, the UN, about the “pause” or heard about the faking of data in the UK? Regardless, it matters not because the entirety of the argument is about control. Control over how people live (“you can’t set your thermostat at 72 degrees” while the reported Oval Office winter temp is “hot enough to grow orchids”) not only through onerous regulation driving up the cost of business and subsequently the cost to the consumer but the taking of your/my/our money to “offset” these alleged crimes against humanity. Funny story, about 20,000 years ago wide swaths of North America were under 3.5 to 4 kilometers of ice yet somehow without the help of what you clearly consider to be dirty modern humans it melted. How inconvenient.

      • Cal says:

        Hey Mikey…..a long winded stupid comment doesn’t make it any less stupid. YOUR ignorance is crystal clear after the first sentence. You and your ilk are so emotionally invested in your lies and g/w “religion”, that you’re pathologically incapable of seeing the truth.

      • vabb says:

        Take a deep breath, go to ClimateDepot.com and read for about a hour or so. Then go on another rant.

      • Tom says:

        Most ignorant post ever. The polar ice caps are EXPANDING. Just two weeks ago a boat of alleged climate scientists got stuck in severe ice. Liberalism continues to show that it is a mental disorder.

      • Dennis says:

        The supermodels running on the supercomputers have over predict temperature increase twice. The first time the modelers added sulfur dioxide making clouds to their models and surprise that lowered the temps to reality. But, the rate of increase did not change and now the temperature is lower than what the model predict like in the lower 4% of prediction. This is in part because scientist know where only 60% of the carbon dioxide is.

        On the other side the sun – cosmic ray – low level cloud theory has high ( 90%) agreement with temperatures in the arctic and agreement which long term temperature patterns. That is why there are studies under way at CERN to investigate the kinetics of the relationship between the three.

        The AGW hypothesis supporters are very unscientific in says the question is answered and all questioning should stop. Just remember one counter example of a scientific law disproves the law. So, all scientific questions are always open to question. In this case the failures of the models are very good reasons to question the hypothesis.

      • SDT says:

        AGW is of course a fraud — just study the statistical underpinnings and a third grader would understand why. It is so complex with so many combined cycles that there is no way to forecast anything with any useful certainty.

      • Jon says:

        Mike has never had sex (with a woman), but sounds like he needs it…

      • Daniel Petry says:

        The weather has varied over the last 4.5 billion years. Ok? From two snow ball Earths to blazing hot. To swamp to 30% o2 levels. It frigging changes ok!!! Man is but a flea on the back of this elephant but narcissistic progressives, read that as regressives, just HAVE to bitch and moan about something. It gives these idiots just another excuse to control. F**k off!

      • Ward says:

        Nice example of how environmentalism is driven by emotion and not by science. Facts and evidence are irrelevant to most environmentalists.

      • dumbliberals says:

        Newsflash…the leading weather scientist at MIT agrees that the earth has warmed but not enough to give anyone any concern. He has stated that the science is not there to prove that man can control the weather. Your points are more towards pollution. There is no doubt man is polluting the earth and I would think you would find that most conservatives agree we should not pollute the earth out of basic logic, not because it affects the weather. Mercury in fish is caused by mans pollution. Nuclear waste is caused by mans pollution. These should not be tolerated. China is the biggest polluter on the planet and when you discover a way to stop them let everyone know. Also when it comes to carbon dioxide nature produces more than we ever could imagine. Do your research and simply Google the carbon dioxide emissions of ONE volcanic eruption which, the last time I looked was natural. Compare that output to the emissions of cars in the US. When you do you will be one step closer to being an informed liberal. I pray that all tree hugging libs just open their minds and do nonpartisan research and rather trying to prove that humans are warming the earth and look at the real science. If you did you would realize the science is like Obamacare….a pack of lies.

      • GRL says:

        Seriously, man is so small in the grand scheme of things that he is not capable of directing the weather, changing the climate, or affecting earth’s properties. Man only wants to believe he is THAT powerful and great.

        Meanwhile, God is laughing at us because we are going as far as targeting paper, plastic, certain foods, and natural resources, which He gave us to sustain ourselves, as if they are the culprit.

        It’s so easy to spread lies and cause panic. Politicians do not care about the truth. Only power.

      • Rich says:

        stupid is as stupid does or says and that includes you.

      • there is no substitute for victory says:

        Your comments are the same stupid arguments that Vice President Owl Gore and others use to convince both the ignorant and the stupid that the sky is falling or else the polar ice caps are melting. Meanwhile the sky is still in the heavens and ice caps are at a near record high.

        • Daniel Petry says:

          And the supposed extinction of the Polar Bear. These Ingnorant lemings are the same types that believed the Earth was flat, thought the Sun circled the Earth, participated in the Spanish Inquisition…. And on and on and on.

      • Man affecting the environment is a quite different thing than Man being able to significantly alter the climate of Planet Earth. Please keep your nonsense straight. The AGWs also start chicken little’ing about AGW whenever there’s a hurricane, tornado, drought, forest fire, heat wave, etc. somewhere on the planet, but then they lecture everyone else about how “weather is not climate” whenever there’s extreme cold waves, record ice at the poles, record snow, etc.. There hasn’t been any global warming for 12 years and even the IPCC is admitting now that the climate models they based on their hysterics on are completely incapable of predicting anything accurately.

        Oh, and the “World not giving sh..about Al Gore”: it’s the flippin’ World that gave the moron a Nobel Peace Prize for his idiotic book and movie.

        So, please got away and spare us your condescending jumbo jumbo.

      • Hallmark says:

        Dear Mr Hurly,

        Do you live in an electricity free cave, survive at ambient temperature, and travel around on the back of some beast we have yet to drive into extinction? If not, please put a sock in it! Maybe it just stays comfortably warm in there from your self proclaimed brilliance reflecting off of the cavern walls?

        Oh, and if we as ignorant Americans cause you that much embarrassment the simple solution would be to just paddle somewhere else..


      • ryan says:

        The cap in global warming is not ice cap it’s cap and trade. Just looking or the Romans used Christianity to control the people global warming is the new religion to control the people. The sun controls the heat of the earth that’s why all the other planets in our solar system are heating and cooling at the same rate. The question you have to ask yourself is if you found out that global warming was a lie would you be disappointed?

      • Maxwell says:

        Oh geez, your post is riddled liberal fantasy disguised as fact.

        The Earth was warmer during the time of humans. The Viking grew barley crops on Greenland….today liberals warn if Greenland’s ice melts at all the world will end. Your MATH DOESN’T ADD UP.

        And Plastic takes eons to break down. SO WHAT.

        So what if some day we need to close down Area 51 and make it one giant landfill of nothing but plastic. HOW EXACTLY is that going to garner the end of the world????

        It won’t. It would not harm a dang thing.

      • Al Yoder says:

        You forgot to mention the nefarious actions of the evil multinational corporations which are destroying us all…

      • Texlinx says:

        This is the 16th straight year of cooling and brainwashed Global Warming Alarmists refuse to accept or contemplate THOSE facts. I have an idea…why don’t you, Al Gore and all the other Global Warming Alarmists move to another planet. This will greatly reduce hot air and the massive carbon footprint emitting from you guys. P.S. I am a very conscious citizen who recycles extensively. I treat the planet (and people who deserve it) with great respect. But seriously, this whole Global Warming Alarmism thing is a huge scam designed to keep Tax Dollars funneling into academia where hyper-liberal professors keep the sham of global warming alive. I’m sick and tired of liberal dishonesty. Dishonesty is the foundation of modern-day Democrats and global warming is just one more example of it.

      • And the ice is THICKENING!!! On both caps it’s thickening. You hear about your fellow geniuses who got stuck in the ice at the South Pole because they believed like you that ice was melting? On the other side of the world they have found the ice at the North Pole ice sheet grew 533,000 THOUSAND square miles in one year. The ice is growing, not melting. Your global warming is nothing more than a myth constructed by liberals who don’t care about the environment, but care about controlling you. They can’t force you to live their way, unless they can justify it with some “noble cause” thus global warming.

      • nueclear says:

        Try to keep up moron ..Haven’t you heard about the bunch of Scientists, Journalists, NGO’s and useful idiots who ,when trying to prove the Antarctic was melting away got stuck in ice so thick two specialist ice breakers couldn’t reach them.

        They were flown out by helicopter and now the battle is on about who pays for the rescue of the $2million Antarctic cruise.

      • BubbaJ says:

        And the government is here to HELP, RIGHT?

      • Nick K says:

        Hey Mike! How’s things over at OFA??

      • cobaltblue says:

        Really, moron? And what freaking model shows this? The fact of the matter is that the sun drives our climate and our weather. That may be hard for you to understand, but it’s true. Oh, and there is no tooth fairy either.

      • Bragar says:

        That’s the most detailed copy I ever seen from someone so painfully ignorant!
        Useful idiot…

      • The Rev Al says:

        OK….lets have a real debate on man made global warming. Lets get a panel of scientists on both sides of the issue to debate the issue. So far global warming advocates have simply said ‘the science is settled’…no debate is necessary. Reality is that there are MANY prestigious scientists who do not support the man made global warming theory but their voices are muffled and ignored all together by people like you who consider those of us who are skeptical at best as a bunch of idiots.

        If one looks at those who are pushing the global warming hoax, it is clear that their agenda is to create an all new tax structure which is nothing more than another form of wealth redistribution. Your comments are vacuous in view of the MANY predictions that have already failed on the part of the left. Sea ice in the North Pole is not receding….it is growing. After hurricane Katrina the leftist global warming scientists stated that we were entering a period of unprecedented hurricane activity. Yet the past seven or eight years have been punctuated by extremely low hurricane occurrences. The list of already debunked claims about global warming is a long one…..and I suspect that trend will continue….but you one world globalists who want to tax everything will keep on with your mindless drivel

      • demsRracist says:

        Go away plow boy! Americans see through your anti-American propaganda!
        And you are going to fix this elaborate fictional hoax?
        By TAXING people…give me a freakin break…PLOW BOY!

      • WR Burton says:

        Mike, just because we do not buy into the leftist power grab that the whole “man-made climate change” hoax is truly all about, does not mean that we love fossil fuels and plastic. To the contrary, most of us believe in a rational timeline and fiscally responsible shift to finding REAL answers to new energy sources. We also believe in clean air and a healthy environment. But carbon dioxide is as “clean” as oxygen itself. In fact, it IS oxygen for all plant life.

        If you cannot see the leftist agenda behind AGW, you are severely naive. All you have to do is look at the push to move trillions of First World funds to Third World countries. Like that is somehow really going to solve the problem. And the only ones who will be helped are the corrupt leaders of those nations, who will make sure that half of it goes into their secret Swiss accounts.

        Likewise, all this AGW research, funded by left leaning governments, has simply kept the scientists who created them employed. Its in their own self interest to keep the research coming. Meanwhile, ALL of them failed to predict the “pause” in warming that has happened over the last 15 years…. Follow the money.

      • Gary says:

        I am astonished that people like you exist…

      • Idji Faowli says:

        Double dumbass.

      • Michael Britton says:

        My goodness, you certainly do worship your pseudoscience, don’t you?

      • Don’t forget about the Haliburton Scandal, and the Aliens hiding behind the comets!

      • Gary says:

        Do humanity a favor and sit in your car in the garage, turn the ignition on, and listen to Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits.

      • evad remz says:

        Yes you are right, Global Warming has nothing to do with the Cold temperatures, but everything to do with elitist profiteering from shilling a manufactured hysteria about how the planet is going to be destroyed. Just look at who is making money off the Global Warming hype. The earth has and always will fluctuate between warming and cooling periods, this is nothing new nor earth shattering. Profiteering off of the masses of the ignorant who are not smart enough to see the hype is based on dis-proven, manipulated and false data is far more destructive to planet and its people. To those GW fanatics, it is their religion, they must compensate for the reality of their insignificance in a planetary scale. It’s really sad when the self important have to manufacture a crisis to create their elevated perceived relevance.

        • steelyal says:

          We are witnessing canned Prog response to anyone who challanges the Idiot Lib/Prog diatribe. Just remember all those psuedo intellectuals who were avoided at all costs because of their not of this planet views. God Bless America and we WILL Overcome !

      • Tony says:

        Looking for science Mike? Here you go:
        1. In appx 3,5 billion years our decendants, if our species survives, will have to vacate the planet. The sun in its death throes will expand and engulf the earth.
        2. The largest determining factor for our climate is the SUN. Turn it off and see what happens after 8 1/3 minutes. Temperatures have varied widely over the mllenia due to sun activity. Ex. 2500 years ago Carthegenian General Hannibal crossed the Mediterranian with his elephants, traversed the Italian Alps to attack Rome from the north. The mountain passages were open, not frozen. Over the years the passages have been alternativly open and frozen with ice ages, little and major.

        Anhropogenic global warming is miniscule, if it exisits at all(opinion). “It doesn’t make a pimple on a cow’s ass.” $0.029 a gallon gasoline is what we need.

        • steelyal says:

          Carl Sagan in his formula for life pn other planets had one qualifier. The planet must survive internal strife.

      • steve says:

        In regards to you faith in ‘supercomputers’………last month the Weather channel predicted that this month (Jan) would be ‘mild on the east coast’. Obviously this ‘guess’ was incorrect. Also, since water vapor (popularly known as clouds) are so poorly understood, computer models and modelers leave them completely out of the mix! Woolly caterpillars and my aunt’s knees are just as good as ‘supercomputers’.

    • Everyone's A. Douchebag says:

      And everything about America. The Democrat party has morphed into the global fascism party and global warming is a big part of the strategy. Note how liberals attempt to shut people up rather than debate. How about Cuomo and his Freudonazi slip? I mean, does Cuomo have the armbands ready and the camps built or what? He and Obama are brothers from a different fascist mother. The left is going to get more violent as they grow weaker and feel their power slipping…they’ve started with the mass shootings over the last 20 years or so…

    • Richard says:

      On January 2nd of this year Davy Jones,
      lead singer for the 60s pop group the Monkeys passed away.

      The following morning headlines in the Washington Post
      read: “LEAD MONKEY DEAD”.

      It took the secret service several hours to get Joe Biden
      to calm down and stop running around the white house yelling,
      I’m the President! “I’m the President!”…

    • Almost spot on, he hates people that fight really hard not to be poor, sadly that is large majority of white people.

    • negalas says:


    • I agree. I also believe seeing his narcissistic, never take responsibility personality he hated his mother and grand-parents because they were white. To me he has shown his disdain for whites, Christians, Jews and women.

    • J. Wade says:

      Any white person with a lick of sense hates Obama.

    • 1anddone356 says:

      You would have thought by now that he would pre-empt the Super Bowl with a SOU address, the narcisisstic phuck.

  102. jgdp says:

    dumbass ohole

  103. tre ert says:

    Do you not see all that warm, red air on the map up in Canada and the Arctic region? Do you not understand that that makes ice melt? Arctic air moving AWAY, going as far down as the U.S., means WARMER AIR IN THE ARCTIC!! Melting the ice caps! “Duhh, America is having a really cold winter, that’s proof that there’s no global warming!” Holy cow, you Drudge Report loonies are really outdoing yourselves on this one.

    • Temperature is -30C at the North Pole

      • Mike Hurly says:

        And Phoenix is having record temps this month. It’s never been this warm here before. Also records temps all over Australia, but we now that means nothing to most of you dolts…

        • January 1896 was about 10 degrees warmer in Australia

        • Andy Oz says:

          Australia is having a very normal summer. Anyone who hasn’t experienced a Heatwave here has never spent summer here. Ask any top tennis player from the 50’s 60’s or 70’s. Alarmists think the world started in 1979. You are Stupider than Jim Jones followers.

        • Art7 says:

          Hurly, you write complete fabrications. For those unsure, go check the facts yourself. Nothing out of ordinary in Australia.

        • Zach says:

          Lol Mike..never mind the thousands of record lows all over North America..I love laughing at your brainwashed kind; ‘scientists have actually revealed that 2+2=5, OKAY!’

        • CG says:

          AGW is dead. The theory is fausified.Time to move on.

        • Oakie Wilson says:

          So now one month’s temperatures in one country, is suddenly climate change.

          You’ve just shot 20 years of the AGW argument. 🙂

    • dieter says:

      yeah, because in the winter in the US we take all the cold air from the NP and it becomes summer there…Warmists are so deranged

    • You’re an idiot, tre ert. If you actually STUDIED climatology, you’d know that there has been NO increase in global temperatures in over 20 years. Hurricane activity has drastically DROPPED over the last 20 years, which is a direct indication of global COOLING. Stop sucking the rancid teat of global warming propaganda. If you knew anything about it, you’d know that the Eurpoean Union is ABANDONING their “green initiatives” and Europe is going to start FRACKING for shale oil. Do you homework, tre err, and then go straight to bed without dinner.

    • Latitude says:

      No wonder you fall for this crap….you can’t even read an “anomaly” map

      Those aren’t temps you moron….

    • Swan Station says:

      Yes, What idiots! Don’t those Drudgies understand that when it’s winter in
      Australia, it’s because all that cold air from the USA(in December) travels down under. So in June it’s, like, cold down there. Sheesh! Tre ert = Dope!

    • Jim says:

      God you are truly a moron

    • bluepersuasion says:

      Wow, tre ert, do you throw rocks at the moon, too? You DID hear about the global warming scientists who went out last month to study the “thinning ice” and got stuck in ice so thick their ship couldn’t get through it, right? But, hey, you seem gullible. I have some ocean-front land in Arizona for sale. Cheap.

      • negalas says:

        I’ve really enjoyed the hysterical Chicken Little Society! They crack me up when they try to spin record COLD weather as some part of their Global Warming hoax. Ha, ha! Only a sucker believes in Global Warming. It’s the same old crap from Stalinists attempting to vilify any successful nation.

    • Jeffro says:

      You arrogant global warming enthusiasts really make the rest of us sick. If you want to change the world, shut your mouth and turn down your own thermostat. THEN maybe the rest of us can start to take you seriously. In the meantime, I’m just going to assume that you are on Al Gore’s payroll, and we all know how much personal sacrifice HE makes. His carbon foot print is 1000 times the Average Americans.
      YOU FIRST.

      • bluepersuasion says:

        Now, now, now, you’re expecting lefties to actually live by the standards they set for the rest of us. Silly Jeffro. We ALL know their mantra is “Do as I say, not as I do.” Tsk tsk tsk.

    • morningmael says:

      Coldest temperature recorded in history -135 degrees centigrade recently recorded by satellite. Ice caps are NOT melting. We already witnessed the ridiculous climate scientists trapped that had to be rescued. Nevertheless. the Al Gorons are out in force, making fools out of themselves, while Al Gore gets rich.

    • ckhfc@aol.com says:

      why don’t you take a trip to one of the poles if it is so warm.
      It worked out fine for the last global warming crew after they got stuck in the ice that was not there.

    • Treert's A. Douchebag says:

      You’ll see what you want…it’s like an inkblot…Drudge Report loonies? LOL. Yeah, Drudge should stop posting links to the NYT and WashPo and all those left wing sources all the time…why are you liberals so against people seeking information? Astounding how liberals have gone from questioning authority in the 60s to blindly following it down the road to fascism today…

      • Oakie Wilson says:

        I remember when I was ‘establishment” and the radicals would converse about revolution in hushed tones in bohemian coffee houses.

        Now I’m old the world is upside down. I can’t speak my mind to most of my peers because I am the radical who would love to overthrow this government. They all love Obama.

        But I haven’t changed. The world around me has.

    • The Martian ice caps have also been “melting”. I had no idea that martians drove SUVs

    • grendel007 says:

      Explain the last 15+ years then.
      Or how 30 years ago the scientist you worship wanted to dump soot on the ice caps to prevent global cooling.
      And you dolts have the nerve to call us the stupid ones

    • Evangeline Brabant says:

      You know, all Drudge does is GATHER the news reports. And on his site you can access just about every writer and every periodical of note in the world.

      Earth has not changed its temp. in 17 years. The Polar Bears left early this year from Churchill, since Hudson Bay froze early. More ice in the arctic than in decades.

      How about that bunch of pseudo-scientists who went to study the melting sea ice at Antarctica and got stuck there – for two weeks? Ice was so bad that two other ships got stuck IN THE ICE trying to rescue them, and finally, the U.S. Coast Guard hustled down there and freed them. Bet Obama hated that, the US actually doing something in the world and looking good.

      So, FOUR SHIPS because of the idiots who were going to plant trees to compensate for their “Carbon footprint.”

    • peter smith says:


    • adambreel says:

      Do you ever do anything besides call people names? Do you find that persuasive? Also, what are you calling it today, Global Warming or Climate Change?

    • Chris Sexton says:

      Are you saying that two places on the globe cannot be cold simultaneously? Regardless, the map indicates solely one ice cap so your statement of “caps” is errant since there is not a wisp one of air moving from the antarctic to North America. Regarding Drudge, you may want to reserve comment as most (every?) supplier of news has folks checking Drudge regularly. Last, name calling is for children and authoritarians who wish to control the populous by demeaning a certain group so it will be “okay” to treat them differently. Good job.

    • Gary says:

      Do humanity a favor and sit in your car in the garage, turn the ignition on, and listen to Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits.

    • Lau gong says:

      That sir was one of the most breathtaingly stupid analyses ever written. Congratulations moron

  104. R E Malm says:

    Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA
    Gregory DailOrange County Conservative April 27, 2010

    As posted at: http://www.examiner.com/article/scandal-obama-gore-goldman-joyce-foundation-ccx-partners-to-fleece-usa

    What is CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange, projected to gross 10 Trillion a year is Cap-N-Tax passes. Obama played a pivotal role in the formation of the CCX…

    (The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud / Posted 04/28/2010 07:11 PM ET Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/042810-531731-the-10-trillion-climate-fraud.htm#ixzz2pMwpBFRe )

    … Barrack Hussein Obama, Board Member of the Joyce Foundation, funded the formation of the CCX. ( Valerie Jarrett is still on the board, Obama’s top adviser.) Obama sat on board and funneled money to Ayer’s brother (wild huh, just a guy in his neighborhood) and to form the CCX … AL Gore–Goldman Sachs– GIM: Hold on to your britches, London-based Generation Investment Management sees the Trillion and they purchased a huge stake in Chicago Climate Exchange (fifth largest shareholder.) The founder of GIM is none other than former Vice President Al Gore along with Goldman people. For example other founders are David Blood (former Goldman executive), Mark Ferguson (Goldman) and Peter Harris (Goldman) to name a few. “ …

    PART ONE: Glenn Beck explains Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, and CCX
    As posted at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75D_qghz5fw

    PART TWO: Glenn Beck explains Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, and CCX
    As posted at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyotJSZr1ww

    … Man! … I just knew I was getting scr*wed some how …

    • Mike Hurly says:

      A lot of you would do good to pick up a book. You can’t take your anecdotal evidence like “My aunt says it’s colder than usual in Iowa” or “Yesterday Hawaii set a record low temperature.” That’s not how it works, insisting on such just shows your ignorance. Global warming changes climates across the globe, one place may get hotter, another cooler. Jet streams shift and weather patterns change. Global warming is no longer debatable amongst anyone but fringe scientists, right-wing radio show hosts, and the ignorant who don’t care to actually look into the issue. The oceans temperatures have been documented as rising and the water level in turn, rising. There is an Island country looking for a place to emigrate because their country is only 3 meters above water and will soon be below the sea level.

      • You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

      • Sid says:

        Can you tell me what % of the variation in global temperature is accountable for by human activity? Please provide the number along with the source for this calculation.

      • Jeffro says:

        Have YOU looked into the issue, Einstein? I’ll bet you haven’t. You just spout out the same tired liberal, I wanna hug a tree and fleece America BS that Al Gore, Oblamer or whatever braindead lib crap they want you to spout out this week. Burden of proof is on you. PLEASE, show us actual, unscrewed-around-with-by a liberal data that backs up your assertions. Otherwise, MOST Americans rightfully believe that this global warming argument is POLITICALLY motivated.

        Oh, and here’s something that may blow your collective minds, the SUN has an effect on climate, too. Many scientists that study natural cycles of our sun have predicted a period of global cooling due to a decrease in solar storms and activity… Part of a natural cycle.

      • Art7 says:

        Hurly, how much do the liberals PAY you to write such nonsense?

      • CG says:

        “Global warming is no longer debatable amongst anyone but fringe scientists, right-wing radio show hosts, and the ignorant who don’t care to actually look into the issue. ”

        nonsense CO2 has nothing to do with climate. What a weak theory. More Co2 in the open atmosphere causes nothing detectable/measurable. Other than computer simulations you have no empirical, reproducible evidence. None that ties Co2 to the cause.

      • Frank Grillo says:

        Hurley – Explain the science doosh. Here, I’ll start it for you. Global warming is based on the greenhouse effect. By increasing CO2, a greenhouse gas, more of the sun’s rays are trapped in our atmosphere, thereby heating up the planet. (The above is what leftists have told us for years.) Okay, now you finish it and explain how one place gets hotter while another gets colder, how jet streams shift, how weather patterns change, etc. I bet you can’t do it, can you? Silly person.

        • Ktbeezmom says:

          State your sources. What’s your background regarding this subject?

        • peter smith says:

          Global warming is caused by people not obeying the bible. more people go to hell. many of them are fat. they burn hotter. that’s the real cause of global warming. people not reading the bible

      • Heftyjo says:

        In other words Global Warming means whatever it is you want it to mean. It’s climate when we say so, it’s weather when it’s not. Plus, there is no consensus. There are lots of paid climate scientists that disagree with the degree to which human contributed green houses gases are affecting the environment. It’s just that those opinions are conveniently left out of the finalized bureaucratically politicized reports. To be skeptical is to be scientific. The politicians just want to hook, line, and sinker, a project that ensures more revenue to their pet causes. You’ve apparently been baited.

      • Mike's A. Douchebag says:

        Mike, you’re like the drunk at the party who’s arguing nonsense with everyone and doesn’t realize he’s soiled his pants or is so shameless he doesn’t care. The science is settled. Science has been corrupted by fascists like Algore, the Democrat Party and the UN.

      • TSZodiac says:

        Hey Mike – did you know there are marine fossils in the desert southwest of the US? Did you know there are ancient sunken ruins off the coasts of Egypt, India, Great Britain, Italy and elsewhere? No doubt these can be explained by ancient peoples and dinosaurs overuse of fossil fuel based machinery….

      • what you just described is called “weather”. it has nothing to do with fossil fuels. oh, and did you miss all the scandalous data mining that they did at the IPCC? I thought so. oh, and what about the Martian polar ice caps? Are they also receding because we’re driving too many cadillacs? and, what about the MIT, Stanford and Harvard scientists, all of whom laugh at the concept of global warming but, of course, never get their voice heard in the mainstream media. one need look no further than the divide between republicans and democrats to understand that global warming is a political issue, not a scientific issue.

      • Karl W. Braun says:

        Mike, Steve G. has more than just anecdotes. He has quite a trove of data. Ask him: it might just be an eye opener for you.
        About the “island country” you mentioned, that must be either Tuvalu or Kiribati. Both places have not really experienced any sea level rise. Another such country, the Maldives, is actually building additional airports.

      • grendel007 says:

        Documented by the same scientists who wanted to put soot on the ice caps 30 years ago? Or like the the readings that show no change or cooler temps overall for 15+ years?
        OR the kook scientists who disagree being the ones who aren’t FUNDED by the government.
        No one cares what YOU say anymore.
        Call us all the names you want. We don’t care anymore. Your lies are worhtless

      • morningmael says:

        “A lot of you would do good to pick up a book.” Egotistic liberals love their reflection in the mirror. Hurly apparently doesn’t realize that next to many of the people he criticizes, he’s illiterate and hasn’t read ANYTHING not permitted by liberal Newspeak.

      • Evangeline Brabant says:

        When do you learn to write? It is “do well” to pick up a book. Evidence “such as” not “like.” “an island country” not Island Country.”

        Actually, one of the most prominent scientists in the world – at MIT – is an anti-global warming scientist. And since no computer models agree, and since the Global Warming pseudo-scientist lied repeatedly, and made millions, no one really believes anything people such as you have to say.

        The Earth has always undergone climate change, and recently experts are wondering how much, if anything, is related to man’s activities as compared to the Earth doing its thing, as it has done for millions of years.

        The key thing with the left, besides making billions, is to take over the world through world regulation about Global Warming. “Climate Change” won’t get them there, so any way they can lie, distort and falsify will work for them. It is all about one-world government.

      • Science is Dead says:

        Wait. Aren’t you the one who pointed to one day of record high temps in Phoenix last week as your “anecdotal evidence” that my hairspray is melting the ice caps?

      • adambreel says:

        But pictures of a melting glaciers and Hurricane Sandy prove global warming? Maybe you should learn about scientific method and then you would know that that a scientific model needs to predict an outcome to be valid. These models have made predictions (ie substantially higher global temperatures) that have not come true. Maybe instead of replacing critical thinking skills with expert worship you should try thinking for yourself.

      • billy smith says:

        Not one fact or one reference to a fact or even a link to a single fact to support any of your suppositions. Just demonization and assertions that it is ‘no longer debatable’. Stick your head in the sand, ignore the facts and maybe the global warming fairy will plant a tree under your pillow tonight to compensate for your nightly release of methane in your sleep.

      • JS says:

        Have you ever read anything that is actually–you know–non-fiction?

    • Mike's A. Douchebag says:

      RE’s A. Genius, you can’t expose the left like that without consequences. First the IRS is going to kick your door in and find something top make you pay and dearly. Then the TSA is going to cavity search you, and deep, in front of your family. Then the NSA is going to round up you and all of your friends and you will disappear. That’s the way the Democrats roll these days. You may even be found in a park, where you shot yourself in the back of the head and then tossed the gun 20 feet behind yourself…worked for Clinton…

  105. Al G. Funguy says:

    I don’t even believe the Earth warmed up during the 20th century.

    The supposed warming is tiny and there are far too few data points, too much urban heat island effect, too many software bugs, and too many secret retroactive adjustments.

  106. dieter says:

    you have to honestly ask yourself…what is going to stop this developing dictatorship…I fear there is only one good answer

  107. Donna Shute says:

    Global warming is a joke, it’s been getting colder for 10 years. How much are the scientists getting paid to lie??!?!??

    • Temperature has flat lined for over 15 years, in fact.

    • ditchdigger says:

      The outcome of research depends on the funding.

    • Evangeline Brabant says:

      Actually, it is a minority of scientists, and they trash anyone who dares disagree with them, even though real scientist welcome debate and study.

      And the Global Warming bunch have made billions. However, Al Gore has been told by the British that if he steps foot on their soil, anywhere, and tries to make any money on his Global Warming schemes, they will arrest him on the spot, and “You will go to jail.”

      The Brits learned better and more completely than we did about the eleven lies and distortions in “An Inconvenient Truth.”

  108. zone says:

    Keep the change chant chump

  109. textee says:

    The “global warming” hoax is a bigger fraud than the “catastrophic” “global cooling”/”Ice Age” hoax promoted by America-hating, leftist super PACs like the New York Times and Time magazine in the 1970s.

  110. MJ says:

    Have the global warming scientists been freed from the rapidly melting Antarctic ice yet?

    • Andy Oz says:

      Yes. The $2.4 million bill for their rescue is coming their way.

      • ditchdigger says:

        Russian ship, European morons, Chinees, Australian, U.S. rescue resorces, risking lives and billions in equipment. Wonder who is going to get stuck with the tab?

    • brian t wall says:

      News about the probably sunken ship is in black out. See if it hits port in Spring….or the are going to fly the Captain out…take a sister ship..refit it in all detail of the doomed globala warming one..sail it to a decent…near spot and PRESTO! All is well. Do that or bevembarrasesd.

  111. The axxwipe, some call President should tell Soros and Valerie to FO. But he has no cahoonas nor apparently a brain. What an idiot, I apologize to real idiots because by definition they do not know better. Can hardly wait for the impending severe backlash for the US apologetic jews, the “we have arrived crowd”, and the regular enlightened libtards.

  112. flakey says:

    What a total friggin moron. Everywhere, things are freezing. What the hell is with this d-bag and all of the libtards? Time for a purge.

    • bluepersuasion says:

      Their plan is to use this bogus “emergency” as a mass, world-wide redistribution of wealth scheme. And isn’t it amazing that those who are most vocal about the “legitimacy” of this farce are the ones who stand to make the most money off of it.

      • Jeffro says:

        EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head. Maybe someone with real a education and knowledge in this subject that does NOT have a vested interest to gain wealth or political power chime in.

  113. wartface says:

    Global warming is BS…

    Global warming hoax planned in 1961….

    Al Gore’s… Baloney


    Terrylovell53 astronaut’s call BS on NASA 

    Glenn Beck it’s BS

    Dr Don Easterbrook testifying in Congress calls BS…

    NASA manipulating the statistics…?

    Global Temperatures: (2500 BC to 2040 AD) – The Man Made Global Warming Hoax

    Global Warming Hoax Admission by the EU President

    Lord Christopher Monckton ends the Global Warming Debate and proves its a Hoax

  114. Unless we drastically cut “greenhouse gas emissions” soon or better yet “yesterday” we will all freeze to death as the temperature continues to climb unabatedly.
    Just ask Jerkoff Gore.

  115. FedUp says:

    Forget that….let’s talk about GEO-ENGINEERING and how it’s devastating the planet.

  116. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  117. The goal is a carbon tax, we can always follow the money trail…..

  118. b baker says:

    That red means maybe 10 degrees. Did u not see the legend at the side? Yer stupider by far than u want us to be.

  119. Does this remind anyone else of the Iraq war? Remember when the Minister of Defense was on TV saying “There are no bombs dropping in Baghdad…” as bombs are exploding on screen behind him?
    For some reason this reminds me of that….

  120. I hope all the 0bama voters freeze to death in the dark.

  121. biglouie15 says:

    Delusional, narcissistic, charlatan, control-freak and most of all – accomplished pathological LIAR – PERIOD.

  122. al-Gorzeera says:

    PEER REVIEW: The act of banding together a group of like-minded academics with a funding conflict of interest, for the purpose of squeezing out any research voices that threaten the multi-million dollar government grant gravy train.
    SETTLED SCIENCE: Betrayal of the scientific method for politics or money or both.
    DENIER: Anyone who suspects the truth.
    CLIMATE CHANGE: What has been happening for billions of years, but should now be flogged to produce ‘panic for profit.’
    NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Leftist Nutcase Prize, unrelated to “Peace” in any meaningful way.
    DATA, EVIDENCE: Unnecessary details. If anyone asks for this, see “DENIER,” above.
    CLIMATE SCIENTIST: A person skilled in spouting obscure, scientific-sounding jargon that has the effect of deflecting requests for “DATA” by “DENIERS.” Also skilled at affecting an aura of “Smartest Person in the Room” to buffalo gullible legislators and journalists.
    JUNK SCIENCE: The use of invalid scientific evidence resulting in findings of causation which simply cannot be justified or understood from the standpoint of the current state of credible scientific knowledge.

  123. Ed says:

    No matter what scientists or anyone in the West wants or does, China, India and Africa are going to control humanity’s approach to anything related to global cooling or warming. China and India have about 55 percent of the world’s population. China does not give a hoot what Al G or that ignoramus on this board say. China is going to pollute to build manufacturing to feed the 1 billion Chinese in abject poverty. Same for India and Africa.

  124. wake-up-please says:

    The null hypothesis that global climate change is not caused by human behaviour has not been refuted. The null hypothesis is the foundation of scientific method. The carbon tax in Australia has been abandoned due to the detrimental economic imapact. Europe is following suit for the same reason. Please come back and argue when you have statistically verifiable data. This is getting old.

  125. dbstealey says:

    It says 283 responses. Where are the rest of them?

    • brian t wall says:

      The comments are the truth. Thus quickly erased by our Masters in Google Facebook Obama land. That’s no be. When the Left gets a bad poll number etc..they erase ignore delete disappear. Whichever suits them.

  126. dbstealey says:

    As Roseanne Rosannadanna says: Nevermind.

    I see what happened.

  127. Harry says:

    Thank God for global warming. Without this global warming, we’d be frozen to death.

  128. SeekWisdom says:

    Don’t be fooled by the dropping on temperature, the earth is warming and it is our car’s fault. We need to give someone money and they will make it go away.

  129. brian t wall says:

    Gonna’ see uc this works first ….

  130. brian t wall says:

    At this point in lunatic Obamas agreement with Gore& the ‘warming’ kooks plan. The locked in ICE frozen global warming ship…Captained by their fellow heavily invested nut case in “Carbon Taxing govt agencies” would have put out word the Antarctica was warm water. With no ice rapidly melting caps.that Carbon taxes were needed yesterday. And…who’s to blame? Coal workers in coal State in America who would become enemies of Obamas dictator State . Obama is going through w it anyway. He is delusional. Absolutely crazy with power and will never ever easily give it up. Votes? He laughs. He has his PEN. Good luck World. The neo Dictator has risen.

  131. Mary Meyer says:

    Here’s how you can detect a Communist/Leftist of any persuasion: They will tell instruct you to belief the opposite of what you know to be true. This is the first step in gaining control of any population. For instance, we all know that there have been many ice ages–cooling and heating cycles of enormous magnitude, occurring with no influence from humanity. We know that modern methodology tells us there has been no increase in the average global temperatures for 15 years and even a slight drop. We all know that the global warming movement had to be re-branded into “climate change” or what the rest of us call weather when it was proven to be false and supported with falsified data.
    The President of the United States will instruct us to believe that the currently seasonably cold is really a result of what was sold as global warming and at the same time tell us we can’t make judgments based on daily weather events. In other words, don’t believe your lying eyes.
    This is the world we live in under the poser President.

  132. green bullies suck says:

    The State Of Dear Leader’s Empire speech.

  133. jim says:

    Where I live it was once a glacier. This planet has had weather cycles for years and if not for global warming I’d be living on ice. quit thinking the planets as old as you are and it may help. It has very very little to do with people. Solar activity is way down hence cold, when it was way up it was hot and al gore cashed in. plenty of climatologist say global warming based on a computer model is nuts. as a computer guy I know you’ll get out what you put in. and I’m old enough to remember the next “ice age” in the seventy’s. out of work scientist need a job to and your getting played for a sucker.

  134. Don says:

    Obama is goofier then a pet coon.

  135. Ktbeezmom says:

    Obama doesn’t weigh 800 lbs.

  136. sui says:

    o still pushing the huge phony global crap – must have a secret investment here….
    since this theory has been debunked soooo many times….. man cannot control the solar system.. It has always been about total control over all citizens, NEVER ABOUT WARM OR COOL. The leftist want total control over all ….sick group

  137. Jack Frost says:

    One thing I am pretty sure of is that it’s virtually impossible to have a rational public discussion of matters such as “man made climate change” (nee “global warming”). All the talk will NOT change the realities. The venomous bias of the “herd of independent thinkers” led by such cheerleaders as Al Gore, Obama, et al, makes it hard to overlook their heavily vested political and financial conflicts of interest – not to mention they know less about the subject than my dead cat. Matters of reality aren’t really governed by “talk” and “votes”. My humble OPINION is that the “progressives” have usurped a seemingly “scientifically based” issue to use as a hammer to squash their “infidels”.

  138. Fact: Coldest temperature ever recorded happened July 31 2013 in Antarctica measuring -135.8 below zero.
    Fact: This year the Antarctic Ice doubled, and is slow to retreat during their summer months right now.
    Fact: Arctic Ice at the north pole increased by 1/3 this past year.
    Fact: the average temperature medium for nov-dec-jan so far for the entire united states is below freezing;
    Fact: while mild conditions exist up the west cost, and unusually mild in coastal Alaska for this season, it is not all unusual occurrence, much like England never freezes because of the gulf stream, right now the warm air from Hawaii is riding up the coast north. Its a natural occurrence.; the rest of the country is completely freezing over, all the way to the gulf of mexico and central florida.
    Fact: at one time the ice and snow extended all the way down to the equator covering 99% of the earth, only way life existed was at hot springs and volcanic areas, thermal spots.
    Fact: global warming exists, but not at all affected by man.
    Fact: the great lakes are more frozen than they have been in decades, Erie completely frozen over.
    Fact: we are on track to have the most snowfall ever recorded in Chicago.
    Fact: everything on earth consumed and expelled, created and destroyed is and including you have come from the earth, not a foreign place, and its there in the earth everything becomes renewed, by rain, snow, wind, solar radiation, ozone, ocean currents, the moon and most importantly the sun. Humanity is such a small part of the vastness of earth, and just a pin prick when it comes to the atmosphere.

    if you believe global warming is caused by man, or influenced by man. You are either promoting or selling something or you have a complex which makes you feel you’re important. In terms of the planet, you’re not important… this planet and universe is easily capable of cleansing and removing you. I suggest you respect your delicate delusions and try not to impress them on others.

  139. limboaz says:

    Of course people are paying more to heat their homes because of Obama’s misguided attempts to fight global warming which have increased the cost of energy.

  140. Norm in B.C. says:

    Mike Hambuchen says:
    January 25, 2014 at 2:49 am

    he hates his white half, taking it out on us for the sin of his father
    Let’s leave Frank Marshall Davis out of this. 😉
    Obama is just following what George Soros tells him to. UN Agenda 21. Shutting down coal plants in Virginia which are clean, but allowing GE to keep their’s open and not pay a cent in income tax.


    Jobs, unemployment, Obama care, NSA spying, big government control, taxes, the debt and the deficit is what we are concerned about. Take your global carbon changing greenhouse warming climate altering fabrications and file it away under we don’t care.

  142. Preston Venzant says:

    I remember when the “scientists” told us in the 1970’s that we had a coming “ice age”. It was even in our Weekly Reader magazine. Rush ahead 40 years, now they say a coming “global warming” is only decades away. LOL. Obama is running with the current fad. Once he agreed with the politics of the matter he was stuck. He has to continue to back it. He is not the kind of person to back down from what he believes is a political gain unless he can see a political gain from it. This is not science it is politics. It has become a Democrat belief. I wouldn’t be surprised if he began using the “deniers” propaganda statement. Time will eventually prove them completely wrong. They will just push the timeline out until none of them have to answer for believing and pushing a bold faced lie. In the Bible there is a name for what they are doing. It is called false prophets.

  143. Jim Horgan says:

    All life (animal and plant) is made up of carbon compounds. Where does 100% of all the carbon come from.: CO2! People breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. Plants absorb CO2 and give off oxygen. If CO2 concentration would be cut in half, a large part of mankind would starve.

  144. ATW says:

    What a complete dope. Good job America.

  145. Brian says:

    If you morons are so convinced of man-made global warming, then turn you furnaces off! Enjoy the chill of being environmentally friendly.

    • Dave says:

      How true.
      Plus the sandal wearing progressives (Marxists) should abandon their cars & walk wherever they need to be each day.

  146. mudmann says:

    carbon footprint=biggest lie to the world.

    The pictures of the poles are taken In the summertime, you are observing “meltwater”.

  147. Chris says:

    I’d really like to understand where Global Warming alarmists are coming from. I really would. You guys claimed that snow would be unrecognizable to children by now, that the polar bear would almost be extinct, and that the water level would be a lot higher. Instead we have the coldest winter I’ve ever seen, throughout the USA and the majority of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is likewise reporting cold temperatures. You publish graphs and charts with colors on them claiming warming as if that should make us believe you.

    Unfortunately for your position, the facts just don’t measure up with your claims. You’re the boys who called Warming. You kept running around screaming “Warming, Warming!” and yet nothing happened, and people just don’t believe you anymore.

  148. highplainzdrfter says:

    Hey Mike H., ever heard of a big yellow disk in the sky that effects the weather? The solar cycle is at a high right now, but the sun is not heating up this go round. Our weather is inversely proportional to the suns activity with a small lag effect because it takes a while to heat up the ocean. CO2 is only 1/3 of 1% of the atmosphere, you’re cracked if you actually believe it is CO2 changing the weather. And finally, you don’t send partisan hacks like AL Gore out to be chicken little, we conservatives believe this is motivated for votes and money.

  149. Adam Ramsey says:

    Gore prophesized that the polar ice caps would be completely gone in 2014. In 2014, God made false prophets a fool. (Isaiah 44:25)

  150. Steve says:

    Video: Fox News Mike Huckabee reacts to criticism of comments on women


  151. Tom says:

    Even more ludicrous….most of the people present will believe him.

  152. Lee says:

    Liberal warmists should not be allowed to derive any benefit, directly or indirectly, from any fossil fuel. Basically, liberals should have to live naked in mud huts and eat nothing but tree bark and squirrel droppings for the rest if their lives. Well, they could weave grass skirts if they wanted, but no animal skins allowed either (PETA). No electricity, no motor vehicles, and no use of any product that was produced using electricity or a motor vehicle. If liberals weren’t such giant hypocrites they’d have volunteered for such a lifestyle a loooong time ago. Instead, we can see by their vast hypocrisy, they don’t really believe the stuff that spouts out of their own mouths.

  153. Dave says:

    Conflicting facts about global warming/climate change (or any other topic) are merely irrelevant nuisances to the progressives (Marxists) and their agenda of total control over us, our liberty & our money.

  154. Dino says:

    Obama may be 50% black, 50% white, or whatever – but I’m thinking that he’s 100% closet Muslim, 100% pro-Iran, 100% anti-Israel and 100% anti-American.

  155. Dashark09 says:


  156. Rich says:

    Hey everyone. My name is Al Gore. Do to the massive emissions caused by man we have gone from global warming to global cooling. To offset your contribution to this global ice age please click on this link asuckerborneveryminute.com and purchase your lava credits to help offset the global cooling.

  157. And those stupid enough to vote for Obama twice, will be stupid enough to not note the irony of talking about Global Warming on the coldest SOTU for a long time. They will believe every word he says. After all, didn’t he promise them free healthcare?

  158. The ice is thickening. On both caps it’s thickening. The North Pole ice sheet grew 533,000 THOUSAND square miles in one year. The ice is growing, not melting. Global warming is nothing more than a myth constructed by liberals who don’t care about the environment, but care about controlling you. They can’t force you to live their way, unless they can justify it with some “noble cause” thus global warming.

  159. Buzzcut says:

    It’s called climate change. And you are an idiot.

    • Art Hansen says:

      Why did they change the name from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE??
      The liberals had to because the globe was not warming but cooling the past 15 years, so before their followers realized their myth they change it to CLIMATE CHANGE (another myth).
      STOP BEING A FOLLOWER AND USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE. The climate is always changing and man has nothing to do with it. Remember Al Gore’s prediction? Our low lying coastlines were all to be flooded this year because of global warming. I guess he was wrong!!

      • steelyal says:

        Over the next ten months , Independents and REPUBS need to pummel all Progs and attack the MSM for their lies. We need to make sure millions read all our posts.

    • It’s NOW called climtae change because global warming had lost all it’s effect, like most scams eventually do. Thank God for the zealots there are still fools like you littering the country.
      I realize that facts mean nothing to folks like you, but here are a few in any event:
      Antarctic Sea Ice Extent: 2013 Approaching Near Record
      Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – 2013 is the 2nd highest average to the same date
      Year Anomaly (sq km)
      2008 1,180,051
      2013 749,366
      Second Coldest Start To Spring In History…
      Russian Scientists: ‘We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250

      I’ll bet you also believe there is a Social Security “lock box” with your name on it, where the government keeps funds just for you!

    • Lee Hopley says:

      Buzzcut….yes it is ‘climate change’ and it has been going on since the ‘Dawn of Man’. So please tell us something new and actually scientific. It is a fact that the progressives have force fed Global Warming to 1. make money. 2. to gain power 3. to control others. The new ‘Climate Change Crowd’ are now spouting the same things.

    • Rebbie says:

      Gee who would have thought the climate would change? Oh right, they taught us that in 9th grade earth science duh

    • lester says:

      Buzzcut must be looking into a mirror.
      YOU are the idiot to believe such a liberal load of claptrap. The name was changed due to a lack of leverage and the obvious non-truth of the ploy. This scam has been refuted over & over again. The “scientists” were caught red-handed faking or ignoring evidence to the contrary of their “ideal” result/s. Literally, thousands of scholars and independent climatology authorities have proven this theory false…
      ALL reasonable citizens can see through the obvious power & tax grab… now go away, fool.

    • Craig Worrell says:

      And it’s now called climate change so to fit the agenda. And you are a lemming.

      • ISOaPBR says:

        And when “climate change” no longer fits, it will be called catastrophic environmental static-ness, or something else that fits. And you’ll still be a lemming.

    • bluepersuasion says:

      It’s called NATURAL OCCURRENCES, and YOU are an idiot.

    • Ronald Payne says:

      The Liberals are pushing “Global warming” their term not mine. Then they changed to climate change as their mantra. Of course we have climate change, you sir are the idiot! When I was young they were calling it a mini ice age. Like heath care it has nothing do do with health or care it has everything to do with controlling our lives.

    • Lou Bethel says:

      All I want to know form YOU , genius is this….How is Western Democracies ceding economic funds to the UN through carbon taxes to STOP climate change? Being that the BIGGEST emitters of carbon are India, and China whom are EXEMPT from lowering carbon emissions because they are Emerging economies according to the UN?
      It seems like a simple money grab under the auspices of environmentalism, to me.

    • kefredr says:

      You’re hilarious. Your gerbil warming scam is exposed a a lie, so you try and change the name to climate change so if it gets colder or warmer you think it backs your argument. You’re an idiot, and only idiots like yourself are buying your BS. It gets warm in the summer and cold in the winter, it’s been that way since the beginning of the earth, it’s not a amn-made phenomenon.

    • Al Gore uses a chart spanning 600k years. Over the past 600k Al Gore’s chart proves that climate change in the norm. There is no period on Al Gore’s chart that spans 600k years that climate wasn’t changing. If climate wasn’t changing we should be worried. Please Mr Buzzcut, identify a period on Al Gore’s chart when climate wasn’t changing. Just what data are you relying on to reach the conclusion that climate shouldn’t be changing? Climate change is well recorded in our most ancient books. Climate change drove the Israelites to Egypt and slavery, climate change drove Mohammed and his followers out of the Arabian peninsula, climate change drove the Vikings off Greenland, Climate change helped trigger/influence the French and American revolutions, climate change aided the decline of the middle Egyptian empire, and the list goes on and on and on.

    • gator69 says:

      Climate change? That’s never happened before. Panic and raise taxes!

    • Alan O says:

      Buzzcut: UNLESS you’re attempting to be sarcastic, I REALLY would recomnend you change your medication

  160. waltergraff says:

    I don’t know. Some of the dark parts of that map could be Obama’s son.

  161. Jayballs221 says:

    Obama is an A-hole! Global warming is BS proven to be false

  162. OMUSTGO says:

    How long can the American people continue to put up with this lying deceiving fraud ???

  163. Arch says:

    I happen to share the mindset of brilliant comedian George Carlin.. Mother Nature is going to do anything she wants, regardless of what us insignificant humans do. To think otherwise is just plain foolish. When we have outlived our usefulness, she simply adjust weather accordingly. Conservation or any other actions on our part simply play no factor.

  164. Global warming tax, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Rand Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


  165. mmilesll says:

    And you wonder why the economy and foreign affairs are in such bad shape, this clown doesn’t have a clue.

  166. john loucks says:

    the ignorance of the average citizen is the weak link that morally challenged eco-criminals depend upon. the FACT that 2013 ranks in the top FIVE WARMEST years, as Worldwide Avg., (check most recent stats from NOAA) gets no mention with you short sighted weasels. your Grandchildren will enjoy the legal inheiritance bequeathed them by your greed, as well as drought, flood, famine, war, and uncertainty. wallowing in their decaying fortresses, they will curse your names. Koch You!

  167. Liberals in positions of power are bastards…..unfortunately, and their followers ,too stupid to know what their voting for ….unfortunately

  168. davidtleblanc says:

    Obama has no sense of irony, does he?

  169. Laffin'atcha says:

    Of course the SOTU address will be about global warming, why should oblamo talk about what American citizens are concerned about…

  170. Tim Vronay says:

    Obama To Address Global Warming In Coldest SOU Address In History; however, Obama will be clad in “underarmor” and be surrounded by hundreds of heaters

  171. Nonya Busnezz says:

    I love the comments here….it is nice to see so many people understand that the climate change panic is all a hoax led by stupid people and misguided people. We have no clue in the billions of years the earth has been around what temperatures were other than what is basically recently.

  172. Eric Maher says:

    Al Gore’s message of an ice free arctic by 2012. Bipartisan support for cap and trade in 2008 (remember Newt and Nancy?) If it hadn’t been for the IPCC freedom of information act scandal, we’d be living under cap and trade right now. It was critical to get it passed before Gore’s predictions were shown to be false. Then, when 2012 rolled around Gore could claim “It’s working!”

    Why isn’t Gore in jail?

  173. Rebbie says:

    I watched the entire segment on the environment, he was RIGHT ON!!!

  174. hihoze says:

    More proof that Global Warming is Political Science. Please welcome Professor Barack Obama addressing the Congressional amphitheatre of politicians and political junkies on the political junk science called global warming. Isn’t it time to defrock these cult leaders and vote them out. This year, end the reign of tyranny by the Democratic National Socialist Party and vote for someone other than another DC’ver.

  175. Rick Fischer says:

    Actually, Obama will tell us the science now in is settled: a global cooling catastrophe is inevitable unless we give total control to environmental fanatics.

  176. Earl P. Holt III says:

    Obama is too stupid and ignorant to know how cold it is: He only knows that he can’t play golf for a while…

  177. Noah Fing-Whey says:

    For Obama! He’s always on the wrong side of everything.

  178. sli ingintoit says:

    ____ B U I L D I N G __ 7 __ S E V E N _____
    u s e t h e s e a r c h b a r