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Snow On The Ground In At Least 47 States

  National Snow Analyses – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information

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Boehner Brags That He Has A Good Relationship With Obama

Boehner also said he and Obama have “a very good working relationship,” days before the president is to deliver on Jan. 28 his annual State of the Union address from the House chamber. Boehner Calls Putin a Thug, Urges Obama … Continue reading

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Experts Say That New Orleans Snow Is Caused By An Increase in Humidity

Prior to Mann-made global warming, the humidity in New Orleans was too low for snow to form. Winter Storm Kronos Forecast: Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain in Texas and Louisiana – weather.com Wintry Mess Texas and Louisiana

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Solzhenitsyn Criticized Stalin – Then Sent To Prison

He was promoted to captain in the Battle of Leningrad, but was arrested in February of 1945 for veiled but unmistakable criticism of Stalin in some letters to a friend, in which he alluded to the dictator as “Whiskers,” the … Continue reading

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Obama Brings The Soviet Union Back To Life In America

‘2016: Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws – The Hollywood Reporter No dissent permitted in this dictatorship.

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All Caused By Global Warming

Record global sea ice area Record Great Lakes ice cover Record low tornado count Record low hurricane count Fewest US fires in 30 years Coldest winter in 35 years 50% growth in the summer sea ice minimum. Fewest 100 degree … Continue reading

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January 23, 1896 – Adelaide 127 Degrees – 129 in NSW

HOTTEST OF HOT WAVES ON RECORD. – How It Struck Sweltering New South Wales in January Last. – View Article – NYTimes.com

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1955 : Downtown Brisbane Under 10 Feet Of Water

The Sydney Morning Herald – Google News Archive Search

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Leading Scientist Says All Coastal Cities Will Drown Before 2017


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Check Out Those Big Brown Eyes

I saw my buddy in the mountains again today with his 14 girlfriends. This one is cutest. Check out those big brown eyes.

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