2nd Amendment Report

I took out my Mini-14 today for the first time in several years, and tried firing cheap Russian steel-cased ammo through it (Tul-Ammo $5.27/box at Wal-Mart.) It worked perfectly! So I am done with expensive brass and keeping that rifle in mothballs, for reasons of cost.

Important disclaimer : This rifle is not a scary black color, and does not have an evil pistol grip. 

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21 Responses to 2nd Amendment Report

  1. Fred Harwood says:

    Good price. How’s your battle group?

  2. Brian H says:


  3. Gamecock says:

    Did you them scary, ultrahigh capacity magazines?

  4. etudiant says:

    Why not recycle your brass? Load your own, it is cheaper and you control the quality.
    Separately, very decent group for offhand at 600 yds.

    • I reload 12 gauge, but don’t have rifle equipment.

      Holding a light rifle like a Mini-14 steady is much easier than holding a drawn #80 lb bow steady. I find that archery really helps out my rifle shooting from a standing position.

  5. phodges says:

    Tulammo is great stuff. Glad to see it working in that cartridge. 7.62×39 is like 2-250 a case. I have an ASI Ruger from your home state…it is a custom rifle but I was shooting the Yugo surplus fine until it became unavailable and have switched to Tulammo, and it is still quite accurate. It will put 3 holes in coke bottle at 150y. Handloads did not do any better.

    And of course an AK will eat them up yum!

  6. Bob Greene says:

    If you want one of them scary tactical stocks
    Pretty good shooting with cheap ammo.

  7. Steel cartidges have always worked fine for me, it seems that the problem is mixing: http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/edu18.htm

  8. jerry says:

    can’t post the vepr without my other great rifle, his granddad
    great gun and cheap

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