King Canute Obama To Lecture A Frozen Country Of Flat Earthers About Global Warming On Tuesday

ScreenHunter_354 Jan. 25 10.07

Weather Street: Temperature Forecast Movie

No doubt Obama will remember to thank the coal companies for keeping hundreds of millions of Americans alive during the cold snap.

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28 Responses to King Canute Obama To Lecture A Frozen Country Of Flat Earthers About Global Warming On Tuesday

  1. nomoregore says:

    It will be particularly hysterical given that it is likely to be worse than today.

  2. nomoregore says:

    Bastardi’s weekly forecast predicts 10 days of very cold weather for the NE.

  3. Russ Steele says:

    Reblogged this on Sierra Foothill Commentary and commented:
    Obama is not know for keeping his facts in order, preferring to go fact free naked. Superbowl may be weather delayed.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Riddle du jour – if the Liar in Chief tells a lie, is it the TRUTH?

  5. J says:

    He should do the speech outside to show how global warming makes him sweat.

  6. Steve Case says:

    Maybe he will get laughed at again:

  7. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    If you like your frostbite, you can keep your frostbite.

  8. Hugh K says:

    Where two or more tokers are gathered in my name…

  9. jeo says:

    Please remove the apostrophe from the title

  10. Jimmy B says:

    this cold snap is definitely Al Gores fault. If only we had some carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to warm the air a little bit. I bet its warm over in China right now.

  11. Okie says:

    It would be nice if republicans would boycott the state of the union speech is solidarity with the millions of Americans who have been eliminated from the labor statistics.

    • Gamecock says:

      I don’t want symbolic gestures. The House Republicans should defund the whole damn mess that is Washington DC. Boycotting a speech is not a suitable substitute.

      They should go to the speech, and grow some Joe Wilson nuggets. I want to hear “YOU LIE!” shouted a hundred times.

  12. Bob Greene says:

    Since he’s been in office SLR has slowed and warming hasn’t increased

  13. rw says:

    It’s working. The Left is on the way to discrediting itself in the eyes of anyone who has to go outside.

  14. Mohatdebos says:

    I am sure the NYT has its crack investigative reporters looking for shaman willing to prophecize that the cold is entirely consistent with warming. The sad thing is that the “critical thinkers” who read the Times will believe the charlatans. Heck, the Hudson River could freeze and the lead story in the Times would about how hot it was somewhere in the Australian desert.

  15. Robert Austin says:

    Latest forecast for Tuesday in Southern Ontario, high of -16C (3.2F), low of -22C (-7.6F). Don’t imagine it is likely to be any balmier for our good US neighbours. Obama should put his ‘nads on the line and give an outdoor address.

    • tedsunday says:

      Here in northern NY forecast high today 25f it reached 17 then started dropping again. Minus nights and single digit days for all next week.

  16. Not even Obama is dumb enough to mention climate next week. But I could be overestimating his IQ.

    • Shazaam says:

      The affirmative action president will mention “climate change”. In the context of that carbon had that has a “tingle” running up his leg.

      The Federale’s are extremely desperate for your hard-earned cash, and do not care how stupid it may make El-Presidente look.

    • Shazaam says:

      Geeze…. That was Carbon Tax….. How I managed “carbon had” is a mystery to me.

  17. geologyjim says:

    GOP needs to circulate video of the Castaways (1965) singing “Liar, liar! Pants on fire!”

    Good counterfoil to the Pelosi-Reid faux-applause points.

  18. gofer says:

    More bad news for a media desperate to further their Global Warming hoax through the dark art of portraying everyday weather as The Worst Ever, is that only 2% of the public see the environment as a priority.

  19. Brian H says:

    Cheap shot at Canute. His demo was intended to discredit and educate court sycophants and toadies, something Obama would never consider!

  20. gator69 says:

    My brother, who lives in Maryland, has been asked to pleased turn his thermostat down to 62 degrees. Apparently the local dictators are concerned about the grid. FORWARD!

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