35,000 Americans Killed By Assault Cars Last Year

35,000 Americans died violent deaths last year, when attacked by assault automobiles. That is four Sandy Hooks every day of the year.

It is time to take action, and ban assault cars once and for all. Particularly small, green eco-friendly ones.

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23 Responses to 35,000 Americans Killed By Assault Cars Last Year

  1. Shazaam says:

    You neglected the biggest killer of all.

    The medical & pharmaceutical industry. Estimated at 400,000 preventable deaths annually and rising. http://journals.lww.com/journalpatientsafety/Fulltext/2013/09000/A_New,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

    That is more than 2 Sandyhooks per hour.

    And the Liar-In-Chief will not say a word about that. Because Dumb doctors and Pharmaceutical companies make campaign contributions to all the “right people”…….

    • Ben says:

      RE: “You neglected the biggest killer of all. The medical & pharmaceutical industry”

      Abortion industry kills far more than 400,000 per year, and now we are forced to fund it.

  2. But it’s easy to reduce the number of automobile deaths. Simply set a national speed limit of 35mph, tax gasoline at $25/gal, & jail anybody who makes over $250,000/yr. I’m sure the economy will do great, too, Because Fairness®.

  3. Okie says:

    The size of the car in the photo is what we’ll achieve with Obama’s MPG mandates. We’ll have to sit on top of the cars.

  4. PoliTecs says:

    LOL! Be careful what you write, the pen heads are watching and reading Blogs, this is how Agenda 21’s are started and they are actively pushing you out of your car and onto a 10 speed as we write!

    In fact, in CA, I now have to grant these lance wannabes’ in their tic tac uniforms paying zero taxes the supreme right to the road I am using and paying for in gas taxes. Makes sense right?

    So when you mock then in good satire you only piss them off 🙂

  5. Robertv says:

    So on the list of mass murderers we can also put Henry Ford.

  6. Bob Greene says:

    All of my assault vehicles are registered, licensed and inspected annually. The drivers are trained, licensed, insured and subject to periodic recertification. Since my vehicles are both high and low capacity, I also pay taxes according to capacity. Since all states have similar programs and the federal government has some oversight, how could we have so much car violence? What does the Mayors Against Illegal Car Violence have to say about this? Is it a plot by those insidious people in the NADA who are paid mouth pieces of Big Auto and Big Oil?

  7. Andyj says:

    I drive an electric car. Obamas preferred method of elexecution. Lots of lovely rebates with a lovely smooth and very quiet drive.

    Well, do YOU have any better ideas on how to reduce the nations carbon footprint?

    • How about – don’t waste time on goals which serve no purpose and that you can’t achieve?

    • Robertv says:

      Big Electric Car

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Andy, I don’t understand your comment. Our cars don’t leave footprints. They do make tire tracks in the snow but it doesn’t bother us. I did not hear the neighbors complain about it, either.

      Our dog made carbon footprints about a year ago. It ran through the ashes of an old slash pile burn and straight into the house. My wife and I had to reduce the footprints with a vacuum and some scrubbing. We also talked to the dog about it.

      • Andyj says:

        That was pitiful. The Frenchies have US trains squashed into a stuffed hat. The brit gov’t want them on our lines as a vote of total submission.

  8. Adam Gallon says:

    Electric car = Displaced emissions vehicle.
    They’ve a role in towns & cities, no particulates being emitted in the urban areas, short journies, where internal combustion engines are inefficient, as the engine’s hardly warmed up, certainly not enough to get the catalytic convertor working.

    Can you build one big enough to get a fat Yank family in one? Now there’s the challenge!

    • Ernest Bush says:

      My Hondas are at the required temperature before I leave my neighborhood. Yes, my wife and I each have one. Electric cars are never good anywhere as they cost more than can be recovered without a government subsidy, and the pollution created in their production requires driving them 80,000 miles to break even with a gasoline driven car’s emissions. Then you have to spend many thousands to replace the batteries, thus perpetuating that cycle.

      A better solution would have been hydrogen powered cars, which was where GM was headed before that was shut down by the government. They emit water vapor in energy production and aren’t prone to going up in flames with little notice.

      I do not understand the progressive obsession with electric cars and windmills. Windmills in the U.S. already slice and dice 10s of millions of birds and bats each year and the true cost of windmills and electric cars are prohibitive and will always be without a major breakthrough. Nothing is currently on the horizon to change that situation. I’m tired of subsidizing leftist fantasies.

      • Andyj says:

        Hydrogen is $11/litre in bulk and the anti terror units wouldnt let me have it. Couldnt afford the cool $M for the car either. Care not to afford that.

        My Nissan Leaf sets me back same as a die-sel car. The rub is, its a better drive! Well, at least equal to my bro-in-laws V12 Daimler but mines smoother accelerating. The servicing costs are lower. No engine consumables and if mummy insists that I drive t’other end of the UK to see the outlaws. No problem. Eany meanie miney mo…..

        Carbon…. huh? Never gave it a thought even though it is the very atom that is needed to put food on my plate. The carbon cycle is the life cycle. Redeem it all you want mateys.

        When I want rough n ready with an agricultural gearbox, loud and wild with a big kick up the pants for those distant uncharted places.. Got the m’bike for that. 🙂 Sounds like its got terrible flatulence though…. And my g/f being somewhat Russian doesn’t understand why us rich people like to rough it on bikes, go camping and get rollicking drunk with strangers. The Leaf is very “clean” and relaxing for her

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I think Andy cares more about the footprint of the vehicle, like here:

    • Robertv says:

      Leaded vs Unleaded
      Has the truth about fuel been hidden? R. D. Greenaway
      (Ceng MIMechE) thinks there has been a cover up, and sends us the
      following article, to support his view. It first appeared in a Jaguar
      Drivers Club magazine in Australia, and later in a MG car club magazine.

      I have been asked by a couple of members about the situation with
      unleaded petrol and our cars. Firstly, with the pre-alloy headed car the
      octane is low enough and so the only modification needed would be to
      have hardened valve seats fitted to your iron head and away you go.

      However, and this applies to all pre-unleaded cars, because you have
      not had a dry catalytic converter fitted to your car the exhaust gases
      from your car will be unbelievably poisonous.

      Let me explain.
      Firstly, lead in petrol. Lead is there to enable higher-octane petrol so
      that we can have more efficient engines. Lead when burnt in the engine
      in the engine is subjected to 2,000 to 3,000 degrees and is actually
      baked like a house brick and when the particles are emitted from the
      exhaust, falls to the ground within ten to twelve feet (heavier than air).
      The baked particles have been tested with various acids and particularly
      stomach acid has no dissolving effects on the baked lead.
      Also, it cannot be absorbed into the lungs unlike lead dust. Lead dust
      does not come from car exhausts. I cannot find blood levels earlier than
      1933 but the graphs from then till 1985 show a steady decline, yet lead
      began to be added to petrol in 1925 and peaked in1970. You would have
      thought that lead levels in blood would have risen in proportion but they
      did not even hiccup on the graph. When Germany reduced lead in their
      petrol, again there was no reaction in the lead level in blood samples
      taken. Tests done on a little island off Scotland, without a single
      combustion engine, show a much higher lead level in the population
      than in tests taken in the centre of London. Much the same results
      were found when New Guinea Highlanders were compared to people in
      Melbourne. The actual decreases in lead levels have been traced to
      the reduced use of pewter (a lead based alloy), the gradual reduction
      of lead solder in our cans of processed food and the replacement of
      lead water pipes that contain our drinking water.
      Lead was removed from petrol for one reason and one reason only, and
      that was that dry catalytic converters became clogged very quickly
      with lead particles and stopped working. Unfortunately the Green
      Movement, back then badly informed, enthusiastically latched onto the
      lead removal and, ignoring the real reason for its removal, mounted a
      false emotional campaign for which we are still suffering, as more
      members join and do not investigate what they are screaming for.

      Unleaded petrol is a different kettle of fish and is much more dangerous
      as I will proceed to prove. More than half of a litre of unleaded is not
      petrol. It is actually a brew of aromatics and if witches had brewed this
      cauldron, it could not be more evil. The aromatics that replace lead are
      Dimethybenzene, Mesitylene, Toluene, Xylene and Benzene.

      All of them are declared carcinogens and will cause leukaemia and other
      cancer related illnesses. Note that I have said will not might. I will
      quote from one authority, Dr Warren, who was the adviser to the
      Government at the time and warned against unleaded and was ignored:
      “In fact this stuff appears to be so dangerous, potentially lethal, that
      I urge you not to use it in any car not fitted with a catalytic converter.
      Don’t use it in your mower, chainsaw, whipper snipper, or outboard
      motor and don’t wash parts in it and if it gets on your skin, wash it off
      immediately. Avoid fumes when refueling and don’t allow anyone near the
      exhaust, particularly when the exhaust system is cold. Remember that
      catalytic converters don’t work until they reach some 400 degrees .

      Professor Maltoni and Morando Soffritti of the institute of Oncology at
      Bologna found that exposure to certain fuel additives such as Benzene,
      Toluene and Xylene caused cancerous tumours when inhaled. Benzene,
      in particular, was named as a powerful carcinogen that acts on many
      tissues and organs. The data leaves no room for doubt that additives
      are thoroughgoing highly potent carcinogens.

      Roger Perry, a Professor of environmental control at London’s Imperial
      College has conducted tests that show that unleaded petrol used in
      cars without catalytic converters produce a great quantity of volatile
      organic compounds that can be directly linked to cancer.
      It now turns out from information from America that the average car
      fitted with anti pollution gear (both American and imports) is only clean
      for approximately one year. After that the gear deteriorates rapidly
      unless completely renewed. Even a single backfire while a mechanic is
      tuning the car will destroy the catalytic converter. The average life
      span of a cat is about 50,000 kilometres. After that it needs replacing.

    • I dare say you live in a fantasy world where the rubber scrubbed off of car tires isn’t a particulate.

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