Another Pattern Shooter

Young man walks into a gun free zone at the mall in Columbia, Maryland with a shotgun and explosives. Shoots some people and then kills himself.  Same story as Arapahoe High School. Nearly the same story as Columbine High School. Nearly the same story as Sandy Hook. James Holmes was probably supposed to shoot himself too.

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22 Responses to Another Pattern Shooter

  1. Bob Greene says:

    You left out “Gun Free Zone.”

  2. EW3 says:

    When the president enters a gun free zone for a photo op or to give a speech, do the secret service folks leave their guns at home?

    • DirkH says:

      A state can by definition only have power over his citizens when the state does not have to obey the rules he sets for his citizens. I think that’s from Hobbes’ Leviathan.

  3. matayaya says:

    This reminds me of the recent movie theatre shooting where the whacked out older guy shot the young family man who was out on a movie date with his wife. The young guy was texting before the movie even started to the baby sitter with some last minute tips for caring for their special needs child. The older guy, possibly suffering with some dementia, gets ticked off and the result is the young man is shot to death. Your logic probably says he deserved it. Your logic also probably says he would not have been shot if everyone in the movie theatre had been packing. I worry that many of the almost 300 million guns in this country are in the hands of an aging population with a significant amount of dementia. We already have more people getting shot every year by far than any other country in the world and you think fewer people would get shot if only we had a couple hundred million more guns. More zombie science.

    • I agree that progressives should not be permitted to own guns. It is a sure sign of mental illness.

      Maryland recently passed the most Draconian gun laws in the country. The shooter could have killed more people than he did with a car in the parking lot.

      These shootings always happen in gun-free zones. Perhaps they should make mental illness free zones?

      • matayaya says:

        The shooter I referred to in the theatre shooting probably would not classify himself as progressive. He and the young man killed were military and former military settling down to watch that new movie about the Afghan war and the American soldier. Also, I speak from personal experience having been shot and almost killed by a 76 year old retired Army colonel with dementia. I was installing sod on his lawn and didn’t respond when he approached me from behind with a gun. He shot me point blank thinking I had disrespected him when in fact my deafness precluded me from even hearing his exhortations. I Iearned later in the trial that he had run the roofer off the day before with a gun. I doubt he though of himself as a progressive. His lawyer wanted him to plead insanity with his dementia but he said no and spent the rest of his life in jail. This is a public safety issue, not a political issue.

        • Greg Locke says:

          So I am not sure what your point is. Take away everyone’s guns because a guy with dementia murdered someone? Pardon the pun, but that seems like overkill, and is unconstitutional to boot. Don’t let people with dementia have guns? How to enforce this? Send the police to a person’s house to confiscate their guns when they are diagnosed with mental illness? Forbid the sale of guns to the mentally ill? All states already do the latter. My guess is you are good with the former, despite the rather obvious civil rights and constitutional issues. In any case, your example has nothing to do with Goddard’s point, which is that many mass murders could be mitigated by an armed citizen at the scene. But of course a law abiding armed citizen can’t and won’t carry in a gun free zone because, well because they are law abiding and carrying in a gun free zone is against the law. So I ask again, what’s your point? If I had to guess, I’d wager you want guns banned and confiscated. Damn that second amendment! If not for it we could live in a violence free utopia with everyone following the rules people of your ilk create for the good of all of us. No thanks. Murder is against the law. Prosecute those who murder to the fullest extent of that law. Anything else is an exercise in feel good time wasting.

        • Scott Scarborough says:

          This is a universal problem. When do you deem someone incompetent? There have been cases, especially in Florida, of someone mowing down a bunch of pedestrians with a car because they didn’t know what they were doing – dementia or similar to it. The response, so far, has not been to ban cars.

    • Shazaam says:

      The older guy was an ex-cop. Kinda explains the shoot first mentality as the means to get his way. That ex-cop seems to have forgotten that shooting a “mundane” when out of costume means the incident can’t be swept under the rug as “he was in fear for his life”.

      The “feel-good” pills being prescribed by the hand-fulls for “depression” and such, the SSRI class pharmaceuticals are what should be banned. Or at the very least those who take such medications should be kept under a close watch.

    • Chuck says:

      Please supply your statistics on this. While your at it, perhaps you should study gun violence in states that have concealed carry laws.

    • Your logic probably says

      With this one phrase you have scientifically demonstrated that you are literally the stupidest person on the internet, bar none.

    • GoneWithTheWind says:

      It’s hard to know what the facts are in the case of the ex-cop in the movie theater. It is inappropriate to text in the theater. No doubt the “texter” didn’t like being told this and responded with some anger and threats. No doubt there were more words from both sides. The unknown part is was there an actual physical threat that the shooter was respondng to. If the texter was getting ready to go MMA on him then he had a right to defend himself. If on the other hand the texter stopped texting when asked and didn’t act threatening then it was a bad shooting. To try to assign blame without the facts is unfair to one of these people. Although I don’t entirely have faith that the courtroom brings out the truth I suspect after this is tried in court the truth will be known or mostly known.

      I don’t know about you but if someone is threatening to do me physical harm and I have a weapon I wil use the weapon to defend myself. Who wouldn’t?

      • matayaya says:

        There was a sign at the ticket window saying no guns permitted. If there had not been a gun present, no one would have been shot and killed. There seems to be a tendency for some people carrying guns to imagine situations where they need guns and use them to resolve a situation. Most of the time they misread the situation, as in this case, and a tragedy occurs. No gun, no tragedy. Mental health issues and guns don’t mix. The older shooter in the theater and the kid in the Maryland mall clearly had mental issues and should not have had access to guns.

        • Ben says:

          Was there a sign saying no knives present? No tasers present? No hemlock present? No atomic weapons present?

          Thank goodness we have alternatives.

        • If only we had a law preventing people from carrying guns in gun-free zones. That would have fixed it all up: he wouldn’t have had a gun there!

        • Gamecock says:

          “There seems to be a tendency for some people carrying guns to imagine situations where they need guns and use them to resolve a situation.”

          Too bad a teach at Sandy Hook Elementary didn’t have a gun to resolve a situation. How many more must die, Matayaya?

    • Gamecock says:

      “We already have more people getting shot every year by far than any other country in the world”

      This is stupid wrong.

  4. Paul in Sweden says:

    Maybe there is a bad batch of “”Gun Free Zone” signs being sold? The ones they used didn’t work.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Cue the TelePrompTer.
    “Ban all assault rifles and large magazine clips”

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