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More Than A Quarter Century Since Temperatures Were Close To Hansen’s BAU

The last time the team had a chance of being correct was Hansen’s June, 1988 testimony before Congress. A La Nina formed immediately after, temperatures dropped – and have never gotten close to BAU Scenario A again. The scam has … Continue reading

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First They Came For The Filmmakers, And I Did Not Speak Out

In 2012, the US ambassador to Libya was killed. Obama made up a fake story about a spontaneous YouTube protest, and jailed the filmmaker. Shortly thereafter General Petraeus was about to testify about Libya, when the White House suddenly discovered … Continue reading

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“Schindler’s List” Producer Discusses Barry Stalin

‘SCHINDLER’S LIST’ PRODUCER RIPS OBAMA’S ‘SOVIET’ TACTICS The Obama administration’s prosecution of conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza on campaign-finance charges is a “political prosecution” comparable to the tactics used on the communist former Soviet Union to quell dissent, charges … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning : 30 Below Zero In Illinois

  Weather Street: Temperature Forecast Movie

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