Obama To Make Another Speech

Five years of Obamagate is enough

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This year’s State of the Union is a defining test for Obama – CNN.com

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5 Responses to Obama To Make Another Speech

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    What President Obama will say:

    “Let me be clear.”

    “Make no mistake.”

    “There are those who disagree.”

    “The mess I inherited.”

    “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone, and that’s all I need. I’ll take executive action. Where Congress
    won’t act, I will.”

    “We can do better.”

    “It won’t happen overnight.”

    “We can’t wait.”

    “It’s the right thing to do.”

    “Ask the rich to pay just a little bit more.”

    “Running a country is really hard.”


    “pay their fair share”

    “lack of compromise”

    “I’m happy to have this discussion, but _____.”

    “Send me a bill and I’ll sign it.”

    “I never said it would be easy.”

    “I’m working tirelessly to …”

    “It’s time we pivot to the economy.”

    “The Affordable Care Act’s rough start was worth it.”

    “Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.”

    “trying to distract the American people with phoney scandals”

    “do-nothing Congress”

    “shovel-ready jobs”

    “millions of green jobs”

    “I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling.”

    “Republican obstructionism and intransigence”

    “holding America hostage”

    “costly government shut-down”


    “I’m not listening to your phone calls.”

    “living wage”

    “independent economists say _____”

    “I’ve created 8 million jobs.”

    “Thanks to my policies, 19.4 million starving Americans can now put food on the table and feed their children.

    “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.”

    Obama will cite someone his policies have helped, and point them out in the audience. Applause.

    Obama will thank his wife Michelle for _____. Camera cuts to the balcony. She will smile. Applause. Camera shifts back to an adoring Barack looking up and to his right. When the applause persists, camera shifts back to her and she will wave.

    “The state of our union is strong.”

    What President Obama won’t say:

    “I’m sorry for lying to the American people about _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____,
    and _____. I take responsibility and here’s how I’m going to make it right.”

    “Detroit is dead and Al Qaeda is alive.”

    “I’m a uniter, not a divider.”

    “Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration brought on by a hateful video.”

    “You didn’t build the Obamacare website – I did.”

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

    “I’ve increased food stamp recipients by 19.4 million.”

    “Thanks to my economic policies increasing income inequality, I’ve increased the number of people in poverty to
    46.5 million.”

    “I’ve increased our national debt to $17.3 trillion.”

    “I’ve lowered the labor force participation rate to its lowest level since the Carter administration.”

    “If you like a Democratically-controlled Senate, you can keep it. Period.”

    “I support the new health care bill proposed by Senators Hatch, Coburn, and Burr. This is just the type of bipartisan cooperation I have been trying to encourage in this country.”

    “I’ve kept my promise to streamline salmon regulation. It is now less complicated once they’re smoked.”

    Credit to Greg Gutfeld for the material and inspiration. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/the-five/videos#v/3114373011001

  2. Shazaam says:

    Shouldn’t the title read: “Liar-in-Chief to Read Teleprompter for an Hour” ??

  3. Pathway says:

    If the Little Dictator gives a speech and no one listens was anything said?

  4. Ulrich Elkmann says:

    No one in Europe will listen. Definitely. We’ve got journalists for doing the dirty, hard jobs. At least they get paid for it.

  5. Bob Knows says:

    Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer! (getting in practice)

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