Why Are People Always Complaining About SkS?

I always hear climate skeptics complaining about SkS, but I think that SKS are great. Particularly the Russian made ones.

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23 Responses to Why Are People Always Complaining About SkS?

  1. hannuko says:

    Yep, guns are definitely something the russians can do.

  2. gator69 says:

    Not sure if this weapon was Russian made, but its time we ban these kind of assault weapons.

    “A madman bludgeoned his girlfriend and her adult daughter to death with a hammer in Queens early Wednesday in a massacre that could be heard down the block because he believed the women were witches who cast a spell on him, police sources and witnesses said.

    Estrella Castaneda, 56, and Lina Castaneda, 25, were found with their heads bashed in at their home on 87th St. in East Elmhurst about 12:15 a.m., officials said.

    Cops arrested Carlos Amarillo, 44, on charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon.”


    Thank God he didn’t have a gun!

  3. Scott Scarborough says:


  4. jerry says:

    I was going to buy an SKS, but the gun cabinet is full and I don’t think I could pull off another cabinet without the wife going crazy. there is no such thing as too many guns

  5. Bob Knows says:

    My son has an SKS. On the whole an M1 would be a better choice, but you can’t buy an M1 thanks to O’Dumbo.

    • bubbagyro says:

      My fave is the SIg-Sauer 5.56 carbine or handgun version (Bullpup). Easier to get ammo since they take .223 Remington. They rarely jam.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    ERRRRrrrr, I have a compound bow, does that count?

  7. FundMe says:

    never heard of an sks just shows I come from a southern world ……you want wild west try this for size….
    “Sergeant Thami Zondi and G4S security official Izak Phungula died in a hail of bullets when five men armed with AK-47 rifles carried out the robbery and then tried to make their escape after the foiled heist.

    Three of the robbers were killed in a gun battle with police. A second policeman who was shot remains in a critical condition in hospital.

    Police spokesman, Colonel Jay Naicker, confirmed yesterday that two suspects were injured and were in hospital under police guard. They will appear in the Richmond Magistrate’s Court on charges of murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery.

    Zondi’s cousin, Tshepo Zondi, said he was happy that three suspects had been killed.

    “Thami was a good man and a dedicated police officer. These thugs deserved death for what they did. My family will never be the same again,” he said.

    One of Phungula’s colleagues, Sizwe Ngcobo, said that he was shattered by his death.

    “We understand that we are in a dangerous job and we are constantly at risk, but to lose a friend and colleague like this is hard,” Ngcobo said.

    Premier Senzo Mchunu condemned the killings.

    “The fallen officers displayed a high level of bravery and commitment to their work,” Mchunu said.

    He was to visit Richmond yesterday to engage with community stakeholders and meet with Zondi’s family.

    According to the police, five men attacked a cash van that was delivering cash to an ATM at Capitec Bank in Shepstone Street, Richmond, at about 5pm.

    The robbers opened fire on Phungula while he was still at the ATM, before he could defend himself.

    He died at the scene.

    “Unfortunately for the suspects, in their haste and in the gunfire, the money was destroyed when the dye pack in the cash boxes exploded, coating the cash with the ink,” Naicker said.

    The suspects abandoned the cash and stole Phungula’s firearm before fleeing in a blue Toyota RunX.

    Naicker said the suspects fired several shots as they fled the crime scene.

    “Two innocent bystanders were wounded by the suspects who were shooting at random. Police from the Richmond police station heard the gunshots and responded immediately,” said Naicker.

    The swift action of the police led them to a quarry just outside Richmond where they found the suspects exchanging vehicles.

    “When the suspects saw the police members they opened fire on the police vehicle. Police returned fire and in the ensuing gun battle, Sergeant Zondi was shot in the head and killed,” said Naicker.

    One of the suspects was also shot dead during the shootout. The four other suspects managed to flee in a Toyota Hilux.

    They were spotted by members of the Public Order Police Unit, who blocked the road.

    Naicker said three of the suspects got out of the vehicle and fled into the bush.

    The fourth suspect, who was badly injured, remained in the Hilux and was arrested by the police. He later died due to the severity of his injuries.

    “Members of the K9 Unit also responded to the scene and went into the bush to track down the remaining three suspects.

    “The suspects opened fire on police and there was an exchange of (shots), however all three were subsequently arrested,” Naicker said.

    All three suspects had been wounded and one of them later died.

    An AK-47 rifle and 9mm pistol were recovered from the suspects

    Afrika corespondent signing off no need then for an SKS…..we shoot to kill everyday.
    Courtesy of http://www.iol.co.za

  8. Aphan says:

    I had a compound fracture once.

    SKS are a great weapon, especially the models that came with bayonets or grenade launchers under the barrel.

    SkS is a lousy weapon, and frequent exposure usually makes one want to fall on a bayonet or grenade.

  9. FundMe says:

    sounds a bit like the FN then my preferred weapon….cant seem to reply but think this will fall in line.

    • bubbagyro says:

      Well, the FNH 5.7 PS90 is the ultramodern weapon. I have the FNH 5.7 pistol, and it is quite amazing. Fastest round, goes through almost anything and accurate up to 100 yards. The PS90 carbine I have still on order after 9 months waiting so far. It looks like a ray gun from star trek.

  10. Keitho says:

    Carried an FN 7.62mm (NATO round) from 1967-1980. Finnicky to keep clean but it stopped every one I shot with it. One round was all it took usually and not one survivor.

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