Global Weirding In 2006

I spent January, 2006 in Fort Collins. It was ridiculously warm, and no snow. Then I went out to work in the Bay Area for a few months, and by mid-July it was so hot that our apartment swimming pool in Cupertino warmed all the way to the bottom. Normally, summers are very cool there.

We drove back from California in mid-July and it was over 115 degrees in Sacramento. The following week was the hottest week in Fort Collins history. Global warming had clearly destroyed the climate. CO2 was trapping huge amounts of heat.

Then in September, I was coaching soccer and the weather turned cold and wet. By Christmas, we had the biggest snowstorm in Fort Collins history – and the rest of the winter was bitter cold and snowy.

Apparently, CO2 was not keeping us warm after all.


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5 Responses to Global Weirding In 2006

  1. Chuck says:

    That was a crazy year! Record monsoon for ABQ during summer and Dec 30th I woke up to 22″ of snow in my back yard. Crazy!

  2. F. U. Bar says:

    So what exactly is your point? Since it’s called “global warming” you uniformally expect it to be warmer? I think you’re much closer to the truth when you use the term “global weirding” which is what we’re seeing across the whole world.

  3. Dave says:

    In December of 2006 Albuquerque got hit with 2 major snow storms, and in the second storm it snowed 11 inches in 24 hours at my house. Not much by Colorado standards but that is a huge amount for Albuquerque to get in one day. Of course this proved global warming because the extra energy in the atmosphere increased precipitation, but the dry years 2011-2012 proved global warming as well, since the extra energy in the atmosphere decreased precipitation.

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