Hayhoe Shoveling It Twice As Often As She Did In 1895

Actually, I was talking about snow. Not the darker material Katherine normally shovels.

ScreenHunter_19 Feb. 01 10.05


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2 Responses to Hayhoe Shoveling It Twice As Often As She Did In 1895

  1. Wyguy says:

    Ms Hayhoe does not shovel the darker material, she revels in it.

  2. darrylb says:

    Really, like so many scientists, she has bought into the meme so much that she has forgotten what being a scientist means.
    I have read most of her book and I plan to send her a document categorically challenging most points.
    I really do believe in time, if she reminds herself of the objective nature of science, and also the repercussions of drastic falsifications by some of her colleagues she will change her bearing.
    Some of her colleagues already have.

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