Remarkable Superbowl Discovery

I have “teased out the data” to prove perfect correlation between Peyton Manning’s age, and the date.

ScreenHunter_50 Feb. 01 19.22

Here is the fully adjusted version, which includes Time Of Birthday Bias and Sibling Homogenization.

ScreenHunter_52 Feb. 01 19.58

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14 Responses to Remarkable Superbowl Discovery

  1. EW3 says:

    When GISS gets a hold of your data, Manning will be aging much faster during the last few years.

  2. Must be caused by global warming.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Time Marches On
    You’re older than you’ve ever been,
    and now you’re even older,
    and now you’re older still.
    Time is marching on,
    and time… is still marching on.
    -They Might Be Giants, “Older”

  4. Andy Oz says:

    At that hockey stick rate, he’ll either live to be 386 or he will be dead by 2020.

  5. Baa Humbug says:

    Haha I got a good chuckle.
    Goddards Institute of Piss Taking Studies

  6. Anto says:

    Well, time is relative. However, your second chart just looks like a crooked line.

  7. Robert says:

    very good

  8. Bob Knows says:

    The Science is all done. Only radical extremists from Seattle would quibble with those facts.

  9. HWR says:

    Brilliant! That one will leave a mark. Not even a government grant will ease the pain.

  10. Brian H says:

    Those graphs are wrong. We all know that the older you get the faster you get older. Until you stop.

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