Bad Timing For The Broncos

If the Superbowl was played today, the deep snow might have slowed down the Seattle runners.

ScreenHunter_100 Feb. 03 10.18

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4 Responses to Bad Timing For The Broncos

  1. Pathway says:

    Go ahead, rub it in.

  2. stewart pid says:

    Yeah … they should have made the Seahawks wear lead shoes to make it a fair contest 😉

  3. ChrisV says:

    They really lucked out with the weather, in NY today having a good old fashioned snowstorm. More snow and ice for tomorrow night and Wednesday and already talk of a major snowstorm for next weekend. Somebody didn’t want the Broncos to win 😉

  4. Ralph Woods says:

    Does make you wonder if there is a weather machine somewhere that can move pressure systems around for short periods.

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