Denver NBC Weather Forecast

I just saw this at the gym on the Denver NBC affiliate.

Current temperature : -10
Wind chill : -6
Low tonight : +1

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17 Responses to Denver NBC Weather Forecast

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Has NASA infiltrated the NBC with a “temperature pre-adjustment” or are the weather guys just a bit slow?

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Maybe it’s a warm wind.

    And as far as the low being +1 when it’s already -10? I’m stumped. But it’s not too unlike all the doomsayers continuing to blab on about the melting ice, when we’ve had record high levels of sea ice in Antarctica, and their ship just got stuck in it in the middle of the Antarctic summer. And, on top of that, we’ve had record growth of Arctic ice:

    Yeah, the ice ain’t melting. And the Arctic melts and thaws in a cycle. So I liked this bit of a comment from Code Tech from the wuwt link above: “So what if there’s more or less ice in the Arctic? It doesn’t matter. The only ice that matters is Antarctic and Greenland. And contrary to fake reports over the years, they’re not going anywhere. As everyone here knows, the Antarctic ice is growing, not shrinking, and that’s the most massive chunk of ice on the planet. It would take thousands of years of the most dramatic temperature rise recorded to even start making any serious global impact on sea levels.”

    It’s so cold in Denver that the computers are malfunctioning saying that the day’s low is going to be higher then it already is: yeah, they’re Einstein brand computers. Or maybe the Denver weather computers are somehow also suffering from Super Bowl Shock. Regardless, clearly the missing heat is not in Denver.

  3. Robertv says:

    Antarctic .Only Thin, Rotten Ice Remains

  4. Gail Combs says:

    You will like this picture Steve:

    Giant icicles create dramatic views from inside the sea caves in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, which is located along the shores of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.

    Sea Caves? Lake Superior? ERRRrrr when did Lake Superior become an inland sea?

  5. Anto says:

    They’ve been using Gavin’s TOBS adjustment algorithm.

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    Gail Combs
    I think Antarctica is also bowl shaped under all that ice.

  7. theyouk says:

    Question: Anyone know if the ice mass (or heck, even current snow depth) of the Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island is actively monitored on more than a ‘once every few years or so’ basis? Reason I ask is b/c all signs would seem to point to that area (well, Baffin overall) being roughly the point of origin of the NorthAm ice sheets in the most recent ice age. I have a hypothesis I’m keen to research that not unlike the old Ewing-Donn theory ice centered around major, sustained increases in snow precipitation (over centuries) in the Baffin area–which for a while there appeared to be the case during much of this winter. Not a lot of measuring sites up there though (I suppose I could just ‘guess’ what the current conditions are, link those guesses to AGW, and apply for funding…) 😉 PS–Trying to get ahead of traffic this morning due to lots of on-highway puddles in our permanent drought here in CA…

    • Billy Liar says:

      Take a look at it on Google Earth. It doesn’t look as if its perimeter is growing – it certainly doesn’t seem to be shovelling rock and boulders at its edges.

      My guess would be that it is still shrinking.

  8. Andy DC says:

    The low temperature is the current temperature after “adjustments”.

  9. John B., M.D. says:

    So, the wind chill was WARMER than the actual temp?

  10. Brian H says:

    Either they got their signs reversed (not for the first time), or a warm front is blowin’ in. That could maybe bump temps to above +1, which then could be the subsequent low. But my money’s on sign reversal.

  11. Kepler says:

    This is what happens when CAGW overwhelms natural variability. Everything gets thrown out of kilter. Wind makes cold air feel warmer, and as we’ll learn this summer humidity makes hot air feel even hotter than before. Eventually the extreme weather kills everyone on earth.

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