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6 Responses to Message To Mark Steyn

  1. minarchist says:

    I believe Mann’s choice of the Bristlecone pine was also a part of his original deception. As I recall, Craig Idso had earlier published research which showed that this species responded unusually to aerial CO2 fertilization making it a particularly bad proxy choice.

    • gator69 says:

      Dendrologists consider the Bristle Cone to be among the worst for this kind of proxy. But then there are so very many issues with that Schtick from the Mann-hole.

  2. Robert Austin says:

    Climate Audit should be a gold mine for Steyn’s case. Mann’s statistical flim-flam of “short centring” as Steve McIntyre termed it was an egregious abuse of data and on that basis alone could Mann be accused of the “f” word. And if Steyn can use discovery to get at Mann’s correspondence while he was at U of V and Penn State, there may be other treasures to be found, My real concern is that Mann appears to be supported legally by deep pockets whereas Steyn appears to be on his own legally. One would think that big oil would pitch in to help Steyn if we can believe Mann’s paranoid nonsense.

  3. Why would big oil want to kill the golden goose?

    Big oil is into “green” energy up to their eyeballs.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Big Oil IS Big Green.

      BP and Shell Oil and the Rockefeller Foundation (Standard oil money) founded CRU.

      Shell VP, Ged Davis is in the climategate e-mails and was an IPCC lead author.

      Mueller of BEST fame has a consulting business ‘Employing’ another Shell president….

      • Kalifornia Kafir says:

        If some researcher happens to hit the motherlode with a viable renewable energy source, Big Oil wants to be first in line to exploit it. Nothing “green” about it except the color of money.

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