Locating The Missing Cold

Richard “I never was a skeptic” Muller has his own hockey stick. He can’t find the global cooling from 1940-1970.ScreenHunter_446 Feb. 10 15.21

In 1974, NCAR knew about it.

ScreenHunter_492 Feb. 11 20.18

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences knew about it.

ScreenHunter_450 Feb. 10 15.30

In 1981, Hansen knew about it.

ScreenHunter_453 Feb. 10 15.45

But somewhere along the line, the world’s top scientists accidentally lost the missing cold.


ScreenHunter_400 Feb. 09 04.21

ScreenHunter_475 Feb. 10 23.10

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7 Responses to Locating The Missing Cold

  1. Chewer says:

    It was a warm coolness in that era, which isn’t quite worthy of keeping in the permanent record 😉

  2. Password protected says:

    Seriously what I the agenda here.
    These people think they are saving humanity?
    These people have ego based identities to protect?
    They have to sustain their funding?
    Some other motive than “here is the truth”.
    C’mone scientists, fess-up.

  3. omanuel says:

    Steven, I appreciate your humor in describing seriously dangerous developments from the world-wide effort to control people with hysterical rhetoric:


    Donna Laframboise reviews the history of post-1947 environmental activism:


    Consensus opinions solar and nuclear physics abruptly changed, without discussion or debate, between 1945 and 1946 [1]

    Click to access WHY.pdf


    1. Fred Hoyle, Home Is Where The Wind Blows: Chapters from a Cosmologist’s Life (University Science Books; First edition published on April 1, 1994) 443 pp. See especially pages 153-154:


  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Why does it tick up @ the end unlike the data input that lasts as long as it?

    Only Mini The Moosher knows.

    Fat fucking enabler of fascism!

    In our day?!

    No way!

  5. gator69 says:

    It’s hiding at the bottom of a waste can.

  6. Rosco says:

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves …

  7. Brian H says:

    The world-changing power of conveniently messy offices.

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