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Shock News : White House Releasing Fraudulent Numbers

Insurance industry raises questions about new ObamaCare enrollment numbers being ‘inflated’ | Fox News

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Skepticism Must Be Doing Well

We are starting to see a few skeptics launching turf wars, which is a sure sign that skepticism is doing well, and will soon become as corrupt and useless as the alarmists are.

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NOAA Falls Into Their Trap

NOAA claims that January temperatures in the US were average. Climate at a Glance | Time Series They made a little mistake though. Great Lakes ice extent was at an all-time record high for the date at the end of … Continue reading

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Need Help

Does anyone know where to get any US temperature graphs made before 1997?

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I Don’t Get It

I show that Obama’s literary agents are birthers, and some people process that information, as me being a birther. I have no idea where Obama was born, but I suspect that his literary agents probably do. 1991 Born in Kenya … Continue reading

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A Closer Look At USHCN TOBS Adjustments

According to USHCN docs, the V2 TOBS adjustment hasn’t changed since V1 This net effect is about the same as that of the TOB adjustments in the HCN version 1 temperature data (Hansen et al. 2001), which is to be … Continue reading

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Two Thirds Of Democrats Are Against Democracy

Even when asked to set aside their views on how the government is supposed to work, by a wide 60-37 percent margin voters still disapprove of Obama going around Congress. Almost all Republicans disapprove of Obama acting without lawmakers (90 … Continue reading

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