1974 : Climatologists Said Global Cooling And Increasing Arctic Ice Was Leading To Floods, Drought And Famine

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FORECAST FOR – FORECASTING – CLOUDY In the long term, climate is cooling off-or is it warming up? As for tomorrow’s weather, even the world’s biggest computer can’t sayfor sure what it will be. Forecasting ‘ A really accurate three-day weather forecast would result in savings of $86-million a year just for growersof wheat in the state of Wisconsin.’ – View Article – NYTimes.com

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7 Responses to 1974 : Climatologists Said Global Cooling And Increasing Arctic Ice Was Leading To Floods, Drought And Famine

  1. Bob Greene says:

    Well, they are right. The climate probably does result in droughts, irregular weather patterns, flooding, blizzards, heat waves and the like.

    • Tom Laney says:

      In the sense that they are right, they are not saying anything. Climate, by definition, changes, and influences wealth patterns, etc. This is not news, it’s just a fact of nature.

      Where they are wrong is in their dogmatic claims that these climate changes are somehow unprecedented and represent some kind of ominous trend. In this regard they are always wrong, as demonstrated by this article.

      My message to warmists is: Climate changes, get used to it, and stop trying to spin these changes into some kind of global, the-sky-is-falling, crisis.

  2. Have you seen the new Alaska sea ice atlas?

    It has data and interactive ice maps available going back to 1850. My post on it is here, with a few select maps captured:

    http://polarbearscience.com/2014/02/19/chukchi-beaufort-sea-ice-atlas-check-out-polar-bear-habitat-1850-2013/ Check out Bering Sea ice in 1850 vs 2012!

    The website itself is http://seaiceatlas.snap.uaf.edu/ [Jan 1850 to Dec 2013, select a date…]

    It covers only the Chukchi, Beaufort and Bering Seas but perhaps we’ll see something like it for the Atlantic sector someday.


  3. Ozzie in Honolulu says:

    And in the 1960’s we were worried about global warming (the more things change…). Anybody remember Tiny Tim’s song, “The Other Side,” AKA “The Icebergs Are Melting”?

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