Coldest US Autumn/Winter Afternoons For 115 Years

With the rest of the month forecast to be very cold in the US, October to February afternoon temperatures have been the coldest in 115 years.

ScreenHunter_248 Feb. 21 06.12

More than 80% of the country is running below normal over the past five months.

WaterTDeptUS (11)

WaterTDeptUS.png (688×531)


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40 Responses to Coldest US Autumn/Winter Afternoons For 115 Years

  1. Crashex says:

    Those yellow dots amid a sea of green are just screaming, “dig here for bogus data”.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    This is totally consistent with the world being heated to record levels, by runaway hockey stick out of control warming that is leading to the warmest years ever, year after year. Because heating causes it to be cold. As a proof, notice that wherever people use heaters it is cold. Cut CO2! And stop using heaters… unless you want us all to freeze to death!

  3. Al Gore says:

    I think this would be a story if it were a straight line dive to “coldest US autumn / winter afternoons for 115 years” but it appears to be very cyclical…

  4. Phil Bickel says:

    This goes along with the record number of hurricanes and F4-F5 tornados we’ve experienced in the current decade to prove that rising CO2 levels, blah blah blah blah!

  5. mike alan says:

    Coldest winter I can remember and I am 54 year old new yorker. THis winter has been a disaster. We were told the hurricane season would be a disaster YET there were no hurricanes. Hmmmmm.

  6. “It’s global warming, everyone knows that.” signed, Man-Bear-Pig…

  7. Takpro says:

    Is it possible to have someone legally committed based on on-line comments alone? If so… OFFICER!

  8. You need to post the same chart, change the starting year to 1954 (or whenever that peak is), and add a trendline. Maybe even throw in a reverse hockey stick projection.

  9. rw says:

    “October to February afternoon temperatures have been the coldest in 115 years.”

    And this is at the top of the Hockey Stick. God knows what will happen if we fall off. (Then again, by current logic, maybe it should get warmer.)

    Now that I think of it, that’s an interesting question. If global warming causes it to get colder, does global cooling cause warmth? So when it warms up again, we’ll know it’s cooling?

  10. Andy DC says:

    Just wait until next week! That number is going to take a big dive during an absolutely unbelieveably cold last week of February!

  11. lanchealot says:

    Pretty sure it is time to tax more People. According to 97% of climate scientists. Farting makes it colder.

  12. Bill says:

    It’s that darn Groundhog’s fault coupled with the Farmers Almanac and all those Climate Change Deny-ers. Shoot, everyone knows that snow and ice cause the temperature to warm up in a coupla months. That there’s called climate CHANGE cause it goes way back when…even before sciaintests! Now we all know no self respectin polatichin like Algore would ever think bout lyin to the good folks of this here US of A! He’s got the best dern peoples aworkin for him that money cain buy! And they be agreein with every thing he says! Why I bet theyuns be some of the smartest democrats around! Yep, we know no democrat polatichin would ever lie to anyone bout anythin. Sometimes thry may speak a little too early and say things that later on may not turn out to be the way they hoped but they be tryin! I know cause I was almost able to keep my doctor AND insurance! Yall hsve a sweet night!

  13. JGordon says:

    Yes, because as we all know, the US equals tr entire globe. Average global temps 4th HIGHEST in recorded history. You know, science and stuff.

    • Satellites say January was 10th warmest since 1979, close to the median. You know, science and stuff.

    • hugh says:

      Just curious, JGordo, as to where you get your classified information from. Somewhere sooper-dooper secret, like the IPCC? E-mails from the secretive Mr. Mann?

    • Gordon, the NOAA’s findings must be taken with a grain of salt. Case in point: their map shows the Philippines as having above normal temps during January, whereas the national weather agency PAGASA have been reporting lower than normal temps almost the entire month.

  14. Al Gore, Jr. says:

    This is a opportunity.

  15. i enjoy how the warmest freaks now call it climate change– and use much words –to explain how global warming caused this cold winter. this summer when it gets hot, that will be global warming also– i wish they would join up with the Y2K- nuts a buy a Mayan calender– and just worry their life away.

  16. Mike Hernan says:

    Global warming any one?

  17. C David says:

    Eastcoast storm Sunday night, then another Weds, followed by another on Sat March 1, by then another 3 feet of snow will have fallen. This leads to more albeto effect, the sun’s rays being reflect back out, not absorbed by a dark bare ground if there was no snow on the ground. Maple sugaring will be very late this year, if it’s worth doing at all in mid-March if the temps get above freezing. In the late 1800’s there was mini-ice age, perhaps we are entering one.

  18. david stallings says:

    The forecast by the weather guru’s last year was suppose to be one of the warmest on record. They missed it by…………. a whole lot.

  19. Don says:

    It’s colder then a well digger’s a*s here.

  20. Bob Knows says:

    Not sure I believe that data. We’re back to more than 10 degrees below average again. We’ve been very cold all winter, but the map only shows us about -2 degrees below average. Try -15.

  21. Shazaam says:

    Here in the lake Erie snowbelt, we typically have a January thaw and a February thaw to “clear the decks of the accumulated snow. (overall average temperature is approx 30 deg F) So we usually see one week a month where all snow is melted off.

    This year, no such thing. Honeybees only relieve themselves when flying, and my poor bees haven’t had a “fly day” since December….. I’m afraid they’re getting “full-up” 😉

  22. Chewer says:

    I still have 2.5 cords of wood left and a balmy -26 F. this morning was quite welcomed 😉
    Get your Nenana Classic tickets before April 1st. By my estimates, breakup looks to be around May 16th this year, sometime after noon…

  23. Sabo says:

    Gosh that annoying global warming just keeps rearing it ugly head.
    Someone tell the global warming kooks (all dems), they have a screw loose.

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