Looking Forward To The Next Polar Vortex

Hopefully the cold air will get here soon and change the weather pattern. The jet stream has been sitting right over us for a month, and it has been a constant hurricane – except for the week of record cold at the start of the month.

ScreenHunter_264 Feb. 21 08.28

NCAR Mesa Lab Weather (english, monthly)

90 MPH winds last night.

ScreenHunter_265 Feb. 21 08.34

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5 Responses to Looking Forward To The Next Polar Vortex

  1. squid2112 says:

    We had a gust near Hendersonville clocked at over 95mph last night. Fun times!

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Princeton U lecturer argues global warming doesn’t cause polar vortex:

    Happer explained that this year’s record lows have been emphasized in order to support the climate change ‘myth.’ “You know, for years we were told we’re going to fry, and the earth refused to cooperate. And so they desperately look for something else to hang their hat on,” he said, referring to supporters of the global warming theory.

    “It’s exactly the same as weather we’ve had in my own lifetime many times,” Happer said. “Why should it suddenly be climate change?”

    • Gary H says:

      Wasn’t the polar vortex simply called the “polar express” in recent times?

      I’d bet that a good research would find that there were numerous cycles of a weakened/wobbly jet stream allowing the polar air to head south long before 1950 (hint – look up all the great freezes in the citrus states – Rio Grande Valley and in Florida).

      still, it would be curious to find out if such winter events coincided with the earlier bouts of Arctic warming and shrinking sea ice extent cycles in the decades preceding the great re-freeze from around 1950-the late 1970’s.

  3. phodges says:

    Should be changing middle of next week…don’t know about you guys but we should be getting the Asian Jet and maybe even a tropical connection in Cali..

  4. Andy DC says:

    Next week is going to be unbelievably cold over a wide area of the US, easily 30-40 degrees below normal. Going to ensure that this February and this winter will be one of the coldest on record. The Polar Vortex is literally going to drop from the north pole to Michigan in a matter of a couple days.

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