Nancy Grace Slams UK Fugitive Piers Morgan

HLN host Nancy Grace was among the guests, and she didn’t want to hear more gun-control talk from Morgan.

“Are you back on gun control again?” she asked. “If it weren’t for the British, we wouldn’t even have to have protections to carry guns. It was the British way back when they founded America. They were running through all of our homes trying to take our stuff. So we’re protected under the Constitution.

“So it’s not really right for a Brit to jump up and start talking to us about gun control.”

Ratings: Is CNN’s Piers Morgan Shooting Himself in the Foot? | Variety

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8 Responses to Nancy Grace Slams UK Fugitive Piers Morgan

  1. Chewer says:

    Her ratings are about the same as Mr. Delusional, so slamming a fellow whack job, can’t hurt 😉

  2. Andy says:

    But you no longer have the Brits running through your homes taking your stuff, so you can cancel it now.

    Mind you Piers Morgan is an idiot, glad we sent him over there to run through your homes boring you to tears on the TV :p

    • We have a King Barry I now, who is worse than King George III. The highlight of recent British history was Jeremy Clarkson punching out Piers Morgan.

      • gator69 says:

        We also have the UN trying to bring tyranny from abroad, again.

        • Blogengeezer says:

          United Nations assisted the Hutu majority across Rwanda in purchasing NPRTV and 31,500 Machetes (not many firearms, but enough) to forcefully disarm, disfoot, disleg, dishand, dishead and sexually mutilate (targeting females) the Christian Tutsis Of course it was all fine as far as UN comm-andante Butrous-Boutros Ghali was concerned, because less guns is Safer. Less guns in the hands of Christian Tutsi was really safer… for the carnage wielding Muslim Hutus. By all means endorse the UN, adhere to their mandates, they guarantee safety… for their favored agenda.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Andy, it is true that the British are no longer running through our homes — but it is also true that we are no longer British. The foundational philosophy behind our American system of government is that we all have a natural right to defend ourselves, either singly or jointly. We are citizens, and any powers the government may have are powers that it got by bequest from us as individuals. The British people (the majority), on the other hand, are subjects. Their government is based on the philosophy that some people are born with saddles and others are born with spurs. Subjects with saddles are not allowed by their rulers to own weapons.

      You may find my explanation uncomfortable, but it has the virtue of being both simple and correct.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    If Piers Morgan loves gun control so much why doesn’t he go back home to the UK and live in a Muslim neighborhood….

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