Tampering Competition

Not wanting to be outdone by NASA and NOAA, the rest of the hockey team erased the MWP and the LIA, between the 1990 IPCC report (blue) and the 2001 IPCC report.

ScreenHunter_313 Feb. 22 13.06

It appears that the year 2000 was a banner year for data tampering

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5 Responses to Tampering Competition

  1. darrylb says:

    Good, I wanted a copy of those two superimposed on each other.
    Steven, I will give credit to the somewhere over 100 graphs/ articles etc of which I have made copies from this blog
    A nice weekend to all!

  2. daveburton says:


    Are the blue ticks on the 1991 FAR graph’s vertical scale at 1°C intervals? I.e., is it to the same scale as the 2001 TAR graph?

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