Who Is This Stalker?

Some Internet stalker named Brandon is incapable of understanding how a graph like this shows the total magnitude of data tampering.

ScreenHunter_251 Feb. 06 11.02

By lining up the five year running means at the most recent common date (in this case 1997) the gap shows the total magnitude of the data tampering –  i.e. the sum of older cooling  + newer warming.

If there was no data tampering, there would be no gap.

If the total magnitude of the data tampering was 0.5 degrees, then there would be a gap of 0.5 degrees.

If the total magnitude of the data tampering (older cooling  + newer warming) was 1.0 degrees, then there would be a gap of 1.0 degrees.

This is very basic logic, but this stalker is going all over the Internet trashing me, because he is apparently too dense to understand very simple concepts

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15 Responses to Who Is This Stalker?

  1. NikFromNYC says:

    My male testoneronal role on Earth is to contribute complex emotions, necessarily logically restrained by pure and thus “divine” mathematics. In this role I am a piece in a great jigsaw puzzle of division of labor extra individual supermanism. And you, each of you?

  2. Chewer says:

    The scary part is that to many people believe his BS.
    These real-world observations should be scaring the crap out of them, seeing how the torches & pitchforks are about to come out for these lying and neurotic criminals…

    Late summer isn’t what it used to be down south 😉

  3. Morgan says:

    I can’t decide whether Brandon is still using his core ganglion, or whether he traded his brain in for the core 2 duo ganglion.

  4. omanuel says:


    As you get closer to revealing the “big lie,” more government stalkers will come crawling out.

    Personal attacks are a sure indication the stalker cannot debate the science successfully.

    There was a time on PhysOrg when stalkers would identify themselves with code names like Red Jane, Pink Floyd, etc.

    Hang in there, and rest assured the conclusion to Climategate was written before the emails were released in November 2009:

    “Truth is victorious, never untruth.”

  5. Tel says:

    Wild guess based on nothing but a similar name and subject …


    • nomoregore says:

      could be right Tel…. Bio here:

      Libstains don’t possess rational thought….but… we all knew that.

      Morano is getting the word out tho….

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Anybody else notice that if you follow the story links on that page you go to a page called “EcoBusiness?” Also, the name EcoWatch is trademarked. Brandon is writing for a business entity dedicated to putting out puff pieces from the so-called green energy industry. In other words he is PAID to do what he is doing.

      Another puff piece at this site is talking about how wonderful it is that a German village has gone all windmills and solar panes and how happy everybody was because their electric bills were so dramatically reduced. It overlooks, of course, the fact that what energy they actually got from the windmills was heavily subsidized and that recently the German government announced it was removing those subsidies, or that removing those subsidies will destroy all those wonderful green energy enterprises.

  6. What could possibly go wrong? says:

    Having a personal stalker is like being knighted. Also it’s free PR.

    • Gail Combs says:

      You are so correct.

      When you have a stalker like this it means you are getting too close to the truth.

      The ones they abuse and make fun of are the ones they view as most dangerous. The ones they think are making a dent in their propaganda wall.

      So – Congratulations Steve.

      I figured when Tamino devoted an article to trashing me, I had “Arrived” and I do not even have a website.

      We should all be happy there are now so many thorns in the government propaganda machine.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    What is really funny is Daily KOS is accusing the ‘Right Wing’ of creating spambot sockpuppets.


    This comment is too good not to share:

    Indeed, here at AT P&N we host propaganda agents from Mossad, Hamas, The Workers’ Party of Korea, Communist Party of Vietnam, Communist Party USA, The Taliban, Dick Cheney and Ron Paul.

  8. If it were a matter of presenting the data most clearly, I would recommend erasing the grid lines (keeping only the tic marks on the axes). Since we are dealing with the affronted religious feelings of the self-identified but incompetent “defenders of science”, and with a political coup d’etat of America being attempted by Obama and his supporters–whom I insist upon calling the Insane Left–I am fairly sure erasing those cluttering lines would not solve the problem. Nor would clearly identifying the blue line as the older official record and the red the newer one, showing tampering–systematic biasing of the temperature trend–from one to the next.

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