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Jeremy Clarkson Discusses Piers’ New Career Opportunity

Twitter / JeremyClarkson: I understand that Nigerian …

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Former Chess Champ Explains Obama

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Washington Post Slams Obama For Lying, Yet Again

Getting to be a daily event   Robert Samuelson: Obama uses fairy tale economics on minimum wage – The Washington Post

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Schneider Went From Cooling Alarmist To Warming Alarmist In Just Four Years

The science is always settled, based on current funding opportunities, 1977 global cooling alarmist The Genesis Strategy – A chilling prospect – View Article – NYTimes.com 1981 : global warming alarmist Published: August 22, 1981 A team of Federal scientists … Continue reading

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Hansen 1981 : -55C Temperatures On Mars Prove CO2 Warming

STUDY FINDS WARMING TREND THAT COULD RAISE SEA LEVELS By WALTER SULLIVAN Published: August 22, 1981 In their analysis, the scientists seek to respond to an outspoken skeptic regarding the carbon dioxide threat, Dr. Sherwood B. Idso, a climate specialist … Continue reading

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Show Me The Money

I keep being accused of being paid by the Koch Brothers or big oil or big tobacco. I could use the money, but have been unable to obtain any. If anyone knows where I can get some skeptic money, please … Continue reading

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Brain Vortex At Salon

Salon published this map, and also tells their readers that the Arctic is melting. Their brains appear to have been sucked into a vortex. It still isn’t over: The polar vortex is about to hit for the third time – … Continue reading

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