Snowfall Increasing, Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

We keep hearing from experts that skiing is doomed from global warming. Here in Colorado, the evidence shows that these experts are completely incompetent.

Our snowfall is increasing.

ScreenHunter_100 Mar. 01 12.12

It snows more frequently now

ScreenHunter_99 Mar. 01 12.11

Our summers are getting shorter

ScreenHunter_98 Mar. 01 12.09

The total snowfall per storm hasn’t changed.

ScreenHunter_101 Mar. 01 12.12


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8 Responses to Snowfall Increasing, Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

  1. JKS says:

    “Congrats on the drudge link.. Very, very nice blog, glad to find it.

  2. Adam Gallon says:

    Schoolboy error here, Mr Goddard.You’ve blatantly cherry-picked your start dates, which should be 1979, of course!

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    But that’s where you are. It’s getting warmer and less snowier everywhere else. The experts have said that people are going to make the error of assuming that their local (cold) climate is representative of the global (warming) climate. The experts have assured us that on the individual level people will tend to find the climate colder, but we are all frying on the global level. Like in the South Pacific, assuming there aren’t any significant people there, it’s hotter than hell there. And the Arctic. It’s blistering hot in the Arctic. Don’t pay any attention to the record rates of ice growth this year because it’s boiling up there in the Arctic. And that hot air from the Arctic is going to come down here and cause us all to fry, soon! CUT CO2 by 80% or more! Or we are doomed, D double o M and ee dee!

    • JKS says:

      As long as the experts have given the word! Experts are oh so wonderful and correct all the time after all. (BLATANT SARCASM)

    • Ernest Bush says:

      At first I thought you were joking. Now I see that you are just another troll giving out the same stupid rant. Using terms like blistering hot with respect to the Arctic is just plain stupid. I assume you are referring to the bright warm colors showing on global maps provided by our esteemed government here in the U.S. Try reading the scale beside those colors will you. Also, remember it is summertime in the South Pacific.

    • Brian H says:

      Less snowier? ‘Scuse me while I try and figger out if that does or can possibly make any sense……

      OK, snowier, but not as snowier as expected?

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