Spectacular Data Tampering From GISS In Australia

CRUTEM in orange. GISS in blue.

ScreenHunter_78 Mar. 01 07.34

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7 Responses to Spectacular Data Tampering From GISS In Australia

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    thanks. local data..always helps:-)
    its not over there…it right HERE!
    CSIRO BoM and the rest are all as bad:-(

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for all your efforts. I sent a second message to the US National Academy of Sciences and the UK Royal Society explaining my concerns for mankind more concisely:

    Click to access CLIMATE_POLICY.pdf

    • NikFromNYC says:

      To the extent this spam spewing crackpot infests skepticism effectively via Steve’s high traffic site and now through letters to policy makers, all of skeptics suffer successful ridicule. It’s one of the reasons I lightened up my online efforts combined with Steve’s banning all of my posts here except one a day, for months now. I used to use the site as stress relief as I battled the usual nasty army of Gorebots in my spare time throughout the day. This guy is only out of life in jail due to a statute of limitations after being convicted of only one count of ass raping all of his multiple children. What a joke this site has become! A literal joke. An effective one. A PR disaster is what it is. Tim Ball even coauthors a paper tiger Skydragon book with this truly evil man. Steve’s response to my earlier protest was that he was afraid of being a Nazi (?!) or something (“That’s what Nazis do.” to paraphrase). I now consider Steve to be a loser, unwilling to just write a damn book with a serious editing feedback, simply spelling out the relation between various data sets and at what point various adjustments have occurred. Tony Watts and friends are creating a big book themselves, and this potentially damning information is not evidently going to feature in it. Well, why not?

    • Tel says:

      If there was an easy way to turn an iron ball into an atomic bomb, I think a bunch of countries would be doing it by now. Getting nuclear energy out of iron sound too much like perpetual motion to me… but I admit I’m not a nuclear physicist.

      That said, if the Global Warming believers want to try to smear me with asinine reference to the iron sun theory… I not going to freak out about it, nor even particularly care. This is about being able to predict trends in the weather over the next 20 years. Banging on about side issues won’t help them fix their predictions.

      • Paul Clark says:

        Using an unproven (thermonuclear core) assumption to disprove the iron sun theory is a straw man of your own making — we just don’t know what’s in the core or how the sun is powered. Having said that Omanual is a bit of a spammer with a weird pulsar core theory.

  3. I didn’t realize Australia suffered from post-glacial rebound.

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