The Wisconsin Winter Is Just Weather, But One Day In Adelaide Is Climate

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10 Responses to The Wisconsin Winter Is Just Weather, But One Day In Adelaide Is Climate

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    funny isnt it..can go from 40+C down to 20 in a couple of hrs in the same afternoon..but a .6 degree rise(maybe) over X many years would have plants n animals dying in droves according to greenloonytunes.

  2. mkelly says:

    What does “harbinger of global climate” mean? That is silly talk.

    • B.C. says:

      It means “Who needs facts and unadulterated data? Give up your sovereignty, rights and money to us or we’ll call you Flat-Earthers and Deniers!”.

  3. tom b says:

    I’m from Wisconsin and I’d love some global warming now. First day of “meteorological ” spring temp is 12* Fahrenheit. 2 feet of snow & ice on ground

    • Don says:

      I note the clown referred to it as “chilly Wisconsin”. So brutally cold weather is now going to be referred to as “chilly”? They have no scruples.

      As posted by me yesterday, Green Bay has set a record for sub-zero days and there is more to come. Some ‘chilly’.

  4. Theyouk says:

    Having grown up in Wisconsin (with family still there), I have confess–I’d always been jealous of Adelaide. Adelaide represents the real world; we were just beer-swilling, cheese-eating ice fishermen in a little corner of the world. Speaking of that, there never was a Wisconsin Glaciation (because there wasn’t one in Adelaide). (sarc)
    Per Mr. McDonald, we could have a Krakatoa-type event in Wisconsin but unless it happened in Adelaide, it wouldn’t exist on the planet Earth. Not only is this guy a moron, he’s managed to insult 5.7 million folks who would be more than happy to put antlers on his head, give him a long tan coat, and send him into the woods on opening day of deer season.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I was watching the Adelaide temperature that day quite closely, since the BoM and others were projecting 46 C as an all time record based on the models.

    It got to 44 C and that was it. As usual they were wrong.

  6. Mkelley says:

    Here in Montana, I have -12 F., and it looks like that will be the high for today. I’m glad I’m in the Southern part of the state. Check out these temperatures and wind chills for my region:

  7. Scott Scarborough says:

    44 deg C = 111 deg F. 46 deg C = 115 deg F. I see nothing about the 1858 heat wave that is 11 degrees hotter than that.

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