Ban Assault Cars

Many lives ruined by assault vehicles on I-25 yesterday in Denver. It is time for background checks on all auto purchasers, and capacity limitations. No driver needs more than 5 horsepower.

ScreenHunter_159 Mar. 02 13.01

I-25 pileup: 104 vehicles involved, 1 killed, 30 hospitalized after snowy disaster – The Denver Post

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15 Responses to Ban Assault Cars

  1. Psalmon says:

    Fortunately there wasn’t a 3000 psi tank of Liquified Natural Gas in that wagon.

  2. Mike says:

    You’re about to gain Millions of new followers with your logical, reason based, suggestion.

  3. The founding fathers never envisioned a vehicle travelling more than 20 mph, or carrying more than a few pieces of bark.

    Also, Psalmon reminded me:

  4. Dave N says:

    I use a similar argument for people against immunisation:

    “I don’t want to risk the miniscule chance of my child having a reaction.. now excuse me while I drive them to school”

    Rational thought: meet window

  5. Send Al to the Pole says:

    I should think Coloradans know how to drive in the snow. So it must have been a rogue SUV with an extended fuel tank and laser sights.

  6. Humble Guru says:

    Coloradoans DO know how to drive in the snow. Problem is, this place is filled with people from Washington, Oregon and California.

    • Send Al to the Pole says:

      It’s even worse when you’re in a whole state full of them. We get a little dusting here in the NW, and I’ve seen people park on the fwy, lock the car, and walk off and leave it there. Stuck in a 2″ rut… in a FWD car no less. I’ve driven sports cars with radial tires thru blizzards over high altitude passes. I’d put a few hundred pounds of cement in the trunk, but that’s about it. You learn all the techniques living in the Rockies.

  7. And we need to require seat-belts on commodes

  8. Airbags & seatbelts can be replaced with a crudly carved wooden spike protruding from the steering wheel. A scared driver is a safe driver.

  9. Justa Joe says:

    If I was involved in that crash I’d sue AlGore, Mikey Mann, Jimmie “D-Tranis” Hansen, John Heinz-Kerry, Peter Gleik, the IPCC, the Sierra Club, the EPA, and anybody else with deep pockets associated with AGW scare promotion. There promotion of AGW crap has left our state govts. inadequately prepared to deal with hsrsh winter conditions

  10. R. de Haan says:

    I am a petrol head and love cars, planes and boats and cycling but the problem of crashing cars has been solved.
    Last year a MB S-class drove from Pforzheim to Mannheim entirely autonomous. The car that can’t crash is a fact so stop worrying about that subject.

    Although I have driven over 8 million km without any accident I just bought an MB with night vision and automatic stop system that activates in case an object shows up in the trajectory of the car including cyclists and pedestrians. This system will be standard equipment in all cars and trucks within a few years and put an end to the daily carnage on our roads.

    Also featured the gyro stabilized bike, now in production. No need to put your feet on the ground if you’re in front of a traffic light and it’s very difficult to crash even if you’re hit by a car.
    Np more donor bikes:

  11. Andy Oz says:

    Progressives are now also piste at Obam bam.
    He broke their commandments!!

  12. R. de Haan says:

    Autonomous driving mature in 2025
    Autonomous vehicles are one of the car industry’s most competitive areas of innovation, with some estimates suggesting that the potential to cut road deaths and injuries could be worth more than $5tn in benefits.

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