Ten Years Since The Guardian Announced The End Of Skiing In Scotland

ScreenHunter_138 Mar. 02 07.46

Global warming forces sale of Scottish winter sports resorts | UK news | The Guardian

Ten years later :


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17 Responses to Ten Years Since The Guardian Announced The End Of Skiing In Scotland

  1. Great pic! All that snow on Scottish mountains rather than low levels was a direct consequence of the extra precip in north UK especially which we, http://www.WeatherAction.com long range forecast.

  2. nigelf says:

    You keep up that accurate forecasting Piers and the next thing you know WeatherAction will be replacing the Met Office. I would expect this would be one of the first actions if you were so lucky to have UKIP elected.

    Like John Holdren, the Guardian has no credibility and should be dismissed.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Maybe by May, they will be able to dig out those lifts and resume the ski season.

  4. Tom Englert says:

    Check related content at bottom of article:

    Record number of skiers take to Scotland’s slopes. 8 Jan 2010

  5. Colorado Wellington says:

    Too much snow could force the sale of a ski resort, too. The paper should revisit the subject and tell us what’s going to happen. Because climate change.

  6. Skiphil says:

    …. And still the Eco-activists try to pretend that the end of skiing is imminent!! A bozo who is VP for “sustainability” at Aspen gets to make a lucrative career out of preaching fatuous gloom and doom for mountain snow:

    (H/t Tom Nelson)


  7. Spoon Jam says:

    Report From The Nevis Mountain Range on Jan 30th
    “Most Snow I’ve Ever Seen”

  8. Ken says:

    How many warmists does it take to run a ski lift in Scotland? Answer: 1000. It takes 999 to dig a trench in the non-existent snow for the lift chairs to run in, and 1 to push the “start” button.

  9. ccglea says:

    it’s interesting how all the doom and gloom predictions never come true. The doomsdayers make another wild prediction and no one points out their trackrecord.

  10. Colorado Wellington says:

    It’s fun to make fun of professional activists like Auden Schendler but Powder magazine editor Porter Fox epitomizes the global warming cause much better. He was in the news lately because of his “End of Snow” editorial in the New York Times.

    When confronted about his claims, Fox tells his skeptical critics:

    “I’m not in the game of convincing people of anything.”

    It’s tempting to ignore it like another meaningless throw-away line from a guy who gives speeches and publishes advocacy pieces on global warming but it starts making sense once you read this:

    “But his book focuses on skiing and the future of snow because the sport attracts a lot of influential people. They are the type that can make change happen by pressing for policy changes in Washington, D.C., he said.”

    There is a simple reason the warmists focus on places like Aspen. Porter Fox is not going to waste his time with the plebs. He understands the system and he knows his game. His audience is the gentry. They are the chosen ones who can make things happen in the Capital.


  11. Andy Oz says:

    That guy might be Piste, but he is definitely not skiiing!

  12. Psalmon says:

    Pineapple Express about to do the same for California’s permanent drought again:


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