The Beck Is Back

Last year, Sierra Club and University of Ottawa genius Paul Beckwith promised us an ice-free Arctic.


Instead the Arctic saw a 60% increase in extent last summer over 2012.

Now he is predicting seven metres of sea level rise.

ScreenHunter_115 Mar. 01 17.49

Twitter / ecodissident: Run for the hills: Paul Beckwith …

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19 Responses to The Beck Is Back

  1. Traitor in Chief says:

    Well, ya know, 7 by 70 kinda rolls of the tongue. Kinda like 10:10, or whatever it was. If he would just bump it to 24 and claim it will happen in 3 years he could call it 24/7. That would be snappy. Okay, so it’s 17, but who’s counting when we’ve got a planet to save?

  2. EW3 says:

    Have him make a prediction for just 1 year away.

  3. Notice how all of these predictions are now so far into the future that most of us will be long dead by the time the date rolls around? Talk about the biggest shift of goal posts in the history of mankind.

    • What could possibly go wrong? says:

      That’s the point he learned after last year. Never ever make a proph… prediction wich can be validated or falsified within a reasonable timeframe.

  4. R2Dtoo says:

    As a Canadian, I think this guy is becoming both a joke and an embarrassment. However, he actually is helping the skeptics. Does “off the wall” sound about right?

  5. Steve Case says:

    Run for the hills: Paul Beckwith calls 7m of sea level rise by 2070 on Radio @ecoshock

    Comes to an average of 125 mm/yr or nearly 40 times today’s claimed rate of 3.2 mm/yr. Of course that’s inflated, it’s really only about 1.9 mm/yr so call it well over 60 times today’s rate.

    Lies based on lies and some people swallow it hook line and sinker.

  6. If some well-funded NGO wants to poke a few million (it’s nothing, really, just a shift of a decimal place, right?) my way, I’m happy to say that the oceans will rise at least 5000m (±9000) in the next few years. Help a nigga out, yo!

  7. Colorado Wellington says:

    Now he is predicting seven metres of sea level rise.

    Bad news for Raúl. Cubans may soon walk to Florida.

  8. Gamecock says:


  9. ounceoflogic says:

    The cool thing about progressives is that no matter how many times they are wrong, they never lose their arrogance.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Until things get personal for them as they get caught in the system they were supporting. Seen that happen. It’s always such a shock and they have real trouble overcoming the denial stage.

  10. Kepler says:

    Beckwith is acting directly from the alarmist idiot playbook. When your stupid short-term prediction fails miserably then double down with an even more stupid long-term prediction that no one can disprove.

  11. Andy DC says:

    Making a ridiculous 56 year prediction is risk free, because no one is going to remember how idiotic is was when the time comes.

  12. mikegeo says:

    He’s obviously vying with Erhlich for most failed predictions ever.

  13. Psalmon says:

    Interesting he calls out “abrupt climate change in real-time” on his failed ice out prediction, and now he’s making 56 year predictions.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The wrongology is strong with this one.

    Well, the internet never forgets. After he completes his PhD he will no doubt be on welfare for the rest of his life, since no one with a brain would employ such a nutter.

  15. Rosco says:

    Why do people listen to idiots ?

  16. Brian H says:

    The water will leak into the oceans from his parallel universe.

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