Shocking Increase In Arctic Ice Dooms The Planet

ScreenHunter_251 Mar. 04 10.41

And now it’s global COOLING! Return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 29% in a year | Mail Online

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20 Responses to Shocking Increase In Arctic Ice Dooms The Planet

  1. ccglea says:

    You mean another alarmist claim isn’t true? Tell me it isn’t so!

    • Dave N says:

      Au contraire: alarmists will declare that this is consistent with CAGW. Coincidentally, their claim is also consistent with their insanity.

  2. Send Al to the Pole says:

    Children aren’t going to know what sunshine is. It’s a Travesty.

  3. Sundance says:

    “Millions are dying” from this if you believe Rush Holt. 😉

  4. wwlee4411 says:

    Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    global warming

  5. Andy DC says:

    Even Reggie’s blowtorch could not prevent it!

  6. Luke of the D says:

    Remember, its only “thin, rotten ice.” And it clearly isn’t natural… I bet all that ice is man-man. I hear the had all sorts of snow machines in Sochi for the olympics and I bet Putin drove them to the Arctic himself, shirtless, withe bearskin slung over his shoulder. I’m just sayin.

  7. G Carlin says:

    I can see the Doomists rowboat!! I guess they won’t be returning this year. There must be more important parts of the globe to save from glow bull worming.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    George would have loved this.

  9. Snow White says:

    The true story of how the Arctic ice cap grew by “nearly a million more square miles” last year –

  10. Snow White says:

    David – By way of a trivial example, “the correct figure” suggests that “the smallest extent on record” was in “AUGUST 2012”. In actual fact it was in SEPTEMBER 2012!

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Like I said: you must also believe that a three-percent budget increase is a budget cut.

      History also doesn’t start before 1979, does it?

      • Snow White says:

        I might be wrong of course, but I believe history started before 1979. What about you?

        I’m also pretty confident I’m right that the smallest NSIDC Arctic daily sea ice extent in the “satellite record” was in September 2012. Do you have any credible evidence to the contrary?

  11. Snow White says:

    Chip – Steve published the picture, presumably because he believes it means something?

    Whilst we’re on the subject of cherry picking, it looks a lot like the left hand part of the image dates from August 27th 2012 whereas the right hand part dates from August 15th 2013. If you’re interested in seeing a similar image dating from September 8th 2013, when the original version of the image above was originally published in the Mail on Sunday over here in once Great Britain then please feel free to take a long hard look at:

    Credible evidence, or not?

  12. Brian H says:

    Snow White;
    Are you paid to troll, or do you do it from compulsion?

    • Snow White says:

      I’m a beautiful fairy tale princess, not an ugly troll! I comment here for research purposes, not for money.

      As Dmh has noted elsewhere in these hallowed halls, “You’re good at making jokes Snow White”. However I’m not quite sure how to take his invitation to “come here more often!”

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