Joe Romm : Great Lakes Ice Is A Thing Of The Past

JANUARY 18, 2013

warmer winter air is causing a shorter duration of ice cover. In fact, the amount of ice covering the lakes has declined about 71 percent over the past 40 years. Last year, only 5 percent of the lakes froze over –- compared to 1979 when ice coverage was as much as 94 percent.

How Climate Change Is Damaging The Great Lakes, With Implications For The Environment And The Economy | ThinkProgress

In order to be a climate alarmist, you have to get either your entire brain removed, or at least the part which contains your conscience.

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26 Responses to Joe Romm : Great Lakes Ice Is A Thing Of The Past

  1. Don says:

    Well it was ‘Think Progress’ that went with that scare story. Which is what they specialize in doing.

    • Morgan says:

      Click my link now it says -8 F!

      • Andy DC says:

        Last night it was -21 F in Watertown, riight near the shore of Lake Ontario. You would think that kind of temperature would cause rapid ice formation.

        • Morgan says:

          The problem is, it’s going to be very sunny today, and this close to the equinox the sunlight is starting to get strong. Even if the air temps are below 32 the water will warm from this much sunlight.

    • Bob Knows says:

      Surely you don’t still believe anything the liars at NOAA are telling you? Nothing they say has any credibility. They are confirmed liars.

      • Morgan says:

        I see what you mean. Just this morning they said it was -8, and now the same people are saying it’s +14. When people change their story, it doesn’t stand up in court.

  2. Edward. says:

    Peas in a pod?


    Dr. Mark Sereze, is a leading expert about the Arctic, and Director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, based in Boulder, Colorado.(NSIDC ) In a story this week by Stephen Levy of IPS, Sereze states,

    “I stand by my previous statements that the Arctic summer sea ice cover is in a death spiral. It’s not going to recover.” “I hate to say it but I think we are committed to a four- to six-degree warmer Arctic”, he continued.

    Wankers of the world united: Romm and Serreze.

  3. Cheshirered says:


  4. Psalmon says:

    A foot to two feet of ice across Lake Superior (that was also in a death spiral). Call the Ice Road Truckers:

  5. Dave N says:

    Dontcha love that Joe makes his assertion, then shows a map of something completely different? One really has to wonder what his source of data is for the bonehead comment he made.

  6. Mohatdebos says:

    People are skating on Grand Traverse Bay (in northern Michigan) for miles. Indeed, one can skate from Traverse City to Suttons Bay, some 14 miles for the first time that anyone can remember. Unfortunately, this won’t last long because we are expecting warmer weather and the Coast Guard is about to begin ice breaking operations.

  7. Bob Knows says:

    Brain dead zombies feed on a steady sream of closed loop nonsense based on each other’s writing while none of them ever so much as looks out the window to see what’s going on in the real world. They all believe this story because its based on their other stores — not on weather at the lakes. You can’t fix STUPID! Not even with duck tape.

  8. James Strom says:

    The graph is interesting. The peaks are trending higher but years of lower ice coverage have become more frequent. If I were an alarmist I would say, “See–more extreme weather”. But as a whole it looks pretty much to me like no trend.

  9. Neville says:

    Hey Bob Knows! How come you don’t “know” it’s called “duct” tape? LOL

  10. Gail Combs says:

    Well we know they had their conscience and honesty removed. It is a necessity for becoming government (leftist) drones. Complete brain removal is optional as long as they are ‘Team Players’

  11. Equalize-Now says:

    Don’t forget Joe Romm’s classic account of Holdren/Pielke that ignores Pielke’s rebuttal.

  12. Hugh K says:

    Great Lakes aren’t co-operating with CAGW? No problem — Quick inspector Gleick, fire up the bat-crazy signal and get Chris Turney to the Great Lakes ASAP. I’ll notify the Arctic pulling team for back-up/publicity. And for Gaia’s sake, somebody please keep Algore as far away from the Great Lakes as possible! We’ll have NOAA and NASA fix the data later this summer when it warms up. Let’s roll…

  13. D. Self says:

    Even if the all time record for ice extent is broken there is no way in Hell NOAA is going to ever report it. Give us skeptics too much ammo.

  14. Anything is possible says:

    Joe Romm is awesome. Every time he predicts climate disaster, Mother Nature turns round and does the complete opposite. It’s almost as though she is going out of her way to make him look a complete dickhead.

    I’m going to nominate Romm for a Nobel Prize for preventing climate disasters. He must have saved thousands of lives!

  15. TBT says:

    Is there anything current from Joe Romm to explain the ice coverage and his failed forecast? We need an accountability scorecard to hold each scientist, each team and each news organization accountable. This website is a good start, but accountability info has to be easy for the masses to read and understand — something like Politifact for climate.

  16. Thrasher says:

    The Joe Romm Effect. When he started blaming climate change on the 2011 tornadoes, we had two record low years. When he started blaming climate change on drought, it got erased with heavy rainfalls. When he starts picking out 1979’s ice coverage in the Great Lakes compared to a recent low year, we get record ice coverage in the Great Lakes.

    Romm might be the most idiotic of all the climate alarmists, and that is really saying something.

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