With Two Cold Nights Ahead, Great Lakes Set Another Spring Ice Cover Record

Great Lakes  may break the all-time ice coverage record of 94% by Friday morning

lice-00 (3)


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13 Responses to With Two Cold Nights Ahead, Great Lakes Set Another Spring Ice Cover Record

  1. norilsk says:

    This website is like anti matter to the global warmers.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    You are so insensitive (sarc). According to Accuweather, ice on Lake Superior will impact the climate in the Great Lakes region — it will be much cooler. You should know by now that both cold and warmth are bad. Please have pity on those of us who own summer property on the Great Lakes.

    • Andy DC says:

      There is no correlation between Great Lakes ice and the following summer weather. Both 1934 and 1936 were very cold winters with plenty of ice on the Great Lakes and they were followed by two of the hottest summers on record. 1936 was off the charts hot. Saginaw, in northern lower Michigan, a place that rarely has a 100 degree day, had 7 straight days that averaged 106.5. The hottest day was 112.

      • Lance says:

        as you and I have exchanged e-mails over the years, we know for sure that this winter is ‘weather’, however, if they USA has a hot summer, we know what it will be called!!!

        • D. Self says:

          Or Maybe we get summers like we had in 77, 78, 79

        • Andy DC says:

          You are right, there have been hot summers and cool summers following cold winters, thus there is little correlation one way or the other.

      • slimething says:

        I’m not saying there is or isn’t correlation, but 1994/1995 had lots of ice into Spring (idiots still ice fishing in April) and was very cold, but in June 1995 I was in da U.P. Michigan on a fishing trip and it hit 104 west of St. Ignace on route 2. Down state where I live in the thumb it was also very hot. Upon returning my wife and parents were without electricity for a week.

        The heat completely ruined the fishing, except at an abandoned copper mine lake up near Marquette; caught lots of fish but couldn’t keep them. At least we had video proof the trip wasn’t a waste of time. Oh, and someone stole my boat trailer’s license plate.

        No cell phones back then. How did we ever survive?

        • slimething says:

          Really bad sunburn on the 2nd day didn’t help.

        • Ah, c’mon, I used my first cell phone in 1994. They were expensive, though. Like $4/minute (that’s after you’ve already bought the $900 phone & paid the $i_can’t_remember_how_much per month service ($150/mo? I dunno, it was bad)).

          My wife has one of those infernal things, I’m still resisting the future.

  3. Morgan says:

    You own summer property on Lake Superior? Good luck. Mid summer high temperature in that Lake is 39 degrees. Tell me how water skiing works out for you.

  4. KevinK says:

    Lots of ice offshore of Rochester NY. About 50% surface coverage, lots of slush infilling between the real ice. Probably will set a new record. But not sure you want to be strolling around out there. But a good stiff wind could make it all disappear like a few days back.

    Oh and Andy, yes, last time we had a cold extra snowy winter here (1999) the following summer was above average temps. Just about got the snowblower stowed away and it was time to put the AC units in the windows. That crazy weather, it’s almost like you can’t even predict whats gonna happen in a few weeks or something.

    Cheers, Kevin.

    • Gail Combs says:

      You live in Rottenchester? I lived there for years. Right through that awful blizzard in 1966 and the return event – the blizzard of ‘78.

      • KevinK says:

        I live near Rochester, right on the “North Coast of the USA”. The lake has put on a really impressive show this year, going from a few hundred feet of ice at the shoreline to ice as far as you could see (with a good telescope), and then back again when the wind picks up. -9F last night (without wind chill) (all time record). And we have been having “frost quakes” where the ground gives off loud “booms”. I had to check once or twice to make sure something didn’t hit the house.

        Cheers, Kevin.

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