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Government Says CO2 Will Move Illinois To South Texas

According to our nation’s top climate experts, Illinois will become just like South Padre Island downloads.globalchange.gov/usimpacts/pdfs/midwest.pdf If you reverse the letters, it says “this will occur right after monkeys fly out of Al Gore’s ass”

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Philadelphia Warmed Four Degrees From 1830 To 1930

Experts say that anything past two degrees warming will destroy the planet, so I am sad to report that Philadelphia was destroyed before 1930.  Soviet Is Heard From on Climate – Case of Greenland – View Article – NYTimes.com

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78 USHCN Stations In 13 States Set Record Lows On March 3

March 3 was a very cold day in the US.  78 stations in 13 different states from Arkansas to Minnesota to Wyoming set record low temperatures. Coldest was -33F at STAMBAUGH 2SSE    Michigan. NEWPORT AR 1.04 ALEDO IL -9.94 CARLINVILLE … Continue reading

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Understanding Why Heidi Central Thinks Time Began During The 1970s

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Settled Science Update

GISS claims that Earth has warmed 0.7 degrees since 1880, but their data is diverging from RSS satellite temps at a rate of 1.0C per century. The noise is larger than the signal, which means the entire data set is … Continue reading

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Understanding The Difference Between Climate And Weather

During February, most of the Northern Hemisphere was very cold. But experts correctly pointed out that the climate was located in Sochi . During January it was located in Australia. ch_tlt_2014_02_anom_v03_3.png (730×450)

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Arctic Ice Recovery

The dirty little secret of Arctic sea ice, is that it is controlled by winter winds – not temperature. Over the last few years, the older thicker ice has pushed into the Beaufort Sea where it survives the winter and … Continue reading

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