78 USHCN Stations In 13 States Set Record Lows On March 3

March 3 was a very cold day in the US.  78 stations in 13 different states from Arkansas to Minnesota to Wyoming set record low temperatures. Coldest was -33F at STAMBAUGH 2SSE    Michigan.

NEWPORT                            	AR	1.04
ALEDO                              	IL	-9.94
CARLINVILLE                        	IL	-2.02
HOOPESTON                          	IL	-2.92
JACKSONVILLE 2E                    	IL	-2.92
LA HARPE                           	IL	-11.02
MARENGO                            	IL	-13
MINONK                             	IL	-7.96
OTTAWA 5SW                         	IL	-9.04
PERRY 6 NW                         	IL	-7.96
RUSHVILLE 4NE                      	IL	-9.04
WHITE HALL 1 E                     	IL	-4
HUNTINGTON                         	IN	-5.08
RENSSELAER                         	IN	1.04
ALBIA 3 NNE                        	IA	-9.04
ALGONA 3 W                         	IA	-14.08
BELLE PLAINE                       	IA	-16.06
CHARLES CITY                       	IA	-18.94
FAIRFIELD                          	IA	-9.94
FAYETTE                            	IA	-16.06
FOREST CITY 2 NNE                  	IA	-14.98
IOWA FALLS                         	IA	-14.08
LOGAN                              	IA	-13
MT AYR                             	IA	-14.08
MT PLEASANT 1 SSW                  	IA	-13
NEW HAMPTON                        	IA	-16.06
ROCK RAPIDS                        	IA	-13
ROCKWELL CITY                      	IA	-11.92
STORM LAKE 2 E                     	IA	-13
TOLEDO 3N                          	IA	-14.08
WASHINGTON                         	IA	-9.94
ASHLAND                            	KS	-7.96
LAWRENCE                           	KS	-4
ALMA                               	MI	-14.08
COLDWATER ST SCHOOL                	MI	-9.04
EAST TAWAS                         	MI	-18.94
SOUTH HAVEN                        	MI	-4
STAMBAUGH 2SSE                     	MI	-32.98
ALBERT LEA 3 SE                    	MN	-14.98
GRAND MEADOW                       	MN	-16.96
ITASCA UNIV OF MINN                	MN	-27.04
LEECH LAKE                         	MN	-27.04
MORA                               	MN	-23.08
PIPESTONE                          	MN	-16.96
SANDY LAKE DAM LIBBY               	MN	-27.04
WINNEBAGO                          	MN	-16.06
ZUMBROTA                           	MN	-25.06
BRUNSWICK                          	MO	-7.96
MOBERLY                            	MO	-7.06
SPICKARD 7 W                       	MO	-9.94
STEFFENVILLE                       	MO	-9.04
SWEET SPRINGS                      	MO	-5.08
WARRENTON 1 N                      	MO	-2.92
AUBURN 5 ESE                       	NE	-9.94
PAWNEE CITY                        	NE	-7.96
SYRACUSE                           	NE	-7.06
TECUMSEH 1S                        	NE	-9.04
TEKAMAH                            	NE	-11.92
WAKEFIELD                          	NE	-16.96
ACADEMY 2NE                        	SD	-16.96
FORESTBURG 4 NNE                   	SD	-14.98
HOWARD                             	SD	-18.04
MENNO                              	SD	-16.96
BOYS RANCH                         	TX	3.02
PLAINVIEW                          	TX	5
DARLINGTON                         	WI	-14.98
LANCASTER 4 WSW                    	WI	-11.92
MARSHFIELD EXP FARM                	WI	-20.02
MEDFORD                            	WI	-27.04
MILWAUKEE MT MARY CLG              	WI	-4
MINOCQUA                           	WI	-29.02
NEW LONDON                         	WI	-16.96
OSHKOSH                            	WI	-14.08
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN                   	WI	-16.06
SPOONER AG RES STN                 	WI	-27.94
STANLEY                            	WI	-27.04
WATERTOWN                          	WI	-9.94
POWELL FLD STN                     	WY	-9.04

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11 Responses to 78 USHCN Stations In 13 States Set Record Lows On March 3

  1. rich o says:

    Anybody else see this report that the principle owners of Google were getting breaks from NASA on the price of jet fuel saving them millions over the years? The govt funding the principles of a corporate behemoth to tow the line on the climate scam? I’m sure the left will be left breathless with their outrage.

    • Brian H says:

      toe the line, dimmie.
      Google doesn’t need to be bribed with a few piddling million to be activists. It’s in their DNA.

  2. Bob Knows says:

    With all this global warming the kids won’t even know what a cold winter is like any more. Oh wait…

  3. Steve Case says:

    The proper comment is, “So what?”

    However, this winter is going to have a public relations effect on the usual suspects that they are not going to like.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Yes, and March 3rd came right on the heels of one of the coldest winters on record. If you took the 90 days going back from 3/4, I wonder what that would look like. Probably unprecedented.

  5. Sundance says:

    Sheldon Whitehouse from RI is Iowa to discuss the devastating effects of CO2. The temperature in Iowa hasn’t changed in 100 years, the drought is on the decline and crop yields are at record levels using less water and fertilizer as CO2 IS fertilizer. Climate in Iowa has been improving with CO2 but loony left wing Whitehouse is there to convince Iowans that they are going to evaporate unlesss they pay a CO2 tax.

  6. RealOldOne2 says:

    Yes, but all those record low temperatures are just raw data. They must be cooked with TOBs, homogenization, other fine adjustments as well as throwing out all those cold “out-liers” until well done. Then March will be the hottest March in recorded history. /sarc

    Seriously, It’s sad that the temperature record is becoming useless for future studies. When future science studies try to use it, we will miss real correlations and draw false conclusions because of the false adjustments. A corruption of science.

    • Brian H says:

      Documenting and saving the data from pre-adjustment records is Very Important. At least then there’s a possibility of Un-adjusting them.

  7. aeroguy48 says:

    I see those temps were minuses, excepting plusses in Texas.

  8. What a shame that one can’t trust the gumment to tell the truth.

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